Monday, December 7, 2015

Returning to the blogosphere amidst more ISIS false flag attacks

Returning to the blogosphere amidst more ISIS false flag attacks

by Sean Jobst

December 7, 2015

After a half-year hiatus which included summer travels and adventures, and the last three months devoted to much research, I announce my return to the blogosphere. And given world events in the last six months, this return couldn't be more timely. On this day in history - 7th December 1941 - occurred one of the most well-known false flag events in recent history. I subscribe to the well-documented thesis that the Roosevelt administration knew about the planned attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen as a "backdoor" to a war which it had done everything to enter despite the official neutrality.

Although beyond our scope here, this basic format could easily apply to recent events - the attacks in Paris on 13th November and in San Bernardino on 2nd December, both of which committed by brainwashed individuals radicalized by ISIS; and several other terrorist attacks given less 24/7 media coverage, such as the terrorist bombings in Beirut (12 Nov.), Baghdad (13 Nov.), Nigeria (17-18, 27 Nov.), Mali (20 Nov.), Tunis (24 Nov.), Niger (25 Nov.), and Chad (5 Dec.) - all of which were committed by groups or individuals linked to ISIS or similar groups, but which all received a Western media blackout since they didn't affect "Westerners" and indeed violate the entire media narrative surrounding Daesh.

First, my condolences to every single life taken in all these attacks. Human life is sacred no matter other considerations, although in some contexts it seems to be a case-by-case basis as related by the hypocritical media and governments of the world. Groups such as Daesh, Boko Haram and Al-Qa'ida are a scourge upon humanity, which seem to have a deeper geopolitical agenda neglected by the mainstream media and amidst all the false crocodile tears shed by the very same governments whose policies created or otherwise enabled such groups. Now, here's my take some of the events which have received the most media attention....

The Paris attacks were carried out by cowardly Daesh scum killers who effortlessly moved across EU borders right under the radar of the French government. How? Why? The answers were provided by a report from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, which noted how the Israeli and French intelligence agencies knew about the Daesh leaders plotting an imminent terrorist attack in Paris. The intelligence was obviously not acted upon.

On 7th November, the Joint Intelligence Center (JIC) in Baghdad - jointly operated by Russia, Iraq, Iran and Syria to coordinate their war against ISIS - received an "urgent request" from the Israeli Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), requesting "real-time" intelligence on the "movement/actions/communications" of certain ISIS leaders operating in both Europe and the Levant. The report noted that Israeli military intelligence had received information from their National Security Advisor, Yaakov Amidror, who the previous week had been in Washington, D.C., meeting with U.S., British and French spy chiefs.

Upon gathering intelligence, the JIC warned that an ISIS attack was imminent, that Paris was the target, and even mentioned Salah Abdeslam as one of the ISIS leaders in Europe whose cell would likely carry out the imminent attack. All of this information was passed onto the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE) - which did not act upon it.

Furthermore, the Israeli DMI notified the representative of French citizens in Israel, Jonathan-Simon Sellem, and a warning was passed to certain Jewish organizations and institutions in Paris - but not to the general populace of Paris. This is nothing new: Only two hours before the 9/11 attack, employees of the Israeli instant messaging company Odigo received warnings about the attacks. Who sent the warnings and, better yet, how did they know about the attacks before it happened?

Another similarity to 9/11 is that, after the Paris attacks, the passports of the suspects just "happened" to have survived completely intact, amidst the ruins - just waiting to be discovered and picked up by the media for whatever agenda. What's that agenda? Providing the justification for more bombings against Syria - an intervention in that country's war which led to the growth of groups such as ISIS in the first place - and also draconian surveillance police state laws.

This is exactly what happened in France, whose government then bombed Syria. Yet, it was the French, British and U.S. governments which meddled in Syria, supporting the same type of extremist groups they did in Libya, leading directly to the growth of ISIS. Their intelligence agencies funneled weapons and money into these armed groups, alongside the Saudi and Qatari governments, for the purpose of destabilizing Syria and undermining the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Meanwhile, the Western media demonizes the very same forces actively fighting against ISIS on the ground: Syria, Iran, the Lebanese Hezbollah, and Russia. Is it any coincidence that the Paris attacks followed terrorist attacks against a Russian airliner in Egypt and against a Shi'ite neighborhood of Beirut, both claimed by ISIS? Furthermore, every time Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces launch an offensive against ISIS which proves successful, Israel intervenes by bombing them, benefitting Daesh whose enemies are thus weakened.

This is an issue which is multi-faceted, with an overwhelming evidence uncovered in the course of my research, so I plan to uncover these various aspects within the next month in upcoming posts. I do have to wonder about the San Bernardino attack, whose perpetrators were radicalized online. With all the massive surveillance of the American people, given the fact of intelligence agencies monitoring extremist websites and in many cases using these as the subject of sting operations, we are supposed to believe that this couple who, it turns out after the attacks, had been openly expressing their support for ISIS online, also escaped surveillance and were able to carry out their attacks.

I identify a lot of the same reasons given as in Paris - a foreign policy agenda of yet more meddling in Syria, especially in the wake of Russia's crippling airstrikes against these extremist groups which came around the same time the U.S. administration had to admit its policy of funneling weapons and money into the extremist rebel groups in Syria was a failure. Domestically, in addition to providing an excuse for more police state legislation it will be used by the administration and certain other political elites to further erode gun rights for all Americans.

At the time being, we will have to wait and see how this will play out. It is a must however that the American people and others recognize the role that interventions in the Middle East had in creating ISIS in the first place. This is the blowback of Western policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and of the U.S. government's entangling alliances with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. One ignores this reality at one's own peril, and the weight of evidence which underscores the geopolitical realities of Daesh has consistently been uncovered so much, it can no longer be dismissed as "conspiracy theory".

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