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Thoughts on Vladimir Putin's Russia

Thoughts on Vladimir Putin's Russia

by Sean Jobst
1 May 2017

I have been an opponent of foreign and domestic policies of successive U.S. administrations, calling out Democratic and Republican presidents alike because the underlying agenda is still the same: Big Business, Banking, Zionist interests, not truly an "America First" foreign policy (contrary to Trump's own rhetoric). BUT, I likewise speak out against the opposite extreme held by many who (rightly) criticize policies of the U.S. government while excusing those of America's real or ostensible enemies or rivals. I do not and will not excuse Marxist or other Statists and their own imperialisms.....And a primary world leader I have seen time and time again lionized to an absurd slavish hero-worship level is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin personifies the very same Statist trend as the Trumps and Clintons of America - the merger of Big Government with Big Business. He bats not an eyelid at allowing his allies and business ventures to profit through government. He is a stooge of the oligarchs Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovich, with their "Russian" surnames (obvious sarcasm), such that both helped groom Putin for power to begin with and Leviev personally vetted Putin's cabinet picks. Putin has close ties with the supremacist Chabad movement and its representative in Russia, Rabbi Berel Lazar, with its open anti-Gentilism.

The agenda in Syria is to destabilize and bleed the country out, to ensure that it will never be a stable, powerful country again. Putin's Russia has been as complicit in this as his Western and Gulf Arab counterparts. Just like during the Cold War, they "fight" through proxies - giving just enough support to each side to ensure the blood-letting continues, but not enough to really lead to decisive action. When time and time again, we see governments acting through proxies but still allying with each other openly elsewhere, we have to wonder what the true agenda is and read behind the official narratives on both sides.

The Oded Yinon Plan which was laid out in "Kivunim" ("Directions"), magazine of the Jerusalem-based World Zionist Organization, in 1982 foremost spoke of destabilizing Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and pitting the various forces in those countries against each other so Israel can continue to benefit. This was also highlighted in the Neocons' "Clean Break" document to Netanyahu in 1998 and Michael Flynn's Defense Intelligence Agency's famous 2012 memorandum advocating the growth of ISIS and other armed fanatic groups. Its also a matter of competing oil pipelines with either Russian oligarchs or U.S., Saudi and Qatari oligarchs who want only to profit by stealing the resources with the connivance of their respective client governments - themselves local corrupt leaders who care nothing about their peoples or nations.

Those who lionize Putin as some real friend of Syria and not one merely looking out for his own personal interests, please answer me why it took Putin four years to even intervene - well after the country had already been devastated beyond the point of no return and the rebels already held much of the country? Why has Daesh, Nusra and other fanatic groups still retained or expanded ground despite the undisputed Russian air superiority? And why have a large number - thousands - of extremists from Russian-occupied lands in the Caucasus left Russia unimpeded to join Daesh and Nusra?

Obviously, there is complicity and we have to be truthful to ourselves even if it is within human nature to want to see the good in someone, that in trying times there are "heroes" in the world who act out of their own altruistic cause. The world is not like that, never has been whenever there's power and wealth to be had. And its certainly not to be seen from governments, no matter what government that is. I challenge anyone who disputes what I write in the linked article, to respond back with your own evidences to the contrary and not just slogans or emotionalism.

Statism is statism, imperialism is imperialism - no matter who the State actors are. On this May Day, I hope that workers around the world understand that NO State truly acts on their behalf or cares about them. Both Capitalism and Communism, and other totalitarianisms (even those with a false "democratic" veneer) think nothing but exploiting and taxing them, while taking away more of their resources and liberties and allowing their own Banking handlers to profit off the workers. Both are about the merger of Big Government and Big Business, and the State is nothing but the service industry of the Bankers who rule through Debt. What follows is my article which was published on the website of the National Anarchist Movement:

Thoughts On Russia

by Sean Jobst
April 8th, 2017

There are two current extremes when it comes to Russia. One extreme is that pushed by the liberal mainstream media, and Establishment politicians of both the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as similar parties in other Western countries. They scapegoat the Russian government as having interfered in or determined elections in the U.S. or other countries, or hypocritically accuse it of the very same things their own governments are guilty of. BUT, there is another extreme and this is one of excessive Russophilia and Putin-worship, very present within alternative media.

Just one example of the typical Putin hero-worship

The principled writer and investigative journalist in me is disgusted by any hypocrisy or lack of consistency, so I will now call out these trends. I don't care about any popularity contest, and I know several of the same people who applaud whenever I - as an American citizen - speak out against the policies or actions of the U.S. government, will suddenly get defensive that I dare challenge their worship of Putin or their Russophilia because what some are opposed for, others should be opposed for the very same policies. Yet, those people will be unable to challenge anything actually written in the following post since I have only gone wherever the evidence takes me without making excuses for some and not others.

It goes without saying that I oppose the clamoring for war against Russia by the liberal and Neocon establishment, and the trends which oppose Putin solely for the very same policies (like invading other countries or interfering in other countries' elections) they are themselves guilty of, or those which oppose Putin's Russia because it goes against the liberal social values and standards prevalent in the modern West. Just like what I experienced during the U.S. elections, whenever I would write or post against one side they would accuse me of being with the other side - even if in the very same post I also spoke out against that side. People have too much of a visceral and emotional reaction, especially online, throwing consistency and principles to the wayside whenever it runs contrary to their own personal bias. Both the mainstream media and the governments are this way, but so are large segments of allegedly anti-Establishment or alternative media outlets, who cling to their own fundamental assumptions and ignore any evidence challenging these.

First, Putin is not to be commended for his actions in Syria. The Russian government - just like the governments who have been supporting the other side, the rebels - are out for their own interests and care nothing about Syrians. There is no altruism when it comes to the actions of politicians and governments, no matter what side they represent. He ONLY got involved in Syria after four years, when the country had already been devastated and divided beyond any foreseeable redemption. Even then it was largely to protect Russian bases, in the same way that the U.S. government interferes in other countries to protect their own bases. And in the beginning of the war, Russian negotiators were more than willing to sell out Assad in their negotiations with U.S. and NATO diplomats - at meetings where the fate of Syria was being discussed but no Syrians present. The negotiations fell apart, but nevertheless Putin's government was more than willing to sell out their "ally" Assad.

Why would this surprise anyone? They never used their Security Council veto power when it came to NATO's aggression against Qadhafi and Libya (a war where even Iran was championing the same Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood rebel groups they now decry in Syria). There were no Russian bases in Libya, and Qadhafi was more independent, so they were more than willing to throw him to the NATO and Gulf Arab wolves just as their Western counterparts threw the Chechens to the Russian wolves in 1996. Whenever the two have spats, they bring up these crimes of the others but that's only for later propaganda purposes because they were complicit when those crimes were being committed. Putin's Russia is NOT free from international banks or from IMF/World Bank debts - it’s very much part of the same global economic system. Nor did Putin "free" Russia from the oligarchs - he had disputes with SOME oligarchs but is very close and was actually groomed into power early on by other oligarchs, such as Lev Leviev and Roman Abramovitch. These are all matters of fact to anyone who cares to investigate and research with an honest mind without merely repeating baseless slogans, as will be Putin's close ties with the Jewish supremacist Chabad Lubavitch movement and its representative in Russia, Berel Lazar. Ironically, some of the same people who rightly condemn such connections of U.S. or other politicians will completely give their idol Vladimir Putin a free pass.

In foreign policy, Putin has pursued the most pro-Israel policy of any Russian leader in recent years. He is a close personal friend with Netanyahu and is very popular among the Russian-born communities within Israel, many of whom have direct connections with the most extremist settler Zionist movements. Anyone who knows about history will know that during that great proxy "war" called the "Cold War" (when the two countries never actually fought directly), the Soviets would give sub-standard equipment to "Third World" countries with a lot of strings attached. So, it is with Iran and Syria, with the Russian government now giving just enough technical aid to keep it afloat so Russia can continue to benefit from it, but not even close enough to bring it to parity with Israel. Is it any accident that Israeli planes have repeatedly flown freely above Syria, killing Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces alike, without any direct reaction from Russian planes? There is an understanding between Putin and Netanyahu, that is why! Nor has Putin ever done anything against the Zionist slaughter of Palestinians, including many Orthodox Christians (allegedly Russia sets itself as a defender of Orthodoxy).

Nor am I one to simplistically claim Putin's Russia is the same as the Soviet Union, as several dinosaur Cold Warriors-turned-Neocons and Neoliberals may assert. BUT, it is also true that Putin regularly praises and holds celebrations in honor of the same Soviet Red Army that raped and pillaged across large areas of Europe, committing many atrocities in the process. He has not disavowed this legacy, just as Western leaders have not disavowed their own imperialist or colonialist legacies either, because the very moment German forces (including my great-grandfather, who was in the Wehrmacht Gebirgsjäger and was killed by the Soviets) invaded Russia during Operation Barbarossa, Joseph Stalin began appealing to Russian nationalism and even scaled back some of the Atheistic campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church, because he knew the power of "Mother Russia" is what would rally people behind his government and not heady, cosmopolitan, and foreign concepts like dialectical materialism or international Marxist revolution.

Harnessing many of these same Russian imperial forces, Vladimir Putin has stamped out on any separatism and self-determination from different nationalities who wish to be free from Russia, such as the Finnish Karelians or most notably the Chechens - and just because he has installed a corrupt puppet in Chechnya (Kadyrov), does not mean the typical Chechen has abandoned the desire for freedom and self-determination. If Western governments are to be condemned for invading and colonizing other countries, and installing puppet governments, Putin should not be given a free pass. These puppet rulers - whether Kadyrov in Chechnya or his pro-Western counterparts in other occupied countries - are simply corrupt politicians who want to carve out personal power for themselves on the backs of occupying forces. I support freedom and self-determination for all peoples, and oppose imperialism in any forms no matter who practices it.

As for Ukraine, I did NOT support the meddling in that country by the Obama administration or Hillary Clinton and her Neocohen advisors, Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan. But I recognize that BOTH the Russian and U.S. governments were fighting a proxy war in Ukraine just as they did so in Syria - NEITHER care anything about Ukrainian or Syrian sovereignty or the lives and future of the Ukrainian or Syrian peoples. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Ukrainian history, going back to when the Tsar would side with usurers and corrupt landlords who exploited Ukrainian peasants and farmers, or to all the barbarism and atrocities against Ukrainians during Bolshevism, including the forced collectivization and Stalin and Kaganovich's man-made famine which murdered 7 million Ukrainians during the early and mid-1930s, will know there are legitimate grievances held by Ukrainians against Russia - and this is neither an excuse or support for the Western puppets of Ukraine, who want to tie the Ukraine to NATO and Western multinational corporations to loot the country (like the bankster schemes of Soros). Both sides merely want their own puppet governments in power in the Ukraine, so they can loot and plunder the country for their own benefit.

We should care more about being consistent, judging all with the same standards and not making excuses for some because it may not be "convenient truths". Principles and objectivity, any sense of honestly and justice, demand that politicians and governments the world over do not care about the masses or any interests aside from their own personal ones or those of the banking and financial interests which stand behind their governments. If you're ready to condemn one side for doing something, but all of a sudden defend or excuse another side for the very same actions, then your criticism of that other side is insincere and shows you care nothing about the justice behind something - just personal bias or ideology.


  1. You should read the Bible.
    There is an alternative to the state that isn't anarchy.
    It's living with one's own tribe under God's laws.
    Everything else is satanic.

  2. I welcome your insights, although I would point out that traditionally, different tribes either had their own ideal of the Divine or even interpretation that often separated them from even their neighbors who may have the same faith.

    I will say that Anarchy need not be atheistic or anti-traditional; on the contrary, I see such as more of a marxist perversion of true anarchy and that traditional societies worldwide were both deeply spiritual and were structured very proto-anarchic.

  3. "Why has Daesh, Nusra and other fanatic groups still retained or expanded ground despite the undisputed Russian air superiority?"
    This much could just be chocked up to the well known problems most modern armies have dealing with guerrilla war, since they're all modeled on WW1 strategy, despite the laser guided missiles and jets that fly to fast to possibly be accurate. Bureaucracy is bureaucracy, and the military is the epitome of a bureaucratic despotism.