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Europeans, Jews, Muslims and the Legacy of Islamic Spain - Part 1: The Jewish Role in the Moorish Invasion and Occupation

Europeans, Jews, Muslims and the Legacy of Islamic Spain
Part 1: The Jewish Role in the Moorish Invasion and Occupation

by Sean Jobst
December 27, 2016

A recent tendency has arisen within the alternative/truth movement, where any criticism of the actions of Muslims at the expense of white Europeans is castigated as shilling for Zionism. This is no matter how much we devote ourselves to the cause of Palestine and opposing the Zionist policies of Western governments against Muslim lands - the very moment we also talk about the leading role of Jews behind the mass-migration of mostly Muslims into Europe, we are attacked despite all our other efforts about Palestine and Syria, or Libya and Iraq, or against drone bombings against Afghans, Pakistanis and Yemenis, or against the IMF/World Bank looting of "third world" peoples.

Such people reveal their personal cultural bias, which is their opposition to Zionism is only when its directed against their own people - they are more than willing to either deny or, in some cases, actively support Zionist crimes against white Europeans. In reality, the true shills for Zionism are those who only criticize one but not the other. While we know the role of Western governments against other peoples, with a history of imperialism that benefitted the ruling elites and banking dynasties, history is also rife with examples of Jews supporting and using Muslims against Europeans. The most well-known example is the Moorish invasion and occupation of Spain and Portugal.

The North African Origins of Jews in Spain

Identified as a westernmost land in the Bible (Obadiah 1:20), Sepharad is the Hebrew name for Spain and alludes to the historical links between Jews of the Iberian Peninsula with those of North Africa. Jewish historian Salo Baron identified many of these Jews as descendants of Carthaginian converts: "If, as seems to have been the case, a large number of former Phoenicians and Carthaginians had joined the Jewish community with conversion, they must have brought some of their commercial skills and contacts into their new communities."(1) Professor Shlomo Sand, the Tel Aviv University historian who established the convert (i.e., non-Hebrew) origins of modern Jewish communities, traced the origins of Sephardic Jews with Carthaginians and Berber tribes that had converted to Judaism. As he said in an interview with an Israeli newspaper:

"I asked myself how such large Jewish communities appeared in Spain. And then I saw that Tariq ibn Ziyad, the supreme commander of the Muslims who conquered Spain, was a Berber, and most of his soldiers were Berbers. Dahia al-Kahina's Jewish Berber kingdom had been defeated only 15 years earlier. And the truth is there are a number of Christian sources that say many of the conquerors of Spain were Jewish converts. The deep-rooted source of the large Jewish community in Spain was those Berber soldiers who converted to Judaism."(2)

Sand was referring to Dihya, the Berber queen who converted to Judaism and founded a Jewish kingdom that ruled the land between the Aures mountains to the oasis of Gadames, from 695 to 700. After her kingdom was conquered by the Arabs, she was beheaded but her sons Bagay and Khanchla, converted to Islam and led many of the Berber units "sent against the West [Spain] to make war (jihad) in the name of God."(3) Some accounts considered her a Christian rather than a Jewess, but the importance here is the legend as it would have been viewed by Jewish contemporaries. We can nevertheless conclude that the spread of Judaism which occurred after the Roman defeat of Carthage in 146BC and thereafter spread to many Berber tribes, means that the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula had North African origins and thus were not indigenous to Hispania. Thus, the "native" Jews there had direct ethnic, tribal and cultural links with the Moors.

Jewish soldiers in the army of Muhammad IX, Sultan of Granada, fighting Castilian Spanish forces at the Battle of La Higueruela, 1 July 1431. From a series of frescoes now at the Royal Monastery at San Lorenzo de El Escorial

Jews Welcomed and Aided the Moorish Invasion

Many Jewish scholars and historians have affirmed the valuable aid which Jews of the Iberian Peninsula gave to the Moorish invaders in 711.(4) The conquering Moors entrusted the occupation of Córdoba to local Jews, and Granada, Málaga, Sevilla and Toledo to mixed garrisons of local Jews and Moorish troops. This was confirmed by the German-Jewish historian Heinrich Graetz (1817-1891), whose History of the Jews reveals many politically-incorrect facts about the corrosive role of Jews in European history:

"The Jews of Africa, who at various times had emigrated thither from Spain, and their unlucky co-religionists of the Peninsula, made common cause with the Mahometan conqueror, Tarik, who brought over from Africa into Andalusia an army eager for the fray. After the battle of Xeres (July, 711), and the death of Roderic, the last of the Visigothic kings, the victorious Arabs pushed onward, and were everywhere supported by the Jews. In every city that they conquered, the Moslem generals were able to leave but a small garrison of their own troops, as they had need of every man for the subjection of the country; they therefore confided them to the safekeeping of the Jews. In this manner the Jews, who but lately had been serfs, now became the masters of the towns of Cordova, Granada, Malaga, and many others. When Tarik appeared before the capital, Toledo, he found it occupied by a small garrison only, the nobles and clergy having found safety in flight. While the Christians were in church, praying for the safety of their country and religion, the Jews flung open the gates to the victorious Arabs (Palm Sunday, 712), receiving them with acclamations, and thus avenged themselves for the many miseries which had befallen them in the course of a century since the time of Reccared and Sisebut. The capital also was entrusted by Tarik to the custody of the Jews, while he pushed on in pursuit of the cowardly Visigoths, who had sought safety in flight, for the purpose of recovering from them the treasure which they had carried off. Finally when Musa Ibn-Nosair, the Governor of Africa, brought a second army into Spain and conquered other cities, he also delivered them into the custody of the Jews."(5)

Jewish aid was crucial in freeing up countless Moorish troops to conquer nearly the entirety of the Iberian Peninsula. The example of Toledo, when Jews flung open the gates of the city while the Christian inhabitants were preoccupied in their holy procession at San Locadia Church, illustrates why even such a historian as Francisco Cantera Burgos, whose work was far from unsympathetic toward Jews, said the Jews of Spain constituted a "fifth" column during the invasion.(6) Citing Moorish works, Pascual de Gayangos observed that Jews invited the Moors to invade and afterward "everywhere made common cause with them."(7) The original Moorish invasion force that defeated the Visigoths at Guadalete included a continent of Jewish troops from North Africa under the command of Kaula al-Yehudi, and throughout the occupation the Moorish rulers encouraged Jewish immigration from elsewhere as part of their counterbalancing the indigenous population.(8) Whereas now its mostly Jewish social-engineers and bankers promoting the mass-migration of Muslims into Europe, then it was Muslim Moors who promoted the mass-migration of Jews to dilute and serve as a counterbalance to the indigenous Iberian peoples.

Jewish Slave-Traders

Jewish slave-trader presenting slaves to King Boleslaus I of Bohemia

What were the "miseries" which had befallen the Jews of Spain? Professor Graetz answers by pointing out among those "miseries" inflicted by King Reccared, "the most oppressive of all was the restraint touching the possession of slaves. Henceforward the Jews were neither to purchase Christian slaves nor to accept them as presents."(9) Jewish slave-traders dominated the trade of Slavic and Spanish slaves to the Moors: "Agobard claimed that, notwithstanding this provision, the Jews kept Christians as slaves, citing the instance of a Christian refugee from Cordova who declared that his coreligionists were frequently sold, as he had been, to the Moors. Many, indeed, of the Spanish Jews owed their wealth to the trade in Slavonian slaves brought from Andalusia (Gratz, 'Gesch.' vii.). Similarly, the Jews of Verdun, about the year 949, purchased slaves in their neighborhood and sold them in Spain (Aronius, 'Regesten,' No. 127)."(10)

Not surprisingly, given that European history is rife with examples of traitors who collaborated with Jewish merchants and usurers against their own peoples, many European monarchs were complicit in the Jewish slave-trade of other Europeans. The feuding Catholic and Arian monarchs consented to the enslavement of the other "heretical" group by Jews - neither saw any problem with Jews enslaving those Europeans who were still "heathen." In 492, Pope Gelasius permitted Jews to introduce heathen Celtic slaves from Gaul into Italy. Pope Gregory (590-604) noted that Jews dominated the slave-trade in both Gaul and Britain, with increasing Church efforts to rein in Jewish trade of Christian slaves whilst consenting to continued trade of non-Christian slaves. According to Abraham ibn Yakub, Jews from Constantinople regularly purchased Slavic slaves in Prague for trade in Byzantine lands. Frankish King Louis the Fair (814-840) granted charters to Jewish slave-traders, so long as their slaves were heathens and not Christians. According to Aronius, Bavarian Christian merchants collaborated with Jews in trading other Europeans, while the Margrave of Meissen even sold many of his subjects to Jews.(11)

Myth of Visigoth Persecution of Jews

One of the establishment historians' claims is that, if they do indeed admit that Jews actively aided and supported the Moorish invasion, it was revenge at the "cruel" persecution of Jews within Visigothic Spain. While Jews were often the subject of Visigothic law codes, they were sometimes favorable towards Jews and even the laws against them were rarely enforced by monarchs who increasingly relied on Jewish capital. This was a common theme throughout European history, where Jews were regarded as "protected" by the ruler, who would "protect" them even his own people. European rulers thus often put their own personal desire for Jewish capital and turned a blind eye to many predatory and exploitative actions against their own people, such as usury or - as we have just seen - the Jewish role in slavery.

Just as with Roman Palestine, the Jewish rabbinical authorities exercised much autonomy and essentially formed a state within a state. Some Jews converted to the Catholic faith of the dominant population, and the authority of the rabbis over them was such that the Lex Romana Visigothorum of 506 specifically forbade Jews from persecuting Jewish apostates to Christianity.(12) Frequently, Visigothic laws concerning Jews were judged as too "flexible" judging by the repeated admonishments within the Visigoth Code regarding the need to enforce their own laws, the creation of new laws to reinforce the previous laws, the punishments listed against Christians who violated the laws by favoring Jews, and the existence of a Jewish community still strong enough to have been a factor with the Moorish invasion.(13)

"Golden Age of Spanish Jewry"

While indigenous Iberians were losing their lands to a foreign occupying army, the Moorish invasion ushered in what Jewish scholars have glorified the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry. "Thus, when Muslims crossed the straits of Gibraltar from North Africa in 711 CE and invaded the Iberian Peninsula, Jews welcomed them as liberators from Christian Persecution. Born during this era of Islamic rule, the famous Golden Age of Spanish Jewry (circa 900-1200) produced such luminaries as: statesman and diplomat Hasdai ibn Shaprut, vizier and army commander Shmuel ha-Nagid, poet-philosopher, Solomon Ibn Gabriol and Judah Halevi, and at the apex of them all, Moses Ben Maimon, also known among the Spaniards as Maimonides."(14) The local Jewish community was joined by an influx of Jewish migrants from the rest of Europe, and from Arab territories as far away as Babylonia.(15) Graetz even compared it with the ancient Jewish "Golden Age" in Babylonia:

"Jewish Spain became 'the place of civilization and of spiritual activity - a garden of fragrant, joyous, and happy poetry, as well as the seat of earnest research and clear thought.' Like the Arabian Christians (the Christians who lived amongst the Mahometans) the Jews made themselves acquainted with the language and literature of their conquerors, and often got precedence over them. But whilst Arabian Christians gave up their own individuality, forgot their own language - Gothic Latin - and could not even read the creeds, and were ashamed of Christianity, the Jews of Spain were so little affected through this contact with Arabs, that it only served to increase their love and enthusiasm for their mother tongue, their holy law, and their religion. Though favourable circumstances Jewish Spain was in a position at first to rival Babylonia, then to supersede it, and finally to maintain its superiority for nearly five hundred years."(16)

"It was in these favourable circumstances that the Spanish Jews came under the rule of Mahometans, as whose allies they esteemed themselves the equals of their co-religionists in Babylonia and Persia. They were kindly treated, obtained religious liberty, of which they had so long been deprived, were permitted to exercise jurisdiction over their co-religionists, and were only obliged, like the conquered Christians, to pay poll tax (Dsimma)."(17)

The Moorish environment actually breeded a revival of Jewish religious learning and, in proto-Zionist fashion, a revival of the nearly-extinct Hebrew language. Writing in Arabic, Rabbi Moses ben Jacob Ibn Ezra (1055-1138) of Granada wrote: "And when the Arabs conquered the Peninsula of al-Andalus....from the Goths, who had been victorious over the Romans..., after a long time our diaspora captured its own personality, laboriously learned its language and became outstanding in its use, penetrating the subtlety of its intentions, training in the true infection of its words, tasting the sweetness of its verses, until God revealed to it the secrets of the Hebrew language and its grammar....All this was speedily learned by our minds, understanding what they had earlier ignored."(18)

Jew and Muslim playing chess in 13th-century Andalusia

A Jewish State-Within-A-(Moorish)State

The German-Jewish historian Josef Kastein (1890-1946), known for his Zionist interpretation of the Old Testament, writes: "Judaism, dispersed as it was over the face of the globe, was always inclined to set up a fictitious state in the place of the one that had been lost, and always aimed, therefore, at looking to a common center for guidance....This centre was now held to be situated in Spain, whither the national hegemony was transferred from the East. Just as Babylonia had providentially taken the place of Palestine, so now Spain opportunely replaced Babylonia, which, as a center of Judaism, had ceased to be capable of functioning. All that could be done there had already been accomplished; it had forged the chains with which the individual could bind himself, to avoid being swallowed up by his environment: the Talmud."(19)

Douglas Reed commented on this: "The Talmudic government of the nation-within-nations was continued from Spanish soil. The Gaonate issued its directives; the Talmudic academy was established at Cordova; and sometimes, at least, a shadowy Exilarch reigned over Jewry. This was done under the protection of Islam; the Muslims, like Babylon and Persia before, showed remarkable benevolence towards this force in their midst. To the Spaniards the invader came to bear more and more a Jewish countenance and less and less a Muslim one; the Muslims had conquered, but the conqueror's power passed into Jewish hands. The story which the world had earlier seen enacted in Babylon, repeated itself in Spain, and in later centuries was to be re-enacted in every great country of the West."(20)

Jews Profited From the Moorish Occupation

Even the paying of the jizya, the poll-tax which non-Muslims must pay under Islamic rule, did not change these "favorable circumstances" because the Jews profited immensely and rose as a privileged economic class with the Moorish occupation: "When the Moors invaded Spain, the Jews stood between them and the native Spaniards, so great did the economic strength of these Jews grow that their wealth was compared with that of the caliph himself."(21) Jews came to dominate the professions of medicine, commerce, finance, and agriculture.(22)

Jews made common cause with the Muslim rulers against Spanish rebels such as Umar ibn Hafsun and Saint Eulogius, and against the Reconquista forces of King Alfonso III of Asturias (reign 866-910). They also sat with Muslims in the Christian Council of Córdoba in 863 to ensure the Council did not encourage rebelliousness to the occupying powers.(23) Their power was such that the Muslim historian Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Idrisi wrote of their segregationist policies within their own neighborhoods: "Jews would not allow Muslims to enter the Jewish inner city. They are wealthier than any of the countries under Muslim domination, and they keep on their guard against the enterprises of their rivals."(24)

Jewish cantor reading for Passover

Powerful Jews in the Moorish Courts

The first independent Caliph of Córdoba, Abd ar-Rahman III (reign 912-961), had a Jewish councilor named Hasdai ibn Shaprut (882-942), who rose from court physician to supervising customs and foreign trade. He was the famous correspondent with the Jewish kingdom of the Khazars in Russia.(25) Under Hasdai's patronage, Córdoba became the "Mecca of Jewish scholars who could be assured of a hospitable welcome from Jewish courtiers and men of means."(26) As would later be seen with the influence of Jewish financier Joseph Nasi over the Ottoman court of Sultan Selim II, Hasdai used his influence to ensure a pro-Jewish foreign policy for Moorish Córdoba. In a letter to the Greek Byzantine Princess Helena, he requested protection for the Jews under Byzantine rule, tying the treatment of Christians in Moorish Spain to that of the Jews of Constantinople, such that the former was contingent on the latter.(27)

Another powerful Jew in the Moorish court was Samuel Ha-Nagid ibn Nagrela (993-1056), who served Granada's King Habbus and his son Badis for thirty years. Aside from writing an introduction to the Talmud widely revered today, he was policy director and military leader who was one of only two Jews to command Muslim armies - the other being his son, Joseph. His son Joseph was also vizier, who was murdered in the 1066 Granada massacre against Jews. There were other Jewish viziers serving in Sevilla, Lucena and Saragossa.(28) Without denying the Nagrela family's influence over the Moors, the Spanish philologist and Arabist Felipe Maíllo Salgado has disputed the story of Ibn Nagrela leading Muslim armies into battle.(29)

The powerful role of Jews in the political affairs of the occupying powers obviously created much resentment among the indigenous population and was a major contributing factor behind the eventual expulsion: "The main reasons for the expulsion of the Sephardic Jews from Spain were a combination of revenge and jealousy on the part of the Christians - revenge, because in their eyes their ancestors had been betrayed by those Jews who had assisted the Muslims in conquering most of Spain during the eighth century; and jealousy, because, as has already been mentioned, the Jews of Spain had achieved great prominence during the period of Muslim rule, and indeed had become an indispensable part of Spanish society, not only as a result of their commercial and financial dealings, and not only by virtue of their contributions to and knowledge of the various arts and sciences, but also because of their essential role in the administration and governance of that society."(30)

The Decline of Jews in Al-Andalus

The rise of laxity towards Islamic law by the ruling elites of Moorish Spain, itself largely from interaction with the indigenous Spaniards, led to a successive wave of two new North African Islamic dynasties which swept across the Iberian Peninsula beginning in 1090, under the banner of strict adherence and implementing of shari'a and renewed jihad against the Spaniard "kuffar" and their "harmful" influence upon Andalusian Muslims. Even under the first of these dynasties, the Almoravides, the Jewish poet Moses ibn Ezra continued to write freely, and several Jews served as diplomats and physicians to the Almoravid court.(31) Jews who held the powerful position of vizier during this period included Solomon ibn al-Mu'allam, Abraham ibn Meir ibn Kamnial Abu Isaac ibn Muhajar, and Solomon ibn Farusal.

The situation changed drastically following the expulsion of the Almoravides in 1148, and their replacement by the even-more puritanical Almohades. Many Jews fled to more tolerant Muslim lands and many even immigrated to different Christian principalities of the Reconquista.(32) Much had changed from the time when Moorish Andalus became the new "Jewish Babylonia" and where there was a great flowering of Jewish economic, social, political and religious power; when many new versions of the Talmud and Cabbalistic texts were widely published and studied. The well-known Jewish philosopher, Moses Maimonides (1135-1204), wrote about the Almohades in his Letter to Yemen: "Dear brothers, because of our many sins Hashem has cast us among this nation, the Arabs, who are treating us badly. They pass laws designed to cause us distress and make us despised....Never has there been a nation that hated, humiliated and loathed us as much as this one."(33)


The Granada Massacre of 1066: A Catalyst of Changing Jewish Fortunes

The changing fortunes of Jews under the Almohades was the culmination of a process that began with the massacre of the entire Jewish population of Granada by a Muslim mob in 1066. In characteristic Zionist fashion, this has been dismissed as a spontaneous uprising instigated by an "anti-Semitic" poem of the demagogue Abu Ishaq.(34) The 1906 edition of The Jewish
Encyclopedia nevertheless said in context that the Jewish vizier Joseph ibn Nagrela "controlled" King Badis al-Muzaffar of Granada and "surrounded him with spies."(35)

On the evening of 30th December 1066, a Muslim mob gathered outside the royal palace where Joseph ibn Nagrela took refuge, stormed it and then crucified him. This was followed by a general massacre of Jews throughout Granada: "More than 1,500 Jewish families, numbering 4,000 persons, fell in one day."(36) Although disputed by other Jewish scholars, this figure is still higher than in the much-more publicized pogroms against Jews in the German Rhineland not too much later.(37) This is not surprising, given the constant shaming of Germans over the "Holocaust" or that of Spaniards over the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 and the following Inquisition. There seems to be more of a use of such massacres as waged by Europeans, to continuously apologize to Jews and thus exalt Zionism.


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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Zio-media pushes false narrative about Stephen Bannon, whilst Zionist gatekeepers rush to his defense

Zio-media pushes false narrative about Stephen Bannon, whilst Zionist gatekeepers rush to his defense

by Sean Jobst
November 17, 2016

The media has been pushing a new narrative that newly-appointed senior counselor and chief strategist of the impending Donald Trump administration, former Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon, is an "anti-Semite" and "white nationalist." The criticism was muted - if even existent - when Bannon was still CEO of the Trump campaign. What's most significant about the media narrative is more what it omits, than what it actually states - and those omissions reveal much about the the false narratives about a President Trump promoted by Zionist gatekeepers on both sides.

Indicative of the Jewish cultural direction of the mainstream media, they omitted any mention of Bannon's staunch Zionism or his background within the same banking and Hollywood establishment they likewise promote even while pro-Trump gatekeepers hid those and other connections of senior Trump economic advisors lest it dampen efforts to rewrite Trump as an America-First "anti-Establishment" champion of the common people. Those connections are becoming even more pronounced with the current cabinet picks by Trump and his transition team.

At the peak of Wall Street's hostile takeovers and junk-bond booms of the 1980s, Bannon got his career start as a mergers and acquisitions banker with Goldman Sachs. Neither Bannon nor Trump ever repudiated or criticized this Goldman Sachs connection, even while (rightly) criticizing Hillary Clinton for her own connections to that bank. Bannon later worked on leveraged buyouts for Goldman Sachs, before striking out on his own and becoming a media and entertainment banker.

Bannon thus personifies the twin evils of Usury with the cultural decadence purveyed by Hollywood, the two handmaidens which characterize exactly the system instituted within America and worldwide through Globalism. In many respects, this is similar to how the early Bolsheviks broke up traditional bonds of society while also agreeing with Marx's support for a central bank. Bannon stunned one interviewer by proclaiming "I'm a Leninist" because "Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that's my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment."

Leading Zionists Defend Bannon

Using the Yiddish word for "scandal," Bernie Marcus, a Republican Jewish Coalition board member and billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, who funded Trump's campaign with millions, lamented: "What is being done to Steve Bannon is a shonda." He went on to call Bannon a "passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel" who felt so strongly about Israel that "he opened a Breitbart office in Israel to ensure that the true pro-Israel story would get out."

Calling herself "a fiercely proud Jew and unapologetic Zionist," Pamela Geller gave a defense of Bannon which, at the same time, reveals just how much of a kosher outfit "alt-right" media outlet Breitbart News truly is: "He partnered with Andrew Breitbart - a Jew. He partnered with Larry Solov, another Jew, after Breitbart died. He worked with me - a Jew. He gave proud and fierce Zionists such as Aaron Klein a platform to speak and advance the cause of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Breitbart Jerusalem was launched under Bannon's tenure with the Breitbart organization."

Another defender is Alan Dershowitz, who seems to forget he has made an entire career off of smeering others as "anti-Semitic," when he defends Bannon by arguing it is "not legitimate to call somebody an anti-Semite because you might disagree with their policies." Similar to Geller, his own defense of Bannon states facts which, if any of us Gentiles were to say the exact same thing, the ilk of Dershowitz wouldn't hesitate in throwing exactly this "anti-Semitic" smear: "The evidence certainly suggests that Mr. Bannon has very good relationships with individual Jews. My former researcher, Joel Pollak, is an Orthodox Jew who takes off the Jewish holidays, who is a committed Jew and a committed Zionist, and he has worked closely with him. He has been supportive of Israel."

Morton A. Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), has also defended Bannon: "ZOA's own experience and analysis of Breitbart articles confirms Mr. Bannon's and Breitbart's friendship and fair-mindedness towards Israel and the Jewish people. To accuse Mr. Bannon and Breitbart of anti-Semitism is Orwellian. In fact, Breitbart bravely fights against anti-Semitism." The statement then documented some of Bannon's personal efforts at pro-Israel activism on university campuses, and his opposition to the BDS movement, the Iran deal, and his championing the cause of Israel over the Palestinians, before concluding: "Would Trump's extraordinary pro-Israel advisors such as Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Sheldon Adelson, and Orthodox Jews Jared Kushner, David Friedman, and Jason Greenblatt ever allow an ant-Semite/Israel-hater to work with them? Would Trump's Orthodox Jewish daughter Ivanka, whose children go to an Orthodox day school, ever allow an anti-Semite to work with her father? And, remember Donald Trump's platform on Israel was the strongest pro-Israel platform ever."

A Zionist Civil War?

Dan Cassino, an associate professor of Political Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University, notes how Andrew Breitbart focused much of his commentary on "calling out the left, but especially American Jews who were insufficiently loyal to Israel." He added that Breitbart relentlessly pursued the argument that "the left is the enemy, but Jews on the left are worse because they are traitors [who are] selling out Israel."

Following Breitbart's death in 2012, Bannon realized the criticism of leftist, Globalist Jews was striking a chord among the broader anti-Jewish crowd, so he knew with such headlines bringing in increased website traffic, as an editor he must "do more of that." One Breitbart headline seized upon by the media is the one calling Neocon Bill Kristol "Renegade Jew" but the coverage conveniently neglects to mention it was authored by another well-known Jewish Neocon: David Horowitz. He obviously attacks Kristol not because of his Neoconservatism or support for Israel - positions completely shared by Horowitz - but rather as a "renegade" because of his support for Hillary Clinton, who despite her own staunch Zionism and Neocon ties, is regarded as insufficiently supportive of the Likud faction of Netanyahu (at least compared to Trump).

They are rewriting a false narrative where the staunchly-Zionist gatekeepers at Breitbart could misdirect the anger of the white American "goyim" away from lashing out at Jewish cultural and financial dominance, and instead towards a broad nexus of Globalists, Leftists and Muslims personified in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. This is why the Zionist gatekeepers Horowitz and Geller, who are most known for pushing exactly this line that detracts from anything remotely focused on Jewish dominance, have arose to the defense of Bannon. They will deflect attention from the truths about Israel and the dominance of AIPAC; the specific Jewishness behind many of the cultural assaults within America; the fact that the wars championed by them are nothing less than cannon-fodder crusades for Israel; or the Jewishness behind the same debt-based banking system they support. 


So what we are witnessing here is solely an internal battle between two factions of Zionist-Jews, who are united in their support for Israel and who openly - among themselves - boast of the specifically "Jewish" nature of their policies they force upon us Gentiles. These factions are the Globalist internationalists, personified by George Soros, who still support Israel but are more focused on social-engineering and "open society" schemes within Gentile societies. They tend to be more of the international financiers and social-engineers, whom see their concern as bigger than just the limited territorial space called Israel.

The other faction are the more Likudist Zionists, who are more focused on their support for Israel and have made overtures to more culturally-conservative and American nationalist Gentiles while pushing narratives that would deflect from the Jewish nature of those social and cultural policies. The blame for such policies are laid at the doorstep of an ill-defined, vague Globalist-Leftist-Muslim nexus that has allegedly subjugated the West. This faction would further the status-quo of Usury and Zionism, in other words more economic exploitation and reducing America into a consumerist factory churning out little more than cannon-fodder and cash-cows for Israel.

As such, we should truly remain "non-aligned" and point out the broader picture in a consistent way that calls out the schemes of both factions, united as they are at our detriment. We should see the inherent problems in a vague, reductionist, false identity of "white nationalism" that has potential to be hijacked by such Zionist gatekeeping charlatans as Bannon, and reduced to a "Zionism for white people" that is actually the farthest thing from truly-organic ancestral Indo-European roots or "America-First" nationalism, despite whatever slogans and memes phony "alt-right" defenders of Trump will parrot. We have such a duty now more than ever with the Zionist status-quo being pursued now in its latest chameleon phase.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Where were the Clinton rioters when....

Where were the Clinton rioters when....

by Sean Jobst
November 10, 2016

There are riots and protests in at least 25 cities across the country, mostly in "blue" states. They are invoking such Orwellian-esque slogans as "Love Trumps Hate" etc., revealing themselves to be nothing but a partisan orgy of selective moral outrage, superficial "liberal" talking-points, and simple butthurt whining tinged with disappointment that previous plans of proverbial circle jerk gloats over their anointed warmonger, murderous, bankster-puppet corruption queen fell by the wayside. And I must call out their hypocrisy, that given just Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State (2009-2013), where were these sanctimonious protestors when....

She used her office to continuously aid and abet the genocide in the Congo, arming the Ugandan and Rwandan armies and the M23 militia now rampaging through the eastern Congo committing atrocities and mass-rape; when she likewise consented to the demolishing of villages in both the Congo and South Sudan to make room for the mining operations of the same Canadian/Swedish company - the Lundin Group - that donated $100 million to the Clinton Foundation; when she had UN Ambassador Susan Rice block and veto a UN report in 2010 that exposed the atrocities of those Clinton was arming.

She orchestrated, along with a cabal of other "humanitarian" liberal interventionists and Zionist/Neocons, the bombing and meddling in Libya which led to the arming of fanatic Wahhabist rebels and militias that have descended a once-prosperous country into civil war and plunder by vulturous bankers and multinationals; that led to the mass-slaughter of Bedouin and Berber tribes loyal to Qadhafi, to racist mass-murder of the indigenous Blacks of Fezzan and gangs hunting down Sub-Saharan African migrants. The war and economic vulture policies of her and others in Libya and elsewhere was a major contributing factor to unleashing the migrant crisis now swarming across Europe (and as a second-generation European-American from Deutschland and España, I am deeply concerned about the future of my ancestral lands).

She ensured through her office in the State Department, that the Clinton Foundation's embezzled millions that were supposed to Haitian earthquake relief in 2010, were instead used to rig an election in Haiti for a corrupt local robber-baron and ensure her brother Tony Rodham was awarded a lucrative mining deal through which he can loot from already-impoverished Haiti of even more of its natural wealth while the Haitian masses continue to suffer.

She used her office at the State Department to ensure that her corporate friends at Boeing could sell F-15s to Saudi Arabia in December 2011, knowing these would immediately be used by the Saudis to bomb, strafe and murder thousands of Yemenis and to further wreck destruction of the natural, architectural and cultural treasures of Yemen. She likewise used her office to ensure there would be no UN censoring of the atrocities and human rights abuses committed by her friends the Saudi government, which funded the Clinton Foundation to the tune of millions.

She spearheaded a Honduran military coup that overthrew the democratically-elected Manuel Zelaya in 2009, and personally used her State Department via USAID to spend over $26 million on a propaganda campaign "Honduras Convive" meant to serve as nothing but a PR campaign to justify, hide and abet the atrocities of the new regime's "security" forces against Hondurans, including indigenous activists, and which oversaw the huge spike in homicides.

She repeatedly used her State Department to aid, abet and justify Israeli bombings and crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza; she continuously acted like a faithful lapdog to AIPAC and Benjamin Netanyahu in subverting U.S. interests to those of Israel. (Not that Trump will be any different in that regard.)

She repeatedly championed domestic policies and trade policies that have harmed working-class communities of all races and inner-cities; meanwhile she was taking millions in stolen blood-money from her sugar-daddies at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, the same criminal banks that wrecked the economy, looted from other economies and now profit from the Dakota Pipeline.

....And I haven't even mentioned her use of the State Department to arm and fund the rebel groups in Syria that have led to and exacerbated the death and destruction in that country; or her use of the State Department to meddle in and subvert the political process in the Ukraine (not that Putin's Russia is innocent, either); or as U.S. Senator from New York her support for the Iraq war, with the smooth transition of murderous PNAC Neocons like Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan right into her State Department; or her infamous "super predator" racism and constant taking-for-granting of votes from Black and Latino communities, even while continuously pursuing the same racist economic and crime laws meant to target exactly those communities.

Those protesting and rioting right now because they are more concerned about Donald Trump's words and rhetoric, but cannot find it amidst their crocodile tears and their myopic self-absorbed selective moral outrages to even have an iota of anger at Hillary Clinton's track-record of actual murderous policies, are seriously indicative of some of what's wrong with the state of modern America, and the bankruptcy of their own ideology whose outer rhetorical shell masks the inherent reality of their own paternalistic racism, "humanitarian" militarism and bourgeois trendy consumerism.

Friday, November 4, 2016

What Does A Vote for Hillary Clinton Represent? Is She the "Lesser of Two Evils"?

What Does A Vote for Hillary Clinton Represent? Is She the "Lesser of Two Evils"?

by Sean Jobst
November 4, 2016

They raise the spectre of Trump, but he's merely the symptom to the disease represented by Hillary Clinton. She is the anointed one of the mass media, the same mass media that has promoted Trump as the "alternative" to Hillary. They faithfully followed the script of her campaign (<>) to make Trump the phony "anti-establishment" court jester to her, the anointed corruption queen. And from the division wrecked by this false media charade, the elites are solidifying their control to such an unprecedented level that never before have the American masses openly admitted the faults and evils of "their" candidate, but then still make all sorts of logical fallacies on why they "should" vote for them still. Where is the moral compass, where is the conscience? Those who do so will be responsible for enabling the same murderous policies that led to the murder of thousands in bombings and aggressions around the world, and will be responsible for the same policies that have benefitted Wall Street and Big Bankers against the rest of us.

I ask for those who think they "must" vote for Hillary Clinton, because Trump says words that are harmful and may offend, are these words any worse than Hillary's actual policies? Even if we don't go back to the Iraq War which she championed (along with Trump, despite his lies to the contrary), we can just look at her tenure as Secretary of State (January 21, 2009-February 1, 2013), where she pursued policies leading directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and destruction of several countries. The world we are living in now which has brought us to the brink, is a direct result of these policies - people have to be viewed and held as responsible for what their actions reap, and the responsibility also rests on any who would put aside any semblance of a moral compass and still vote for such a puppet of Israel and Wall Street as the warmongering corruption queen.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote of approval for the aggression against Libya, which overthrew Muammar al-Qadhafi - who was doing nothing against the U.S. or the other governments that gathered there like vultures (Israel, France, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey), but was a thorn in the side of the rule of Global Bankers and Multinational Corporations because he dared to pursue a far-reaching independent economic system not only in Libya but throughout Africa
(<>). So they armed some extremist Wahhabi fanatics to undermine and overthrow Qadhafi, and under the guise of phony "human rights" orchestrated by fake NGOs directly funded by the globalist robber-baron George Soros, themselves killed thousands of Libyans and consented to the real genocide of black Africans living in Libya (both immigrants and the indigenous ones of Fezzan). This was also a contributing factor behind the massive migration crisis now swarming across Europa and threatening to implode many European countries (of course by design).

When news of the brutal and barbaric murder of Qadhafi reached her, the murderous corruption queen in her sadistic cackle gloated: "We came, We saw, He died!" (<>). And now Libyans are victims of a civil war, ripping the country apart into murderous militias killing each other and denying Libyans the prosperity and security they previously enjoyed. All so that the global agent of chaos George Soros, and the Jewish Neocons of France (Bernard-Henri Levy) and of the United States (Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan, within the "liberal" Brookings Institution and advisors of Clinton even then), and their faithful political servants in the U.S., France and U.K. could have their war and unleash the very same fanatical forces they then moved and unleashed against Syria. The same media that promotes this charade between their anointed one and the phony "anti-establishment" clown, back then as now in their biased coverage of Syria, was nothing but a sounding board of the war-propaganda concocted by the likes of George Soros and Zionist Neocon/Neoliberal think-tanks.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the continued devastation of Syria, for the continued arming of Wahhabi fanatics openly aligned with "Al-Qa'ida" (remember this whole process was started by the "War on Terror" where they sent us to an alleged war against this same Al-Qa'ida as a backdoor for their own Zionist agenda). It is a vote for the beheadings, the bombings, the genocide of religious minorities and the destruction of historical and sacred sites, for the destabilization of what was one of the most culturally-rich and prosperous countries in the Middle East. It is a vote for the destruction of Syria, not for American interests but those foremost for Israel as she herself admitted in one of her emails: "The best way to help Israel is to help the rebellion in Syria." (<>)

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the thousands of Yemenis who are victims of the aggression unleashed by Saudi Arabia on their land, one of the most culturally-rich in the region but also the most impoverished - a nation which currently has no air force to fight back against Saudi bombings. It was Hillary Clinton who helped ensure the U.S. would violate neutrality and openly take Saudi Arabia's side (<>),
because Saudi Arabia is one of the main donors to her Clinton Foundation (<
department-1934187>). In a disgusting and blatant conflict of interest during his tenure, she used her State Department to make sure that her corporate friends at Boeing (<>) whose lobbyist Jeremy Bash was then as now among her advisors, could sell their F-15s to Saudi Arabia (<>) that are now used to bomb and strafe Yemenis by the thousands.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the continued theft of the Haitian people, a vote for consent of the billions the Clinton Foundation has stolen from the Haitian people, using the 2010 earthquake as a door to raise money, go into Haiti and rather than actually giving it to the Haitian people, to instead embezzle it and rig the election so that Bill Clinton's friend, Jean-Max Bellerive, would become the new Haitian Prime Minister. (<>) The first thing he did when he got "elected" was to reward Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham, with a major and lucrative gold concession - ensuring that an already impoverished country would continue to be robbed blind so that local corrupt politicians could enjoy some kickbacks and the likes of the Clintons and other international robber-barons could enjoy their billions.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the violation of Honduran sovereignty, by her illegal undermining of the elected government in 2009 and supporting a military coup (<>) which, like CIA support for the 1980s military junta in neighboring Guatemala, has resulted in the murder of many Native activists to the destruction of their communities. Its a vote for the powerful elitist Henry Kissinger, whose book about a (New?) "World Order" were invoked by a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (<>), even though he was not elected or even appointed then.

Similarly, its a vote for the saber-rattling against Russia that was promoted by the Neocons Victoria Nuland (aka Nudelman) and Robert Kagan, via the "liberal" Brookings Institution - a private think-tank whose proposals were made policy by her State Department (<>). All so that George Soros can have his phony "color revolutions" against what he terms "closed societies" - in his Orwellian parlance, meaning those countries who have some measure of independence and vigilance against his looting schemes.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Wall Street, for the same robber-barons who imploded the economy back in 2007 so they could profit through the policies that were pursued by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama alike - each one serving as faithful servants to the corporations and banks that funded each one and impelled them to the top. It is a vote for Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, that have together funneled millions into her campaign under the knowledge that she'd faithfully serve their interests at our expense. P.S. - A vote for Donald Trump would do the exact same though, judging by all the oligarchs who form his economic team and would preside over a Trump administration (<>).

Its time that we as communities, and collectively, take responsibility for our own actions and no longer enable and vote for the same lying, murderous, crooks whether Republican and Democratic. Its time that we cast aside all the bullshit about "lesser of two evils" and other mental shibboleths and strawmen designed to do nothing more than to further enslave us through their debt and control. Its time that we realize the system is rigged, that no amount of "experience" or being a phony "outsider" will change anything when those same individuals themselves have and will personally profit from that same rigged system.

We can take responsibility or play this duopoly game, enabling the next puppet who will perpetuate this same system of debt, control and murder against us the American people and against other peoples abroad "in our name". Failure to accept responsibility is the handmaiden of moral decline and decadence - both are tools used to divide the people and continue to reduce us collectively as consumerized, desensitized debt slaves, completely impervious to the coercion of the State and the Empire.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

In Memory of Muammar al-Qadhafi

In Memory of Muammar al-Qadhafi

by Sean Jobst
October 20, 2016

On this day five years ago, 20th October 2011, Libyan leader Muammar al-Qadhafi was brutally murdered by a fanatical mob of Wahhabi barbarians, who were armed and financed by the governments and intelligence agencies of the U.S., Israel, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, in a phony "revolution" financed by the "Open Society" networks of billionaire financier George Soros through the phony "humanitarian" interventionism of "Avaaz", along with the Zionist-Neocon Bernard Henri-Levy. And this slaughter under the guise of "human rights" was eagerly pushed by the Obama Administration and Clinton's State Department, complete with cheerleaders from both political parties and including even oligarchs as varied as Trump. Mercenaries were found from among extremist Wahhabis and backed by the different branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, to form this new phony army of "revolutionaries". Even Russia, Iran and Hezbollah were complicit in the bombing of Libya and the overthrow of Qadhafi.

Why was Qadhafi overthrown and murdered? Because under his reign Libya was absolutely Debt-Free. He kept the vast gold resources of Libya within Libya, not making the same mistake as other countries in handing it over to private international banks in New York or Geneva where they quickly "disappear". The international bankers had absolutely no control over the economy of debt-free Libya, and its a telling fact that the first act of the rebels in their new state in Benghazi was to establish a central bank open up to private banking interests for a looters' free-for-all. After his death, the previous prosperity of Libya sunk into a new state where feuding warlords and fanatic religious extremist gangs run the show, where the women rights guaranteed and protected by Qadhafi are now in full decline, where tribal and ethnic minorities are once again being persecuted.

Qadhafi was overthrown and murdered because he was harnessing the water resources deep under the desert into a monumental project called the Man-Made River. This was itself a model for the "Third World," but another was his efforts to institute a debt-free, commodity-based currency across all of Africa. This was a threat to the control of the IMF, World Bank and Multi-National-Corporations, whose control is based on crippling entire nations with the compound-interest loans, and looting the natural resources - including even something as basic as water - through "privatization" which is a primary condition of these loans, themselves sold to these nations through the false euphemism "development."

Geopolitically, he was able to deconstruct the same political events in this world that look one way on the outside, but when you truly examine them you see a very different reality. He was able to see the financial interests and globalist think-tanks orchestrating so many of these phony "revolutions" and rebellions. The world is now facing the consequences, as it was the same rebel groups backed against him in Libya, that were soon after sent and turned against Syria, and these formed the nucleus of ISIS. He walked in that Arab League hall and spoke truth after the hanging of Saddam Hussein, telling other Arab leaders they would be next, only to be laughed at by those without his foresight.

And Europe itself is facing the consequences of the bombings against Libya, with the current Zionist/Globalist-engineered migration crisis into Europe, itself the stated goal of certain anti-European, mostly-Jewish social-engineers for the Kalergi Plan, combined with the results and blowback of the Neocon/Neoliberal bombings and invasions of countries across the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia. His murder caused many of the Africans living in Libya to flee for their lives, as the Wahhabi and tribalist mobs were whipped up into an anti-Black racism that even led them to murder indigenous blacks of Fezzan. He knew that Globalism ultimately wants to destroy and eradicate all cultures and ethnicities into some global state where we are all reduced to economic identities with some vague consumer/debt-based monoculture.

No politicians are completely free from excesses, but one thing that is very clear is under him Libya was a very prosperous country. Education, health, literacy, personal income - all of Libya's high standards were beacons not only for Africa but for the entire "Third World." Women had so many rights and their rights protected by Qadhafi. In his character, he was far more humble, accessible and honorable than all the gangs of political and media criminals who slandered him. As a political philosopher, he had much wisdom about the Global system and parliamentary politics. The world made a huge mistake and a crime when it overthrew and allowed the mob to brutalize and murder Muammar al-Qadhafi like barbarians. Justice is ultimately served and everyone will answer for their crimes.

"The most tyrannical dictatorships the world has known have existed under the aegis of parliaments." - Muammar al-Qadhafi (1942-2011)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Complicity in Saudi Atrocities in Yemen

Hillary Clinton's Complicity in Saudi Atrocities in Yemen

by Sean Jobst
October 16, 2016

A recent article asked the question, "Why the hell is the US helping Saudi Arabia bomb Yemen?" My response:

Because our country is dominated by an oligarchy of special interests more concerned with using our resources to serve Israel's proxy war against their enemy Iran, along with their "shabbat goy" Big Business allies with their personal profitable business deals with Saudi Arabia. One of Hillary Clinton's current advisors and former chief-of-staff at the Pentagon, Jeremy Bash, is also managing partner at Beacon Global Strategies, which provides paid advice to several war-profiteering corporations. In April 2014, Boeing lobbyist and former Bill Clinton aide, Tim Keating, co-hosted a fundraising for the super-PAC Ready for Hillary, which was already preparing for the current Clinton campaign.

"The Boeing relationship meshed well with efforts by Clinton to expand the State Department's advocacy of U.S. economic interests abroad, part of a broader philosophy that has emphasized partnering government with businesses to solve problems. A potential side benefit for Clinton has been the chance to strengthen ties to the kind of powerful allies in the business community who could assist a possible presidential bid." (<>)

On December 26, 2011, Jeremy Bash sent an email titled "F-15SA Christmas Present" to Jake Sullivan, then Secretary of State Clinton's deputy chief of staff and now a senior policy advisor to her campaign. Sullivan then forwarded it to Clinton with his own note at the top, celebrating the $29 billion deal two days before between Boeing and Saudi Arabia "good news."

Because you know, nothing encapsulates the holiday season to such cold evil individuals than the "Chrismas present" of their corporate friends profiting to the tune of $29 billion so the Saudis could then have plenty of sophisticated and lethal F-15s to bomb, strafe and murder thousands of Yemeni civilians and obliterate an already impoverished country!

And indeed it was much to celebrate for this government-Big Business nexus and its close ties to what Eisenhower famously termed the Military-Industrial-Complex. In a press conference on October 20, 2010, Andrew Shapiro, then Assistant Secretary for Political-Military Affairs at Clinton's State Department, gloated that his boss had made the lucrative and bloody arms deal to Saudi Arabia's war in Yemen a "top priority." The links continued in her nonprofit Clinton Foundation, which similarly robbed the Haitian people and served as a funnel for the predatory Goldman Sachs' rewarding of her loyal services.

"The Clinton-led State Department also authorized $151 billion of separate Pentagon-brokered deals for 16 of the countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation, resulting in a 143 percent increase in completed sales to those nations over the same time frame during the Bush administration. These extra sales were part of a broad increase in American military exports that accompanied Obama's arrival in the White House. The 143 percent increase in U.S. arms sales to Clinton Foundation donors compares to an 80 percent increase in such sales to all countries over the same time period." (<>)

The State continues to perpetuate, solidify and institutionalize this nexus of Big Government and Big Banking-Big Business to be one and the same, by co-opting the entire discourse that the groupthink of both "right" and "left" then respond to by getting bogged down in all these irrelevant distractions peddled by all the political clowns. One of the hypocrisies of those calling themselves "liberals" is while (rightly) criticizing the wars and the war-profiteer of the Bush Administration, they quickly ignored and even justified the same status quo when it was continued by the Obama Administration and the Hillary Clinton/John Kerry State Department. Those who now are more offended by Trump's words than Hillary's actual policies, are complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis and others because they will vote and support for one who was directly involved in such murderous policies - pure and simple, no way around it!

And lest those who think Trump is some kind of "alternative" to Hillary Clinton, the same Trump who is a loyal servant of Israel and who is in bed with the same Big Banks and Big Business institutions, likewise took $5.7 million in blood money from the Saudis, so their government could then enjoy a lavish apartment in NYC from which they could then go before the United Nations and defend their own barbarism in Yemen and hide their support for terrorist mercenary groups in Syria along with their Israeli allies....And the same Donald Trump who's towing of the Zionist line is so faithful he would "Make America Great Again" by going to war like a lackey against Iran, for Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Oligarchy's Staged Hillary/Trump Charade

The Oligarchy's Staged Hillary/Trump Charade

by Sean Jobst
October 12, 2016

WikiLeaks recently uncovered an email from April 2015, which seems to expose how the Donald Trump phenomenon was actually much promoted by Hillary Clinton. "We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously," wrote Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta.

Specifically naming Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson as the three "Pied Piper" candidates, Podesta also wrote: "In this scenario, we don't want to marginalize the more extreme candidates, but make them more 'Pied Piper' candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party."

This information is significant for two reasons, both examples of the staged charade called the two-party presidential election: First, those who are Trump supporters and like to pretend their candidate is somehow "anti-Establishment" and "persecuted" by the media, when it was the media that promoted him and gave him all this publicity in the first place. Second, those who are Hillary supporters because they are more offended by Trump's words than Hillary's actual policies, should realize the Trump specter was largely created by their own presidential campaign to begin with. Both groups who buy into  "lesser of two evils" should realize they're ALL being played for fools in this entire charade staged by the Oligarchy.

Anyone familiar with Public Relations would know that any publicity is ultimately good publicity. This may sound strange except for those who recognize just how the game IS staged. The masses are polarized into two competing factions, obviously controlled by the same financial and special interests at the top (i.e. the intersecting power-elites of Zionism/AIPAC, Wall Street/international banking houses, the Military-Industrial-Complex, Globalist secret societies, and their neocon/neoliberal think-tank fronts).

Its no accident that Public Relations really took off when corporations hired Edward Bernays, nephew of the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. PR is psychology, and the strategies created by presidential campaigns are no exception. Neither is anything which the mainstream media "reports" on or covers; ALL is calculated and staged for certain ends, intended to set up the discourse to which one or the other side react in different ways.

The majority of the mainstream media clearly prefers Hillary Clinton, no doubt about that. But that doesn't mean they really fear Trump, whom they frame as the "opposition." The entire discourse which has been framed by the MSM is one of two "choices", around which the people are conditioned to rally around either because they like one or they hate or fear the other.

The Trump campaign has been made by the MSM, simply because it compelled him out of nowhere in politics and gave him 24/7 media coverage as the mirror to Hillary. Controlling the discourse, they then make carefully-calculated and timed attacks of Trump so those on that side can then rally more around their "anti-establishment" candidate, even though they wouldn't even know of his "opposition" to the "establishment" which is Hillary except from what they're even told by the MSM discourse in the first place.

Donald Trump is only too happy to play along, as he laid out in his book, The Art of the Deal: "One thing I've learned about the press is they're always hungry for a good story, and the more sensational, the better. It's in the nature of the job, and I understand that. The point is that if you are a little different, or a little outrageous, or if you do things that are bold or controversial, the press is going to write about you. I've always done things a little differently. I don't mind controversy, and my deals tend to be somewhat ambitious. The result is that the press has always wanted to write about me."

Behind the scenes, while their groups of followers and fans may fight and argue against each other, the likes of Trump and the Clintons are actually quite close with each other - laughing it up in their oligarchic cackles at the naivete of the masses who keep falling for the very same game every four years, and then wonder why things keep getting worse and the status quo remains the same. As it relates to these two political clowns, the record is there for anyone with a mind and common-sense:

In 1999, President Bill Clinton appointed Donald Trump's sister, Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, to a U.S. Court of Appeals. The Clintons were honored guests at Trump's wedding to Melania on his Palm Beach, Florida compound in 2005. According to The Clinton Foundation's own records, Donald Trump has donated at least $100,000 to this non-profit he now attacks; he also has donated to Hillary's senate and presidential campaigns. (<>)

In 2008, Trump told CNN: "Hillary's a great friend of mine. Her husband is a great friend of mine. They're fantastic people. She's a very nice woman, and he's a very nice guy." (<>)

Trump wrote in a blog post on his "TrumpUniversity" site, dated March 13, 2008: "I know Hillary and I think she'd make a great President or Vice-President." He followed this up with an October 2013 interview on the Larry King show: "I know her very well. They're members of my club, and I like both of them very much, and he was with you one time and he said he likes me. And I do like him." (<>).

This is in addition to the "friendly" telephone conversation between Trump and Bill Clinton in May 2015, just weeks before he announced his run for the presidency. (<>)

In addition, Trump shares many of the same corrupt links to Bill Clinton, which reveal some about the entire game and the REAL powers behind the thrones, links that include the infamous NYC real-estate mogul Larry Silverstein
(<>)(<>) and convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein (<>).

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