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Who is Daesh ("ISIS")? The facts about their identity may surprise you!

Who is Daesh ("ISIS")? The facts about their identity may surprise you!

by Sean Jobst

May 23, 2015

Who and what is the group called the Islamic State (known by the acronym ISIS) which is currently terrorizing and murdering its way across a large swath of Iraq and Syria? First, I prefer to call them by the name Daesh - داعش - which is the Arabic acronym of the group's name. This despicable group so despises the name of anything other than "Islamic State" that it will kill people under its rule who call it by this name! Therefore, I choose not to dignify this despicable gang of murderers, by calling it a name which it has usurped for itself.

Not only is داعش the preferred use in the Arab world, but even many Westerners have taken to calling this gang by this name. "This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists. The Arabs call it 'Daesh' and I will be calling them the 'Daesh cutthroats'," said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

One woman in Daesh-controlled Mosul has said, "They will cut your tongue out even if you call them ISIS - you have to say 'Islamic State.'" So, out of solidarity with the occupied people under its control and its victims from various religions, I use the term Daesh - let this be an open challenge for them to cut my tongue out, to sever my fingers on which I type these words, because I will continue to speak out against them here on the world wide web PROUDLY under my name!

Daesh in light of Islamic eschatology

Many Muslims are falling for the ISIS scam because generally Muslims do not study the signs of the End Times. For if they did, they would know that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam) warned about an army that would cause chaos and destruction - an army that would claim to follow the truth, whereas they actually are upon nothing but falsehood. This is because they have no concept of the love and mercy which is the sunna of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam); the precepts and verses of the Qur'an do not enter beyond their throats - its all about the letter of the law for them, rather than the spirit.

This is why the misguided people fooled by ISIS are really like empty shells devoid of any deeper Islamic spirituality. And because of their appalling ignorance of this spirituality, all their rhetoric about Tawhid (Oneness of the One God) is negated by their very actions. They deceive themselves into thinking they can follow the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam), without following his mercy and character. The image they have of the Prophet is as false as that of the Islamophobes. In fact, the two sides really show themselves to be a cruel caricature of useful idiots playing out their respective role in some elitist "Clash of Civilizations" scheme.

We can first expose the deception behind their so-called claims of caliphate. We should call a spade a spade, and state clearly that the ignorance and obsession about khilafa held by many Muslims, who are actually unaware of the Prophetic prophecies that the khilafa would end thirty years after his death, has ENABLED the Daesh scum. We can also see this in the statement by the fourth Caliph, Ali ibn Abi Talib (karam Allahu wajhah), who said:

"When you see the black flags, remain where you are and do not move your hands or your feet (i.e. stay put and don't get involved with them). Thereafter there shall appear a feeble insignificant folk. Their hearts will be like fragments of iron. They will have the state. They will fulfill neither covenant nor agreement. They will call to the truth, but they will not be people of the truth. Their names will be parental attributions, and their aliases will be derived from towns. Their hair will be free-flowing like that of women. This situation will remain until they differ among themselves. Thereafter, Allah will bring forth the truth through whomsoever He wills." (Related by Nu'aym ibn Hammad, Kitab al-Fitan [Book of Tribulations], Hadith No. 573)

How the characteristics match Daesh

If we break down each of the characteristics described in this narration, we see clearly it matches Daesh perfectly! First, the black flags of Daesh. Second, they are cold, heartless and indiscriminately kill. Third, they have proclaimed their own state (ignorant that the term "State" itself is an innovation that has no real place in Islam lingustically or in its actual historic context).

Fourth, they violated even their agreements with the Sha'etat tribe and other groups, turning on them and murdering them; anyone who knows about Islam knows the major importance of fulfilling your word and your contact with someone. Fifth, their names are indeed parental ascriptions and their aliases are geographical; for example, the Daesh leader is known as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, which is not his real name. 

The Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam) indicated in a prediction he made that an extremist group of mostly youth would arise who would "recite the Qur'an but it would not pass beyond their throats," and whenever an offshoot of them would be killed, another would pop up, a historical phenomenon which "will occur twenty times until Dajjal (Antichrist) appears in their last remnants." (Sunan Ibn Majah)

These two predictions are clear ISLAMIC indictments of Daesh! Therefore, any effort of either the brainwashed youth who join Daesh or the Islamophobes who try and claim Daesh is somehow truly an "Islamic" group that follows the true teachings of Islam, should be exposed as false! Now, let us continue to expose the appalling ignorance of religion and lack of common-sense by the adherents and sympathizers of Daesh....

Daesh's ignorance about the black flag symbol

A look at the Daesh flag by anyone trained in Arabic, will see the charlatans of Daesh are appalling ignorant of early Arabic, its order and shapes! Worse, it causes them to actually reverse the statement of the kalima - "Allah is the prophet of Muhammad"! This, coming from a group which claims to be following Tawhid, just shows the extent to which - as the Prophet (sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam) has said - "The Qur'an does not go beyond their throats."

The calligraphic stacking of the word - with the last on top - is a later device that became standard practice among the Ottoman caligraphers, but from the viewpoint of early Arabic, it is anachronistic. We can't underestimate the significance of this, because Daesh claims to be following the way of the earliest Muslims. The mistake is that the way the two terms are stacked, rather than linked, is indicative both of an ignorance that reaks of dualism and fails to appreciate the waseela of Prophet Muhammad (salallahu 'alaihi wa salam) - i.e., his status as a mercy.


I am a writer who investigates things, but I am not a scholar of religion. Given that fact, I will conclude with the same way that a group of Islamic scholars concluded their open letter to Daesh leader Baghdadi, after refuting and speaking out against Daesh using Islamic evidences and arguments:

"Islam is mercy and its attributes are merciful. The Prophet (peace be upon him), who was sent as a mercy for all the worlds, summarized a Muslim's dealings with others by saying: 'He who shows no mercy, will not be shown mercy;' and: 'Have mercy and you will be shown mercy.' But, as can be seen from everything mentioned, you have misinterpreted Islam into a religion of harshness, brutality, torture and murder. As elucidated, this is a great wrong and an offence to Islam, to Muslims and to the entire world. Reconsider all your actions; desist from them; repent from them; cease harming others and return to the religion of mercy."

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