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A Response to Slander: Notes on Nordicism, Dark-Haired/Dark-Eyed Germans, and the Myth of "Moorish Blood" in Iberians

by Sean Jobst
27 February 2018

Recently, I was banned from a Germanic forum after being trolled by one obsessed about my part-Spanish ancestry. It culminated in the last days when old random information, old pictures that no longer represent me and that I didn't even know were online, and a multicultural "friends" list were all dug up about me rather than keeping it at the issues being debated. Rather than responding to my logical responses, the troll and the administrator who banned me made it a personal attack and it soon descended into me being ignorantly called "Achmed" and "Middle Eastern", pretending that I wasn't even Germanic at all and was secretly playing a role:

I know this is a risk I always make when I post under my actual name - I've never been one to hide behind pseudonyms or put on a front of being anything but what I really am, which is especially ironic given the specific allegations. I was forthcoming from the get-go about my background and what had brought me to that point of posting on a Germanic preservationist forum:

Denied the opportunity to respond on that forum to the slander against me, since I was banned from doing so, I have decided to write this but in addition share some other thoughts on these and related issues. Coming as things often do to back to back, I was then trolled on a few Youtube video comment threads as "mongrel" and "Mestizo". All of these are ridiculous because they deny my European heritage, which is all the more angering since I have been very vocal in speaking up for my heritage and those of kindred European peoples. As the variety of pictures of me show, my features are clearly European and neither "Middle Eastern" or "Mestizo" except at the most simplistic level that equates black hair and dark-brown eyes as not European (my complexion ranging from times of the year when I tan more than other times):

- Germanic Preservationism

Skadi Forum is a Germanic preservationist forum, which means that it concentrates on preserving the Germanic peoples. As such, it is less pan-European or European preservationist. Yet, this did not stop the administrator who banned me based on unfounded attacks about my heritage, from looking the other way when his friend the troll attacked entire Germanic peoples such as Bavarians and Austrians because of their alleged "Medicism" through their Catholicism, and me defending those peoples just as I defended my own Spanish heritage. I don't seek validation or approval from anyone and welcome any challenge or debate on its own merits.

As appears on my blogger profile, one of my credos is: I firmly support the preservation of cultures, communities, and tribal identities worldwide in the midst of the consumerist monoculture of Globalism.... I take these words seriously, which means I support every tribe and ethnicity the right to their own heritage, preserving their people within their own native land. I joined Skadi Forum exactly to celebrate the Germanic aspect of my heritage, and specifically to further study and correspond with people based on my current spiritual interest in ancestral Germanic Paganism.

Being Germanic is about far-more than promote archaic theories to denigrate other European peoples. It is about a system of code and behavior, about honor where two people that have a dispute can talk directly about their issues. I challenged both of these two individuals to say these things to my face if they were ever in my area or a relatively close distance, rather than hide behind online pseudonyms. I take my heritage very seriously, as anyone who knows anything about my family background, the amount of attention I have and do focus on defending the German nation from the historical, psychological, political and demographic attacks upon it, can attest. At least give me the chance to respond to the slander rather than banning me, which is clearly not an honorable or upright action worthy of one who knows truly what it means to be Germanic.

- My Genealogy and Ethnicity

Now some genetic background on myself. I am a European-American, a mixture of Germanic, Celtic and Iberian elements. My father immigrated from Germany, our family being from the southwest region called Swabia. But my great-grandmother's line had originally come from Spain. Our roots are Castilian but given our Spanish surname, there might be some connection to Galicia as well. In any case, on my paternal side I am the product of southwest Germany and northwest Spain. The paper trail is not as distant, since many records were lost during the war due to the Allied bombings. But I can document our German surnames and their deep roots in the Ostalbkreis region that straddles the border of Württemberg and Bavaria.

On my maternal side, all four of my great-grandparents immigrated from West Flanders, Belgium. The records are very well kept in the Low Countries, as I discovered in my own genealogy research. So I've been able to document some of our family lines all the way back to the 13th century; some lines less than that - but still, hundreds of years of nearly all Flemish surnames on my maternal side. There are a few Walloon surnames in the 1500s, but its always been my contention that the Flemish and Walloons are genetically the same people - a mixture of Celtic and Germanic tribes, the main difference being linguistic, shaping the trajectory of how each people developed culturally distinct.

The line of demarcation between "Celtic" and "Germanic" is often blurred in ancient history, which is no more true than in my own ethnic regions of Schwaben (where, along with Bayern, Osterreich and Schweiz, is home to some of the earliest Celtic heritage sites) and Belgium. Like "Romance", which is often used to attack our deny our Celtic heritage (along with Iberians) as Spaniards and lump us instead in with the Romans who conquered us, "Germanic" is more of a linguistic category than anything else. Anyone who knows about our history can attest that we are the result of admixture from multiple sub-races of the broader indigenous European race.

As my AncestryDNA results above attest, I'm the mixture of European strains. Aside from my native percentages of "Europe West" and "Iberian Peninsula", due to historical migration patterns and genetic exchange between regions, I have percentages from other regions: 28% Scandinavia through Germany and Belgium, 9% Italy/Greece through Spain. 20% Ireland is no doubt through shared Celtic heritage. My percentage of any non-European is only 3%, not at all too uncommon for the typical European; my 2% Middle East is a far-cry from the ignoramuses who slandered me because they are too stupid to tell the difference between Mediterranean peoples, or an aquiline European "Roman" nose from an Armenoid nose.

- Observations on Nordicism

Such reactions as I have received, reek of Nordicism - these are neither the first nor will they be the last such Nordicist rants directed against me. Genetically, we are the result of all our heritage and so in my case I obviously do have features drawn from my Spanish heritage. I oppose all tendencies to mythologize about one's own sub-race or ethnicity to the denigration of others, especially when it is ahistorical. That is certainly true of Nordicism, which is not so much a celebration of one's Nordic heritage which I would totally support, as it is a polemicist to denigrate other European peoples.

Supporting as I do a return to tribal and ethnic communities, or any other small-scale community away from the larger State structures, I am not a political Pan-European or a "white nationalist" in the sense that those ideologies often tend to erode distinct cultures and level them into a broader catch-all category. But those ideologies have a point when it comes to such petty-nationalisms as Nordicism being out of touch with current political realities affecting all European peoples. I believe we have our own distinct traditions we should preserve and celebrate, while I also believe there is a deeper spiritual and ethnic unity among all European peoples - I stress spiritual and ethnic, not political.

The problem with Nordicism is that it pretends the Northernmost European peoples are the most "pure" and most European of all our peoples, developing within their own isolated island without any exchange between and among peoples. It falsely ascribes individualist tendencies to Nordics, while alleging that Mediterranean peoples are prone to "despotism" or the like. It breeds division and causes divisiveness in its wake, obsessing about cranial proportions, hair or eye color, nose size, and various taxonomical categories when the Zionists-Globalists attacking our peoples make no distinction as to Nordic or Mediterranean, Alpine or Dinarid, Germanic or Slavic or Iberian or Italic or Greek, etc..

We are all being eroded by the Kalergite displacement of our peoples and the breaking up of our own ancestral lands. Our Zionist-Globalist enemies clearly want to see us feuding over such archaic pseudo-categories of a bygone period, that would prevent us from cooperating to oppose their broader anti-White/European agenda. If anything, historically Jewish supremacists would refer to "Greece" and "Rome" as the epitome of all that was at odds with Judaism; so its ironic seeing certain Germanic supremacists similarly using "Roman" or "Romance" or "Mediterranean" in such a derisive manner while downplaying the Kalergi Plan "conspiracy theory" that targets all our peoples without distinction between Germanic, Italian, Greek, Iberian, Slavic or other.

- Dark-Haired/Dark-Eyed Germans

Despite the fantasies of the Nordicists, the Germans are one of the most diverse ethnicities of Europe. Our phenotypes show a very wide variety, tending towards the most Nordic, Scandinavian in the north to the most Alpine or Dinaric in the south. There is a rough north-south demarcation point, but there is not always a strict separation of phenotypes and there are wide varieties throughout the German-speaking realm as to such features as hair and eye color or height and body or head size. There are many notable examples of "full-blooded" Germans, with no known non-German admixture, that have both dark-hair and dark-eyes from across all regions of Germany:

Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer

Hansi Müller

Joachim Löw

Stephanie Stumph

Mats Hummels

So it annoys me when some online pseudo-anthropologist tries to conceptualize what is or isn't German, and then exclude others based on their own warped aesthetic rigidity. Drawing back upon works by ancient Romans about the "blondness" of Germans, is not an accurate reflection of how us Germans "look" for all time. We are truly indigenous to our lands, being the result of not only the Germanic tribes from which we are descended, but in varying degrees according to regions, also the result of the pre-Germanic peoples inhabiting the Alpine lands. In fact, some of the earliest signs of Celtic culture can be found in Swabia, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. The ancient Celtic names can still be reflected in town names, such as the abundance of "Hall" towns related to the Hallstatt culture.

I am a proponent of the view that we Swabians particularly are the result of not only the Suebi and the various Germanic tribes that coalesced into the Alemanni ("all-men") tribal confederation, but also mixture with Celtic tribes that inhabited our region when the Germanic tribes migrated southward. To me that also explains the frequent divergences between us South Germans from the North Germans, of course with some exceptions to the general rule. No matter what the Nordicists assert, "Germanic" is more of a linguistic and cultural category than racial and ethnic. That doesn't mean we should want to preserve what we have any less, but at least we shouldn't give in to or indeed entertain such divisiveness among ourselves much less from kindred European peoples.

- Myth of "Moorish Blood" in Spaniards and Portuguese

I've found that the Iberian Peninsula is one of the biggest targets of such Nordicists, stemming largely from their ignorance about Iberian history. One of these is the bigoted view that Europe ends at the Pyrenees, separating Iberia from the European continent. We who are Spaniards or Portuguese are regarded as "tainted" with North African blood, by such Nordicists. For example, the Nordicist dribble pushed by Arthur Kemp's "March of the Titans". One Portuguese site does an excellent task of refuting both Nordicists and Afrocentrists in their lies and attacks upon our Iberian heritage:

The reality is that the indigenous people of the region were the Iberians and the Lusitanians, both among the pre-Indo-European but nevertheless very much "white" peoples spread throughout Europe, among others including the Ligurians and Illyrians. And the Celtic tribes that moved into Iberia then mixed with them and created the Celtiberians. There are even now strong Celtic remnants in Iberia. The various other peoples that came to the Peninsula mixed very little with the general population, although there was some mixing with the Romans. Nevertheless, the Spanish/Portuguese gene-pool are far more Iberian/Lusitanian and Celtic than "Romance",  the latter being more of a linguistic and cultural category.

As for the Moors, they were always a small ruling elite. The genetic mixture was one-way: Native Spaniards and Portuguese impacted the Moorish gene-pool because of both enslavement and native conversions to Islam. But the general population remained unaffected by the Moors, since this native Muslim element kept to themselves feeling "superior" to the general population because of belonging to "the ummah". It got to the point where the later Moorish sultans of Andalusia were described as being more European than Arab or North African in appearance, and this was because the Moors had absorbed much native Iberian blood.

In a recent edition of the Portuguese weekly news magazine Sábado devoted to the Moorish invasion of 711, Portuguese archaeologist Cláudio Torres considered archaeological evidence that showed just how small in numbers the Moorish invaders were and that, conversely, the nucleus of the occupation came from the native Monophysite Christians who had converted to Islam - further demolishing the assertions of Nordicists and Afrocentrists alike about Moorish admixtures in Iberians:

I do find Torres' theory about no Moorish army very exaggerated, although I confirm from research that local elements - particularly Jews - flocked to the Moorish side, literally opening up the gates of Iberian cities to the Moorish army that was small in number and forming local auxiliaries; it was this "fifth column" that enabled the rapid Moorish conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the rapid disintegration and incompetence of the Visigothic rulers:

The bottom line is that there was no lasting Moorish genetic impact on either Spain or Portugal. The Moorish ruling elites absorbed Iberian blood but otherwise did not mix with the general population. And the Moors were expelled from the Peninsula finally with the successful conclusion of la Reconquista in 1492. The Moriscos who were converted to Christianity, were kept isolated and they too were completely expelled by 1609. The Sephardic Jews and Marranos are a different issue and are outside the scope of this current article, but suffice it to say that neither did they have any lasting genetic impact on the Iberian Peninsula. As anyone who has even been to Spain can attest, we are Europeans in both our phenotypes and haplogroups:


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  1. "You have been banned for the following reason:
    Sorry, this forum is for people of Germanic heritage only.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never"

    - Its angering and frustrating when someone who doesn't even know you, calls into question your ethnicity and identity. But I have little time for hypocritical "purists" who would ban someone very pro-German who only has a small percentage of non-Germanic ancestry, and so is MAJORITY Germanic, but look the other way towards certain divisive clowns who continue to insult entire groups of Germanic peoples.

    If any of the relevant clowns wish to reveal themselves and not hide behind pseudonyms, they can either do the honorable thing and reach out and discuss, or they if they want to insult me by calling into question my Germanic heritage and roots, they can do so to my face and they know where to find me!