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Israeli support for anti-Ukrainian separatists of "Novorussia"

Israeli support for anti-Ukrainian separatists of "Novorussia"

by Sean Jobst
14 July 2018

Eurasianists and Nazbols link Ukraine with Israel, ignoring Putin's close alliance with Israel and the central involvement of hardcore Zionists like Avigdor Eskin in Dugin's networks. They rewrite this narrative to deceive Western dissidents opposed to Zionism and Jewish power, into signing off on their own anti-Ukrainian subversion. Their efforts to enlist support for separatists who openly proclaim themselves a Communist "People's Republic", include bizarre claims that have been refuted by no less a figure as Donetsk leader Denis Pushilin, who openly touts himself as "Chairman of the Soviet" while his fighters brandish Soviet flags and include many foreign Communists.

A broader objective is to enlist Assad supporters and assorted anti-Zionist activists to suspend their disbelief into cheerleading the Kremlin's separatists against Ukraine, which is seen as reciprocal for their own apparent support for the "Axis of Resistance" despite Putin's double game in Syria. One recent example is the sloppy screed by leftist Asa Winstanley on the "Electronic Intifada" website, filled with standard Kremlin talking-points about Maidan and slanders of Ukrainian nationalists as "neo-Nazis", desperately linking Israel with his own pet cause even while denouncing an ill-defined "anti-Semitism" in the same manner as Zionists. The entire narrative ignores the intricate connections between the "Novorussian" Donetsk separatists and Israelis.

An official statement on the Novorussian "government" website in 2015 declared its "voice of goodness and honor" to Israel, which it congratulated for memorializing the "Nazi atrocities" and linked "anti-Semitism" with "Russophobia". It noted the common enemy both have in the "Banderist" Ukrainian nationalists, praising how "the majority of Israeli people condemn attempts of restoring Nazi[sic] in Ukraine." Openly expressing their own allegiance for Russia over Ukraine, the statement also proclaimed (in broken English):

"Israel as a state was an answer for world community on the Nazi's attempt to completely annihilate Jewish people. This state was and remains a symbol of victory over Nazism. That is why we find a special attitude to Russia and the USSR among those who still remembers [sic] and knows [sic]....Israel has fertile ground for Novorussia support, heroically standing for its freedom...Let this voice be heard on the Holy Land and from it in the whole world."

Member of Israeli branch of Dugin's Eurasian
Youth Movement desecrates Ukrainian flag

Eskin's Anti-Ukrainian subversion

Avigdor Eskin is a hardcore Jewish supremacist Zionist who is often given a platform by pro-Kremlin media to accuse entire European nations and peoples of "anti-Semitism". This includes his presentation of Ukraine as a "wild west" unsafe for Jews. The "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" for the alleged "Donetsk People's Republic" touts on its own website their links with Eskin. Alarmed by the growth of consistent anti-Zionist and anti-Kremlin nationalists in Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic states, he has called for an Israeli-Russian strategic alliance against the "neo-Nazi international" he claims has overtaken those countries.

To resist this Zionist-Putinist-Duginite subversion and support a Third Position against the dialectic of Jewish oligarchic-dominated governments in the West and Russia, I propose that we principled nationalists of Western Europe and North America support the geopolitical ideal of an Intermarium as the first line of defense for Europa, which means standing in solidarity with Baltic, Ukrainian and Polish nationalists against such slanders by Eskin, as well as by exposing the efforts of co-opted figures and movements within our own midst who subvert Western interests to Israel and Russia.

Shimon Peres with Viktor Yanukovych

Israeli connections of Yanukovych government

One desperate attempt of these subversives, ironically even while providing a platform for hardcore Zionists such as Eskin, is to present the Maidan Revolution that overthrew Yanukovych as somehow linked to Jewish Neocons such as Victoria Nuland. The notion is that the anti-Kremlin government in Ukraine can be slandered by linking it to Israel, but the truth is although the Maidan was hijacked by certain forces that are not nationalist, there are blatant Israeli links not to Maidan but rather to the toppled Yanukovych government.

After Maidan, at least two of Yanukovych's ministers fled to Israel, Education Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk and Energy and Coal Industy Minister Eduard Stavytskyi. The latter is an Israeli citizen who is now living securely in Israel under the name Nathan Rosenberg, having fled due to his connections to exiled oil and natural gas oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko's VETEK holding company known for its close links with the Kremlin.

A member of the pro-Russian Party of Regions and of Jewish ancestry, under his tenure Tabachnyk revived the old Soviet indoctrination that denied Ukrainian distinctiveness from Russia and slandered its nationalists as "Fascists". His 2010 appointment was vigorously opposed by Soviet dissidents due to his apologia for Stalinism that included denial of the Holodomor genocide that primarily targeted the historic peasant and intellectual classes that were natural barriers to the Soviet destruction of Ukrainian nationhood.

While the separatists claim the post-Maidan Ukraine is oriented towards west Ukraine, under Yanukovych the traditionally Russian-speaking east held favored position. In a 2009 article for the Russian newspaper Izvestia, Tabachnyk derided west Ukrainians as "halychany" who were completely different from the "people of Great Ukraine" whom he identified with the east, such that "our allies and even brothers are their enemies, and their 'heroes' (Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych) for us are killers, traitors and abetters of Hitler's executioners." Under his leadership in 2013, the Education Ministry removed Bandera and Shukhevych from the list of "minimum necessary knowledge of graduates" and replaced them with Soviet military leaders and Communist Party activists.

Laughing at the useful idiots?

Israel and Putin's Annexation of Crimea

Despite the disinfo that attempts to "link" Israel with Ukraine, the Israeli government has been notably silent about Russian activities against Ukraine. Israel "abstained" from voting on a UN resolution condemning the Russian annexation of Crimea on March 27, 2014. Within diplomatic circles, an "abstain" vote is understood as synonymous with voting against a specific resolution. The Israeli abstention caught the U.S. government off guard, expecting that with the billions of dollars in aid and slavish support it gives to Israel, it could at least receive a "yes" vote on the resolution.

They were confronted with the cold reality of the burgeoning alliance between Israel and Russia, such that Israel is more than willing to defy American wishes to not antagonize Putin, who has been described as "the closest thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow". The backdoor deals that led to this vote were described by Israel Shamir, providing another example that Putin's Russia will always treat Israel as an equal partner better than how it treats its "allies" who are client dependencies:

"We learned from our Israeli colleagues the details of the Putin-Netanyahu phone conversation, which elaborated the reasons for Israeli neutrality. Israel is worried that as an asymmetric response to the US sanctions, Russia would deliver its potent air defence systems to Iran and Syria. Iran and Russia had signed a weapons supply contract a few years ago, Iran duly paid; then the shipment was suspended. Iran went to court demanding a massive compensation for the breach of contract. Likewise, the Syrians were supposed to get the S-300 surface-to-air missile system, able to protect its skies from Israeli raids. The deliveries commenced; PM Netanyahu beseeched Putin to put it on hold. Initially Putin objected, stressing the defensive nature of the system. Netanyahu told the Russian president that the S-300 would allow the Syrians to cover the whole North of Israel, at least all the way to Haifa, rendering important airfields unusuable and endangering civil aviation as well. Putin agreed to stop the deliveries."

Photo published by the Jerusalem Post, showing Israeli
Communist volunteers with the Donetsk rebels

Israelis fighting alongside the separatists

While the likes of Winstanley and other pro-Putin shills engage in desperate verbal gymnastics to link Israel with the notoriously anti-Zionist Azov Battalion specifically or the Ukrainian cause in general, a steady flow of Israeli citizens are actively fighting on the ground with the very same Donetsk and Luhansk rebels the phony "anti-Zionist" talking-heads idolize. In a story picked up by the Jerusalem Post, Alexander Kofman, the Jewish Foreign Minister of the "Donetsk People's Republic", confided to the Russian media in late 2014 that there were then dozens of former Israeli soldiers fighting for the Donetsk rebels.

The other rebel group, the Luhansk separatists, included an Israeli communist mercenary named Inna Levitan, an Azerbaijan-born Israeli who left her family life to take up arms against Ukraine, as she also told the Jerusalem Post: "As an Israeli, I personally viscerally hate fascists." In an open letter on the website of the Israeli Communist Party, she defined her goal as to "fight against the fascist, pro-Nazi and oligarchs." In a characteristic example of the Zionist-Communist nexus, she claimed the Western media was distorting both Israel's war against the Palestinians and the Novorussia separatists' fight against Ukraine: "Every Israeli can easily understand that a similar situation occurs in the area of Novorossia."


A Russian media source published photos of an Israeli fighter with the Donetsk separatists meeting with Netanyahu. At the least, we can say that the same Netanyahu who has been so close with Putin that one Israeli commentator titled it a "love affair", does not look unfavorably upon the rebel cause and consents to armed Israeli fighters to freely go to and from Ukraine. Certainly his own nostalgia for the Red Army is shared by the separatists. Its far more real and verifiable than any of the absurd pseudo-analyses of useful idiots eager to have an audience with RT, adept at playing all sides of the narrative.

One of the main conduits for the Israeli fighters is the Aliya Battalion, an outfit of Russian-speaking Israelis who are veterans of the Red Army and later Russian conflicts. They were profiled in a joint Israeli-Russian documentary that also showed their warm reception among old Red Army veterans in Israel, many wearing medals and Communist symbols alongside their yarmulkes. The Aliya Battalion served as irregulars along the Israeli Army in West Bank, with close links to the Jewish settlements. A PressTV documentary named the Aliya Battalion as involved in crimes against Palestinians, even while PressTV parrots the Kremlin's line about Ukraine despite that same Battalion's active role among the pro-Russian separatists.

Aliya was officially disbanded in 2006, but soon reconstituted by its commander, Roman Ratner, seeing action alongside Russian forces against the Republic of Georgia in 2008. Just as the Aliya Battalion was close with Kahanist settlers on the West Bank, now its activities are welcomed by Eskin, who is both a hardcore Kahanist Zionist and a Eurasianist, who extolled their objective as against the "Banderovtsy" of the "fascist junta" in Kiev. This nexus of hardcore Zionists, Eurasianists and Communists doesn't fit the narrative of the various co-opted "alt" media darlings, who prefer to distract from the Israeli-Russian alliance to fit their own pet causes.

Aliya Battalion on the ground in east Ukraine

Ratner boasted in an interview with the Russian Izvestia in May 2014: "There are a couple dozen people who are ready to go right now, but in a month or two we can mobilize some 200 military with a unique experience." Their existence among the rebels was also confirmed by Donetsk deputy people' governor Pavel Gubarev: "Today a group from Israel joined with our militia. It's called the Alyia battalion which was formed in 2002 from immigrants to Israel from veterans from the Red Army and CIS countries. They protect settlements in the occupied territories and promptly sent 20 highly trained fighters to Slavyansk with experience in the Soviet and Israeli armies, and in two weeks are ready to bring 200 soldiers to fight the Nazis."

One blogger openly calling themselves "The Daily Stalin" and proclaiming "Stalin Lives" praised the Battalion's "fight against the spread of Ukrainian Fascism". Also known as the Vanguard of the Ben Mahager Battalion, it included Israeli officers who had fought in Lebanon in 2006 and allegedly "protected" Jewish sites in the West Bank, just as they were now in Ukraine to protect "sacred sites" from alleged destruction by the Right Sector and National Guard. "They stated to the Donetsk Republic news service that they were expecting at least 200 to 500 other members to arrive in Donetsk within a week or so."

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A Response to Slander: Notes on Nordicism, Dark-Haired/Dark-Eyed Germans, and the Myth of "Moorish Blood" in Iberians

by Sean Jobst
27 February 2018

Recently, I was banned from a Germanic forum after being trolled by one obsessed about my part-Spanish ancestry. It culminated in the last days when old random information, old pictures that no longer represent me and that I didn't even know were online, and a multicultural "friends" list were all dug up about me rather than keeping it at the issues being debated. Rather than responding to my logical responses, the troll and the administrator who banned me made it a personal attack and it soon descended into me being ignorantly called "Achmed" and "Middle Eastern", pretending that I wasn't even Germanic at all and was secretly playing a role:

I know this is a risk I always make when I post under my actual name - I've never been one to hide behind pseudonyms or put on a front of being anything but what I really am, which is especially ironic given the specific allegations. I was forthcoming from the get-go about my background and what had brought me to that point of posting on a Germanic preservationist forum:

Denied the opportunity to respond on that forum to the slander against me, since I was banned from doing so, I have decided to write this but in addition share some other thoughts on these and related issues. Coming as things often do to back to back, I was then trolled on a few Youtube video comment threads as "mongrel" and "Mestizo". All of these are ridiculous because they deny my European heritage, which is all the more angering since I have been very vocal in speaking up for my heritage and those of kindred European peoples. As the variety of pictures of me show, my features are clearly European and neither "Middle Eastern" or "Mestizo" except at the most simplistic level that equates black hair and dark-brown eyes as not European (my complexion ranging from times of the year when I tan more than other times):

- Germanic Preservationism

Skadi Forum is a Germanic preservationist forum, which means that it concentrates on preserving the Germanic peoples. As such, it is less pan-European or European preservationist. Yet, this did not stop the administrator who banned me based on unfounded attacks about my heritage, from looking the other way when his friend the troll attacked entire Germanic peoples such as Bavarians and Austrians because of their alleged "Medicism" through their Catholicism, and me defending those peoples just as I defended my own Spanish heritage. I don't seek validation or approval from anyone and welcome any challenge or debate on its own merits.

As appears on my blogger profile, one of my credos is: I firmly support the preservation of cultures, communities, and tribal identities worldwide in the midst of the consumerist monoculture of Globalism.... I take these words seriously, which means I support every tribe and ethnicity the right to their own heritage, preserving their people within their own native land. I joined Skadi Forum exactly to celebrate the Germanic aspect of my heritage, and specifically to further study and correspond with people based on my current spiritual interest in ancestral Germanic Paganism.

Being Germanic is about far-more than promote archaic theories to denigrate other European peoples. It is about a system of code and behavior, about honor where two people that have a dispute can talk directly about their issues. I challenged both of these two individuals to say these things to my face if they were ever in my area or a relatively close distance, rather than hide behind online pseudonyms. I take my heritage very seriously, as anyone who knows anything about my family background, the amount of attention I have and do focus on defending the German nation from the historical, psychological, political and demographic attacks upon it, can attest. At least give me the chance to respond to the slander rather than banning me, which is clearly not an honorable or upright action worthy of one who knows truly what it means to be Germanic.

- My Genealogy and Ethnicity

Now some genetic background on myself. I am a European-American, a mixture of Germanic, Celtic and Iberian elements. My father immigrated from Germany, our family being from the southwest region called Swabia. But my great-grandmother's line had originally come from Spain. Our roots are Castilian but given our Spanish surname, there might be some connection to Galicia as well. In any case, on my paternal side I am the product of southwest Germany and northwest Spain. The paper trail is not as distant, since many records were lost during the war due to the Allied bombings. But I can document our German surnames and their deep roots in the Ostalbkreis region that straddles the border of Württemberg and Bavaria.

On my maternal side, all four of my great-grandparents immigrated from West Flanders, Belgium. The records are very well kept in the Low Countries, as I discovered in my own genealogy research. So I've been able to document some of our family lines all the way back to the 13th century; some lines less than that - but still, hundreds of years of nearly all Flemish surnames on my maternal side. There are a few Walloon surnames in the 1500s, but its always been my contention that the Flemish and Walloons are genetically the same people - a mixture of Celtic and Germanic tribes, the main difference being linguistic, shaping the trajectory of how each people developed culturally distinct.

The line of demarcation between "Celtic" and "Germanic" is often blurred in ancient history, which is no more true than in my own ethnic regions of Schwaben (where, along with Bayern, Osterreich and Schweiz, is home to some of the earliest Celtic heritage sites) and Belgium. Like "Romance", which is often used to attack our deny our Celtic heritage (along with Iberians) as Spaniards and lump us instead in with the Romans who conquered us, "Germanic" is more of a linguistic category than anything else. Anyone who knows about our history can attest that we are the result of admixture from multiple sub-races of the broader indigenous European race.

As my AncestryDNA results above attest, I'm the mixture of European strains. Aside from my native percentages of "Europe West" and "Iberian Peninsula", due to historical migration patterns and genetic exchange between regions, I have percentages from other regions: 28% Scandinavia through Germany and Belgium, 9% Italy/Greece through Spain. 20% Ireland is no doubt through shared Celtic heritage. My percentage of any non-European is only 3%, not at all too uncommon for the typical European; my 2% Middle East is a far-cry from the ignoramuses who slandered me because they are too stupid to tell the difference between Mediterranean peoples, or an aquiline European "Roman" nose from an Armenoid nose.

- Observations on Nordicism

Such reactions as I have received, reek of Nordicism - these are neither the first nor will they be the last such Nordicist rants directed against me. Genetically, we are the result of all our heritage and so in my case I obviously do have features drawn from my Spanish heritage. I oppose all tendencies to mythologize about one's own sub-race or ethnicity to the denigration of others, especially when it is ahistorical. That is certainly true of Nordicism, which is not so much a celebration of one's Nordic heritage which I would totally support, as it is a polemicist to denigrate other European peoples.

Supporting as I do a return to tribal and ethnic communities, or any other small-scale community away from the larger State structures, I am not a political Pan-European or a "white nationalist" in the sense that those ideologies often tend to erode distinct cultures and level them into a broader catch-all category. But those ideologies have a point when it comes to such petty-nationalisms as Nordicism being out of touch with current political realities affecting all European peoples. I believe we have our own distinct traditions we should preserve and celebrate, while I also believe there is a deeper spiritual and ethnic unity among all European peoples - I stress spiritual and ethnic, not political.

The problem with Nordicism is that it pretends the Northernmost European peoples are the most "pure" and most European of all our peoples, developing within their own isolated island without any exchange between and among peoples. It falsely ascribes individualist tendencies to Nordics, while alleging that Mediterranean peoples are prone to "despotism" or the like. It breeds division and causes divisiveness in its wake, obsessing about cranial proportions, hair or eye color, nose size, and various taxonomical categories when the Zionists-Globalists attacking our peoples make no distinction as to Nordic or Mediterranean, Alpine or Dinarid, Germanic or Slavic or Iberian or Italic or Greek, etc..

We are all being eroded by the Kalergite displacement of our peoples and the breaking up of our own ancestral lands. Our Zionist-Globalist enemies clearly want to see us feuding over such archaic pseudo-categories of a bygone period, that would prevent us from cooperating to oppose their broader anti-White/European agenda. If anything, historically Jewish supremacists would refer to "Greece" and "Rome" as the epitome of all that was at odds with Judaism; so its ironic seeing certain Germanic supremacists similarly using "Roman" or "Romance" or "Mediterranean" in such a derisive manner while downplaying the Kalergi Plan "conspiracy theory" that targets all our peoples without distinction between Germanic, Italian, Greek, Iberian, Slavic or other.

- Dark-Haired/Dark-Eyed Germans

Despite the fantasies of the Nordicists, the Germans are one of the most diverse ethnicities of Europe. Our phenotypes show a very wide variety, tending towards the most Nordic, Scandinavian in the north to the most Alpine or Dinaric in the south. There is a rough north-south demarcation point, but there is not always a strict separation of phenotypes and there are wide varieties throughout the German-speaking realm as to such features as hair and eye color or height and body or head size. There are many notable examples of "full-blooded" Germans, with no known non-German admixture, that have both dark-hair and dark-eyes from across all regions of Germany:

Heinz Wolfgang Schnaufer

Hansi Müller

Joachim Löw

Stephanie Stumph

Mats Hummels

So it annoys me when some online pseudo-anthropologist tries to conceptualize what is or isn't German, and then exclude others based on their own warped aesthetic rigidity. Drawing back upon works by ancient Romans about the "blondness" of Germans, is not an accurate reflection of how us Germans "look" for all time. We are truly indigenous to our lands, being the result of not only the Germanic tribes from which we are descended, but in varying degrees according to regions, also the result of the pre-Germanic peoples inhabiting the Alpine lands. In fact, some of the earliest signs of Celtic culture can be found in Swabia, Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland. The ancient Celtic names can still be reflected in town names, such as the abundance of "Hall" towns related to the Hallstatt culture.

I am a proponent of the view that we Swabians particularly are the result of not only the Suebi and the various Germanic tribes that coalesced into the Alemanni ("all-men") tribal confederation, but also mixture with Celtic tribes that inhabited our region when the Germanic tribes migrated southward. To me that also explains the frequent divergences between us South Germans from the North Germans, of course with some exceptions to the general rule. No matter what the Nordicists assert, "Germanic" is more of a linguistic and cultural category than racial and ethnic. That doesn't mean we should want to preserve what we have any less, but at least we shouldn't give in to or indeed entertain such divisiveness among ourselves much less from kindred European peoples.

- Myth of "Moorish Blood" in Spaniards and Portuguese

I've found that the Iberian Peninsula is one of the biggest targets of such Nordicists, stemming largely from their ignorance about Iberian history. One of these is the bigoted view that Europe ends at the Pyrenees, separating Iberia from the European continent. We who are Spaniards or Portuguese are regarded as "tainted" with North African blood, by such Nordicists. For example, the Nordicist dribble pushed by Arthur Kemp's "March of the Titans". One Portuguese site does an excellent task of refuting both Nordicists and Afrocentrists in their lies and attacks upon our Iberian heritage:

The reality is that the indigenous people of the region were the Iberians and the Lusitanians, both among the pre-Indo-European but nevertheless very much "white" peoples spread throughout Europe, among others including the Ligurians and Illyrians. And the Celtic tribes that moved into Iberia then mixed with them and created the Celtiberians. There are even now strong Celtic remnants in Iberia. The various other peoples that came to the Peninsula mixed very little with the general population, although there was some mixing with the Romans. Nevertheless, the Spanish/Portuguese gene-pool are far more Iberian/Lusitanian and Celtic than "Romance",  the latter being more of a linguistic and cultural category.

As for the Moors, they were always a small ruling elite. The genetic mixture was one-way: Native Spaniards and Portuguese impacted the Moorish gene-pool because of both enslavement and native conversions to Islam. But the general population remained unaffected by the Moors, since this native Muslim element kept to themselves feeling "superior" to the general population because of belonging to "the ummah". It got to the point where the later Moorish sultans of Andalusia were described as being more European than Arab or North African in appearance, and this was because the Moors had absorbed much native Iberian blood.

In a recent edition of the Portuguese weekly news magazine Sábado devoted to the Moorish invasion of 711, Portuguese archaeologist Cláudio Torres considered archaeological evidence that showed just how small in numbers the Moorish invaders were and that, conversely, the nucleus of the occupation came from the native Monophysite Christians who had converted to Islam - further demolishing the assertions of Nordicists and Afrocentrists alike about Moorish admixtures in Iberians:

I do find Torres' theory about no Moorish army very exaggerated, although I confirm from research that local elements - particularly Jews - flocked to the Moorish side, literally opening up the gates of Iberian cities to the Moorish army that was small in number and forming local auxiliaries; it was this "fifth column" that enabled the rapid Moorish conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, as well as the rapid disintegration and incompetence of the Visigothic rulers:

The bottom line is that there was no lasting Moorish genetic impact on either Spain or Portugal. The Moorish ruling elites absorbed Iberian blood but otherwise did not mix with the general population. And the Moors were expelled from the Peninsula finally with the successful conclusion of la Reconquista in 1492. The Moriscos who were converted to Christianity, were kept isolated and they too were completely expelled by 1609. The Sephardic Jews and Marranos are a different issue and are outside the scope of this current article, but suffice it to say that neither did they have any lasting genetic impact on the Iberian Peninsula. As anyone who has even been to Spain can attest, we are Europeans in both our phenotypes and haplogroups:


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Jewish Oligarch Boris Spiegel behind Kremlin's propaganda against Ukraine and the Baltics

Yarmulke-wearing Boris Spiegel with the Russian
"St. George" ribbon, popular with the separatists

by Sean Jobst
6 February 2018

The Kremlin's propaganda against Ukraine reads like an old Soviet propaganda ministry manual, mixed with an Anti-Defamation League press release. In a press conference after the 2014 revolution, Putin attacked the Maidan revolutionaries as "reactionary, nationalist and anti-Semitic forces." The day previously, he claimed Maidan was led by "anti-Semites and neo-Nazis on a rampage."

Putin's ally, the Chabad Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, lended his support to the Kremlin's propaganda against Ukraine. In an interview with the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on 24 March 2014, Lazar raised concerns of "anti-Semitism" in the new Ukrainian government: "In the last 15 years I've never seen in Russia anything similar. And sadly, in Ukraine and in certain parts of Ukraine especially, there is a history of anti-Semitism."

Lazar attended the "victory" speech Putin gave at the Kremlin after the Russian occupation of Crimea. In July 2014, the Russian Chabad leaders organized an international press tour via chartered plane from Moscow to draw attention to Ukrainian "anti-Semitism". They attended a speech Putin gave in Sevastopol, where he thanked the Chabad rabbis for their efforts to "combat fascism". One of the first acts in Crimea after the Russian occupation was a "holocaust" memorial organized by the local Chabad Rabbi Benjamin Wolf. Chabad's loyalty was rewarded with a synagogue in Simferopol.

Boris Spiegel and Berel Lazar

One notable Russian-Jewish oligarch who has spoken at Chabad conferences is Boris Spiegel, an Orthodox Jew "closely tied to the Kremlin". Spiegel grew wealthy from his company Biotek, a major pharmaceuticals producer dominant in more than seventy markets across the Eurasian landscape. As chairman of the World Congress of Russian Jewry, he joined the Kremlin's propaganda effort when he called for the establishment of a tribunal that would investigate the Republic of Georgia's "war crimes" and "genocide" in 2008.

Since then, he has accused the former Soviet-occupied countries Ukraine and the Baltic states of "rapid nazification" and has called for a common history textbook for all Europe based on "serious scientific study, as well as the decisions of international judicial and political authorities on which basis the postwar world order had been built." In other words, a textbook indoctrinating Europeans into idolizing the Soviet Union and beating themselves up over the "Nazism" and "anti-Semitism" inherent within their own countries.

In 2010, Spiegel founded the "NGO" World Without Nazism (WWN), which one US Jewish publication called "a kind of Moscow-based Anti-Defamation League". Much like its American counterpart, WWN is a Jewish political advocacy group that attacks any political trend or figure it opposes as "anti-Semitic". Despite its claims of being non-governmental, WWN is actually a "governmental non-governmental organization" as tied to the Kremlin as is its leader. Most of its efforts are devoted to accusing any nationalist trend in Ukraine, Finland and the Baltic states as "neo-Nazi" and harkening back to those countries "collaboration" with Nazi Germany. Its solely because these countries don't idolize the "glorious" Soviet Union's occupation of their lands or deny the Bolshevik/Stalinist crimes against their peoples.

Spiegel led the initiative to construct a Red Army "Victory Monument" in Netanya, Israel in 2012. Designed to commemorate the more than half a million Jews who fought for the Red Army during World War II, it was unveiled at a ceremony attended by Putin and Shimon Peres. "What I just heard has warmed my feelings toward the Jewish people and especially toward Israel," Putin said at the ceremony. The Red Army nostalgia harkened back to the WWN's own foundation ceremony, where Soviet songs were sung and with chants of "We'll come back with victory! The Red Army is the strongest!"

In February 2014, Spiegel led a WWN delegation to meet with pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in Kiev, offering their support against the "extremism and neo-Nazism" represented by his Ukrainian nationalist opposition. In September, the WWN bestowed
"Freedom of Speech" prizes posthumously upon six journalists - including four who worked for Russian-state media - who died covering the "fight against the rebirth of Nazism" in Ukraine. Shortly after Maidan, the WWN released a statement to the Russian news agency TASS that warned "The absence of the international community's reaction can repeat the Kristallnacht for non-Ukrainians and other ethnic minorities." The statement continued: "Only those who want see Europe under Nazi and radical nationalists will condemn Crimea."

In February 2015, Spiegel issued an official statement commemorating the 72th anniversary of the Soviet victory at Stalingrad. "Today neo-Nazis are once again raising their heads. Their ideology is poisoning civil society in the very heart of Europe," Spiegel claimed. He asserted that Ukrainian "neo-fascists and neo-Nazi battalions" were committing atrocities against those "who honor the memory [of Soviet soldiers] over the Nazi machine of death." He threatened the Ukrainians defending their own country from Russian-backed neo-Soviet separatists that they would "risk being surrounded in a new Uranus pincer," referring to the Red Army operation that recaptured Stalingrad.

Spiegel's useful idiots are very active in Finland and Estonia, openly denying those countries' sovereignty and promoting Russian imperial objectives. On 23 March 2009, the WWN-affiliate organization Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee (SAFKA) staged a protest in Helsinki against the Estonian Embassy's seminar about Stalin's forced removal of thousands from the Baltic States. Brandishing Russian flags, other participants at the protest include dozens of members of the Russian Nashi youth organization, founded with links to the Kremlin; the pro-Russian Estonian Nochnoy Dozor (Night Watch) movement, initially founded to prevent removal of Soviet statues and symbols in Estonia and attacks its opponents as "Nazis"; and ten members of the Finnish Islamic Party, an Islamist political party led by self-admitted KGB agent and Muslim convert Abdullah Tammi. The Bolshevik Revolution was "social progress" according to SAFKA.

Johan Bäckman in anti-Ukrainian separatist uniform

SAFKA leader Johan Bäckman also co-founded WWN and serves as a governing board member. He has become notorious in Finland for his aggressive pro-Russian activism, frequently accusing various politicians, journalists and academics who don't tow the Kremlin line as "Russophobes" and "anti-Semites". He became notorious in Finland for his pro-Soviet historiography, which denigrated the Finnish war against the Soviets in the 1940s as a "racist" effort to create a "Greater Finland" and "ethnically cleanse" Russians in collaboration with Hitler. Even though he openly engages in such anti-Finnish activities unhindered, one pro-Kremlin propaganda source claimed he was "persecuted" in Finland, oblivious to the treatment of dissidents in Putin's Russia. This traitor completely ignores the discrimination faced by his fellow Finns under Russian occupation in Karelia.

Bäckman has uttered such absurd and bizarre statements as "Stalin was very gentle and sweet", and has denied the sovereign existence of Estonia and Latvia, condemning their efforts to repudiate the Soviet era as "an apartheid that represents the criminal discrimination of Russians" and dismissed the Soviet occupation as a "Nazi myth". He even wants anti-Soviet dissent in Estonia criminalized: "In my opinion speaking or writing of Soviet 'occupation' should be criminalized as a form of racist propaganda. I demand five years prison sentence to everyone who dares to say Estonia was 'occupied' by Soviet Union." He has been expelled and barred from both Estonia and Moldova for such subversive activities.

His activities connect him directly to the Kremlin. He is the Northern European representative of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), an organization staffed by former Russian intelligence officers which is funded by the foreign intelligence service and presidential administration of Russia. Bäckman was a member of the "elections observer" delegation of notorious pro-Russian political figures that rubber-stamped Russia's annexation of Crimea, even while he labelled the Maidan Revolution as "an illegal seizure of power". He is the Finnish representative of the separatist "Dontesk People's Republic", warning the separatists against two Finnish journalists he claimed were "agents of the USA and Ukraine". He has recruited Finnish fighters for the separatists under the cover of "travel" to Donbass and even "ski training". Bäckman established the "Novorussian Embassy" in Helsinki, despite the lack of official recognition.

He also has ties with the Eurasianist leader Alexander Dugin, who has often visited Helsinki at his invitation, and he has in turn been promoted as an authority by Dugin's Geopolitica. Much like Bäckman's links to Boris Spiegel, Dugin has his own links with the hardcore Zionist Avigdor Eskin and has claimed that both Jews and Russians are "chosen peoples". Certainly a useful idiot like Bäckman is only too willing to agree and sell out his own people and nation in the process.


Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Jewish and Muslim activists form 'intersectional' alliance against Western societies

by Sean Jobst
31 January 2018

A growing number of Muslim activists are openly aligning with Jews around the Cultural Marxist invention of "intersectionality", which posits that "minority groups" are "oppressed" by the "white supremacy" and "white privilege" of the majority. "As our societies evolve, so too does White supremacy," rants a joint editorial of a Jewish and Muslim website. "It succeeds when marginalized communities such as Muslims, Jews, Black and Brown individuals perpetuate racism."

This "racism" it defines as the tendencies among each of "minority" to express negative attitudes towards each other, such as anti-Muslim attitudes of some Jews. But the ultimate Jewish direction of this movement is exposed by the following appeal: "We internalize White supremacy in the Muslim community when we perpetuate anti-Semitism and vilify members of the Jewish community. In fact in Western Europe, those who are likely to hate Muslims are also likely to hate Jews."

Muslim activists clamor for outlawing any dissent against Islam in the West, more than willing to build upon the draconian thought crime laws already put in place by their "Jewish brothers", just expanding the focus from just "anti-Semitism" into "Islamophobia" as well. Whenever synagogues or Jewish cemeteries are desecrated with swastikas, the Jewish media ignores that the majority are done by Jews themselves or Muslims angry about Israel, and instead focus their ire on the specter of "anti-Semitic" Europeans. After the Etz Chaim synagogue in Leeds was daubed with a swastika in October 2017, representatives of local Muslim non-profit Mend went there in solidarity with Jews and expressed their desire to "get rid of the misconceptions held about Islam as well as Judaism" and ascribed the act (with absolutely no evidence) to a "Nazi- and hate-filled ideology."

Muslims form circle of solidarity around synagogue in Copenhagen

Both "Islamophobia" and "anti-Semitism" are defined as "internalizing White supremacy", so that Jews and Muslims abandon all negative attitudes towards each other and blame them instead on white goyim/kuffar. "We must work together to root out anti-Semitism wherever we find it," says the Muslim mayor of London Sadiq Khan, whose first public acts as mayor  included signing the American Jewish Committee's "Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism" pledge and attending a holocaust memorial ceremony. Khan personifies this alliance, not only with his record of fighting for Muslim and Jewish ethnic interests in Britain, but also in his social liberal policies that include opposing "homophobia" and describing himself as a "proud feminist."

The feminist "Women's March" in Washington, D.C. was headed by the hijabi-clad Muslimah Linda Sarsour, with no apparent contradiction between her support for Muslim Brotherhood groups in countries like Syria and Egypt, and her advocacy of feminist, liberal and cultural decadence causes in the United States where she aligns with various SJWs, "pussy-hat" wearing men-hating feminists, and homosexuals and trannies. Although Jewish conservatives oppose Sarsour for her opposition to Israel, she is actually an opportunist who aligns with pro-Israel politicians such as New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Bernie Sanders.

Sarsour and the "Jewish Resistance" cheered on by assorted SJWs

Sarsour is too busy latching onto feminist, SJW and BLM protests to even care for her own Palestinian people. Even when she does, she tempers it with some basic sympathy towards Israel, whose "right to exist" she proclaimed in a Muslim focus group. After a Jewish cemetery in St. Louis was vandalized in February 2017, Sarsour presided over a Muslim crowd-funding campaign that raised more than $125,000 to "send a united message from the Jewish and Muslim communities that there is no place for this type of hate, desecration, and violence in America." In November 2017, Sarsour spoke at a panel against "anti-Semitism" where she called for joint "organizing at the intersections of oppression."

Tennessee academic Harrison Akins is the premier shabbat goy/jumuah kafir, whose various articles can be easily summed up as Muslims and Jews "good", traditional and nationalist Europeans "bad". He was a member of a Muslim-led delegation that travelled around Europe between 2013 and 2015, meeting with various Muslim and Jewish leaders and communities and forming all sorts of connections along the way. Utterly unconcerned with his own ethnic interests, he makes the plea:

"Jews and Muslims should not be working against each other, but with each other to promote their common interests and rights as religious minorities in Europe, particularly with the rise of right-wing parties across the continent. To move forward, Jewish and Muslim communities need to relinquish any external pressures from international politics in the Middle East and instead focus on resolving problems within European society."

When the BBC factually called the holocaust "a sensitive topic for Muslims" due to post-war Jewish immigration to Palestine, it bowed to pressure and retracted the report after a joint statement by the UK's Board of Jewish Deputies and Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks), called the report "offensive". It could only be "offensive" because it highlights the "inconvenient" fact of a Jewish-Muslim dispute in the Middle East, which many such Jewish and Muslim activists want to overcome and focus their common energies instead against traditional European societies. Israeli writer Avram Ehrlich similarly called for a Muslim-Jewish "reconciliation", so that if Muslims accepted Israel and abandoned the Palestinians to their fate, his Zionist Jews would further promote the Islamic "cultural domination over Europe" as punishment for "the centuries of Semitic denigration."

The same hardcore Israeli website that published Ehrlich's proposal also invited Mughal to contribute an editorial, wherein he praised the role of "Jewish men and women who had stood firm on the streets of our country against those who wanted a mono-faith, and mono-cultural Britain." Nothing is said by this hypocrite about the persecution of minorities in many Muslim countries or the exclusionary Jewish ethno-state policies of Israel. Mughal also praised the "Jewish activism which has positively shaped legislation around hate crime work," and other work alongside "our Jewish brothers and sisters." He specifically praised the leading role of Jewish communities in promoting migrants in Europe, calling upon his fellow Muslims to realize "how much we owe to Jewish activism, spirituality and to the deep sense of moral care that is so embedded and part of the make-up of Judaism."

Frankfurt School = 100% Kosher

This "moral care" of Judaism is the concept of tikkun olam, where Jews are inspired by a messianic drive to "repair the world" of the "goyim". This has manifested in various social and political movements led by Jews, couched nowadays in such terms as "open society" and "social justice". With the rise of Cultural Marxism, the Jewish social-engineers of the Frankfurt School sought to "de-construct" Western societies and "cure" them of their various "pathologies", which are generally any traditional values and instincts that form an impediment barring unchallenged Jewish power.

One of the methods they chose was identity politics, where disparate groups could be brought together to oppose and deconstruct white Gentile society. In The Problem of Minority Groups (1945), the Jewish sociologist Louis Wirth referred to the "disenfranchisement" that such "minority groups" as blacks, women and homosexuals suffered from the dominant society. The Jewish Frankfurt School alumni Herbert Marcuse invented the concept of "repressive tolerance", where anything that opposed their objectives could be castigated as "intolerance" and must be "stamped out" utterly. "The small and powerless minorities which struggle against the false consciousness and its beneficiaries must be helped," wrote Marcuse in Repressive Tolerance (1965). "Their continued existence is more important than the preservation of abused rights and liberties which grant constitutional powers to those who oppress those minorities."

Although reaching out to these "minority groups" by framing their disparate interests as "intersectional", Jewish financiers and social-engineers are always to be found in the driving seat. Under their guidance are the various pawns and useful idiots who are deceived to blame all their real or perceived misfortunes on "White Supremacy". These pawns include SJWs, BLM activities, feminists, various sexual decadents, and Marxist useful idiots who together form this new "lumpenproletariat" who would help the Jewish avant-garde "deconstruct" and break down all Western traditional society. So as not to be aware or awake to the real "supremacy" which is Jewish Privilege, their ire is misdirected towards the phantom called "White Privilege".

Intermediate in this "intersectional" hierarchy are the Muslim activists who align with these various
liberal/leftist elements, as a means towards asserting their own ethnic and religious interests. Although manipulated by Jews who sometimes even lead their organizations, these activists are more willing participants since they view it as the means to increase the number of Muslims in society and preserve their separate status as part of "the ummah". Much like the Zionist hypocrites who clamor for "open borders" in European societies but jealously guard Israel's Jews-only policy, these Muslim activists care little about an increase of decadence among "kuffar".

The co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLM TO) is a Kenyan-born Muslim named Yusra Khogali, who wrote in a Facebook post in late 2015 that "white ppl are recessive genetic defects" whereas "black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to." She followed this with a Twitter post on 9 February 2016: "Plz Allah give me strength to not cuss/kill these men and white folks out here today. Plz plz plz." Combined are her own feminism and black supremacist views, calling upon "Allah" even while her lack of hijab and speaking as a woman with an elevated voice are itself regarded as disobedience within Islam. Yet she thinks nothing of openly hating the same Canada which opened its borders and gives her a public platform, as a "White Supremacist" nation.

Similar to the Jewish messianists who proclaim that there is no real discernment between "good" and "evil" in the era before their "moshiach" comes, there is a stance in Islamist theology where some rules of Sharia may be suspended in a "Makkan" period where Muslims are the minority. This politicized view of Islam has made it easy for these activists to easily absorb Cultural Marxist views themselves, such as the role of Muslim politicians like Sadiq Khan in the UK and Keith Ellison in the US in supporting gay marriage. This is the reason why we see political Islamists not thinking twice about forming alliances with feminists, homosexuals, trannies and diehard secular anti-traditionalists in a common Jewish-inspired and directed culture war against Western society. Just like the Jewish usurers who take usury from Gentiles but never fellow Jews, there are political Islamist groups in Europe that align with Muslim drug dealers and other criminals in a "gangster jihad". The migrant "grooming" gangs view "kaffir" women as easy for the taking, while jealously guarding the "chastity" of their own hijab or niqab-clad women.

Such tendencies align neatly with similar Jewish double-standards within our midsts. Scratch behind the "intersectional" buzzwords and you find nothing but an inherent hatred of "goyim" and "kuffar" that extols the breaking down of our societies and the displacement of our peoples. Any useful idiots that rant against "White Supremacy" and "White Privilege" are themselves solidifying the real supremacy and privilege that is certified Kosher. We should stop being obsessed about Middle East conflicts and interests, especially when most on both sides wouldn't think twice about aligning with each other against us. And likewise, we must not be fooled into ignoring our own ethnic and cultural interests while all others are blatantly fighting for their own.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Holocaust propaganda aligns Jews and Muslims against Europeans

by Sean Jobst
16 January 2018

By opening the migrant floodgates, Germany's Muslim population reached six million according to a gloating Zionist. Jack Engelhard, in an editorial written for the rabidly-Zionist Arutz Sheva website in 2015, claims this as "the same number of Jews that the Germans sent to the gas chambers merely a generation ago. We called it Karma and a trade, Muslims for Jews, that Germany will rue."

Given his own Talmudic training, its no surprise that Engelhard evokes the significance of the six million. The number itself originated within a numerology-obsessed Judaism. And Engelhard is obviously not the first to capitalize on the holocaust for political reasons, but he alludes to a new propaganda line that to "atone" for the "six million" lost Jews, Germany in particular and Europe in general are expected to open their borders to unfettered immigration from mostly Muslim countries.

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there," gloated Rabbi Baruch Efrati, yeshiva head and rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Efrat, in November 2012. Under the title "Islamization of Europe a good thing," Efrati praised the Kalergite displacement of Europeans within their homelands as a punishment for their "slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly. Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations." In 2015, Efrati linked Islamization to the "total destruction" of "Edom-Europe" that will then usher in the awaited Jewish "messiah". "Is it good news that Islam invades Europe? It's excellent news! It means the coming of the Messiah."

This joining of holocaust propaganda with the hypocritical push for unrestricted borders in Europe and majority-white nations (but not Israel or other regions) has forged an alliance of Jewish and Muslim groups against indigenous Europeans. One way this manifests is censoring "anti-Semitism" and "Islamophobia" as twin evils that indigenous Europeans must continuously apologize for, no matter how much the Jews and Muslims in our midst openly hate the "goyim" and "kuffar", desiring the ultimate messianic triumph of their respective faiths on the ruins of our European heritage.

Jewish pressure groups set the stage by suppressing or even prosecuting "anti-Semitism" in many countries, and this is now being capitalized by Muslims who want to extend the Cult of Political Correctness into outlawing dissent against Islam. This one-sided narrative holds that the "goy" and "kaffir" must police their own thoughts and ensure they bend over backwards to accommodate Jewish and Muslim interests without question. Even the natural desire to preserve one's people and culture from extinction, is castigated as "racist" since it conflicts with these interests.

A group of Muslim schoolgirls from Berlin were allegedly insulted by Polish locals on a field trip to concentration camps. The BBC report merely stated: "The Holocaust is a sensitive topic for many Muslims because Jewish survivors settled in British-mandate Palestine, on land which later became the state of Israel." Yet this was enough to make the liberal BBC cave into Political Correctness and retract the report, after a joint statement by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Fiyaz Mughal, founder of Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) found it "offensive".

How a report simply stating the fact of post-WWII Jewish immigration to Palestine can be "offensive" wasn't explained by the statement, but what's significant is what it left unsaid: The dispute between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East is something that Jewish and Muslim groups in Europe are increasingly abandoning, and focusing their joint attentions on breaking up traditional European societies while jealously guarding their own respective traditions.

The new face of multicultural Britain

Defining his organization as an "Islamophobia Monitoring Group", Mughal wrote an editorial for Times of Israel in April 2017 wherein he urged his fellow Muslims to abandon "anti-Semitism" because of the leading role of Jews in opening up European societies to Muslims. He praised the role of "Jewish men and women who had stood firm on the streets of our country against those who wanted a mono-faith, and mono-cultural Britain." He approvingly cited the "Jewish activism which has positively shaped legislation around hate crime work", and the other work with "our Jewish brothers and sisters" which helped bring about "the huge societal progressive changes that have swept our tiny island."

This echoed another editorial that same month by a Israeli named Avrum Ehrlich, which called on the Muslims to come to terms with a Jewish presence in Palestine and align with Jews to ensure an Islamic "cultural domination" over Europe. "Indeed a future is not far away when Arabs may justify their cultural domination over Europe while championing Israel and demand re appropriation for the centuries of Semitic denigration," Ehrlich wrote. "They may yet argue that European values are bankrupt, not fit for governance or international respect, not fair or impartial as demonstrated in its record against Israel and therefore the epoch of European ascendency should come to an end."

Sadiq Khan is the Muslim mayor of London, elected in April 2016. His first public act as mayor was to attend the Yom Hashoah Holocaust commemoration on 8 May, where he declared the importance "to reflect, remember and educate about the 6 million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust." He signed the American Jewish Committee's "Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism" pledge, and followed this with an editorial for the Jerusalem Post in June. He expressed his desire "to send a message around the world by being the London mayor of Islamic faith who does more to protect Jewish Londoners from anti-Semitism than any mayor in this city's history", and vowed "to root out anti-Semitism wherever we find it."

This burgeoning alliance is based on creating an "open society" for Europeans, a phrase touted in a joint article by Dr. Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany - the name itself revealing its own view of Jews as a foreign element in Germany - and World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder. They welcomed an "open society" as "good for Jewry", and evoked the memory of the "Shoah" to guilt-trip Germans into accepting the migrants. They envisioned curing the migrants of their own "Arab anti-Semitism" and "re-educating" them in the "German" values which they defined as those forced upon the German people since 1945, namely "respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution [actually 'The Basic Law'] and agreeing that support for Israel, rejection of anti-Semitism, and remembrance of the Holocaust, is part of Germany's DNA."

In their redefinition, "Germans" are merely those living within the geographical area of Germany, regardless of race, culture, or genetic history linking them to that land. This is even while hypocrites such as Schuster and Lauder insist on representing all Jews generally, regardless of where they live: "The Jewish community, both in Germany and worldwide, welcomes this evolution towards an open society." The Board of Deputies of British Jews has similarly been active in promoting migrants in Britain, even while advocating for the Jewish ethno-state of Israel - and its Muslim partners such as Mughal join them in that effort. In September 2016, Syrian Muslim migrants joined with the Chabad movement to march through the streets of Berlin carrying a new Torah scroll.

In 2010, the Muslim-Jewish Conference (MJC) was established as "a global think tank for Muslim-Jewish interests". Its Austrian Jewish founder, Ilja Sichrovsky, is a longtime Zionist activist whose father Peter is an associate of the pro-Israel Freedom Party of Austria. Partnering with the MJC is the American Jewish Committee's ACCESS program, which defines its objective as "empowering today's young Jewish leaders." Together, they are fostering what the Times of Israel has called the "rapid worldwide growth for Jewish-Muslim alliance". Through carefully-choreographed forays to concentration camps, the MJC uses holocaust propaganda to guilt-trip Europeans into accepting their own displacement by millions of migrants. Its Committee members are various "activists" involved in migration NGOs and Israel advocacy organizations.

Diana Pinto is an Italian Jewess who serves as senior fellow at the London-based Institute for Jewish Policy Research, and founded the European Council on Foreign Relations with funding from George Soros' Open Society Foundations. She stated at the Jewish Community Center's World Conference in Jerusalem in November 2015: "European Jewry, remembering its own postwar refugee status, is on the forefront of welcoming the influx of largely Muslim migrants and refugees." She demanded that Europeans embrace open borders because "It doesn't matter where you come from," even while she fronts and speaks at organizations openly proclaiming their Jewishness.

There are some that believe we should align with all others in some grand anti-Zionist alliance. Yet, as we have seen time and time again, even Muslims generally don't think twice about aligning with Zionists when it comes to joint cultural warfare against Europeans. Their Semitic squabbles in the Mideast are easily shelved when it comes to hating Europeans. Holocaust propaganda is being used to force us to accept the changing of our own societies, because otherwise we are "Nazis" and will be slammed with accusations of "anti-Semitism" and "Islamophobia", which are meant as weapons to squash any dissent to Jewish and Muslim political agendas. Its time that we look out foremost for our own interests, which means this alliance of Zionism and Islamization must be opposed.