Friday, August 19, 2016

Updates for Autumn 2016....

Update: This is my latest return to the blogosphere, after an amazing and eventful summer of travelling for most of June and all of July.

My travels took me to teaching English in Albania and discovering the innate beauty of that country; to retracing the trails of my ancestors and family in Stuttgart, Germany and Madrid, Spain; to visiting beautiful Portugal; and once again to my favorite city for the third summer - Istanbul.

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Aside from working and getting back to my normal family and social routines, I am focused on several projects right now for writing and research. Concerning my latest lines of research this autumn, you can definitely look forward to the following topics:

* The ongoing political charade here in the United States, between the two competing puppets of Wall Street banksters and the dominant power of AIPAC and Zionism - Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton....including articles exposing BOTH of them and demonstrating the correct things that need to be done to rectify the worsening situation of our country.

For more information, look at my previous articles on this subject:

For full disclosure, without any illusion that voting in our rigged system actually makes a difference when we lack the real ECONOMIC power to determine POLITICAL power, I as an independent left-libertarian endorse the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka because of their courage in sticking to their anti-Zionist, non-interventionist and anti-predatory Wall Street/corporatist principles that the already-fickle Libertarian Party candidates seem to waver on even more daily (unfortunately). This would have been the perfect year for the BEST candidate we've had - Ron Paul - to build the grassroots movement and galvanize/educate the electorate to REAL alternatives.

* The post-coup crackdown and witch-hunt in Turkey and Erdoğan's ongoing consolidation of absolute power - and both the regional geopolitical ramifications of this and the effects on the country I've come to sincerely love (in addition to my own country: the USA, and my ethnic countries: Deutschland and España) and want the best for: Türkiye. This will include information I will uncover about the role of outside political forces in the region, that have an insidious agenda exploiting religion for political objectives but actually being convenient geopolitical pawns of outside powers.

* The ongoing geopolitical situation in the Middle East region, how Israel is seeking to redraw the map with events in Syria and elsewhere. This will include my further studies into the role of Mossad, Western intelligence agencies and the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes in engineering this wicked group of bloodthirsty mercenary pawns called Daesh and associated rebel groups in Syria....and the truth about the false portrayal of Putin's Russia as some kind of anti-Globalist power not beholden to the very same Zionist/banker elites as portrayed in growing segments of the alternative media.

I look forward to making this a productive autumn as we collectively watch events unfold and wade through the smoke in mirrors to together seek the Truth! May my Don Quijote and Investigative Journalist spirits both guide me along the way....

~ Sean Jobst
19 August 2016

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