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My Spain Conference Speech on Zionism and Globalism

My Spain Conference Speech on Zionism and Globalism

by Sean Jobst
12 July 2017

I was privileged recently to have returned from an enlightening trip to Spain. As with all my travels, I combined several of my passions simultaneously for the best experience. On many levels, my trip to España was personal: I am proudly descended from a Spanish line via my paternal grandmother. My ancestors left their native Castilla y León in the later 19th century, moving to Württemberg where they Germanized their surname from Vázquez to "Vaas", residing in the village of Ellwangen. Yet they retained their strong sense of Spanish roots, and these roots blended with my Swabian German line so that two great ethnic groups of the broader Indo-European family were combined in my blood. Walking again on the streets of Madrid and visiting historic cities of Castilla, allowed me to reconnect further with my ancestors if even briefly.

But this trip was also reflective of my passion for politics and particularly my continued evolution towards National-Anarchism. The National-Anarchist Movement held their first international conference in the beautiful and historic city of Alcalá de Henares outside of Madrid, and I was honored to be invited to speak on the topic of "Zionism and Globalism: A Threat to All Communities." In the process, I met an amazing group of people with numerous talents and perspectives which will continue to enrich my own life in the years to come.

The choice of Alcalá de Henares for the first international conference of an Anarchist movement that boldly proclaims itself free from the infiltrations by both Marxists or Capitalists in other "anarchist" movements, is significant because this is the hometown of the great Castilian novelist, Miguel de Cervantes. For Cervantes was proto-Anarchic in many ways, challenging the political conventions of his day and eschewing the ruling elites. This is certainly evident in his various letters and statements outside his more fictionalized works.

Foreshadowing the "cavalcare le tigre" (riding the tiger) approach of Julius Evola, or the "Anarch" internal exile approach of Ernst Jünger - two approaches notable for rising above the political system and not succumbing to it whether willingly or unwittingly - Cervantes' great novel Don Quixote can be seen in such a way. For the novelist idolized the chivalry of a lost period, the relative freedom of a knight and his squire upon the vast open spaces of Castilla La Mancha, in a witty and often subtle satire of his contemporary society.


There are many false assumptions people make when it comes to the problem of Zionism. Some dismiss it as the "problem" of Palestinians and Arabs, so that it concerns "them" and not "us." This even leads some "nationalist" parties and individuals to make common cause with Zionists. On the other spectrum, there are certain people in alternative media outlets who will oppose Zionism but out of the inherently paternalistic fetishization of Palestinian/Arab culture - or, if they happen to be Muslim, identifying with the Palestinian cause solely because a majority of Palestinians happen to be Muslims. Such individuals identify with this cause not from sincere respect, but out of confusion regarding their own identity. The motives are wrong, not being borne out of a deep respect and sympathy for the Palestinians, but part of a misguided crutch in one way or another.

Still others only look at it in the means of State entities. This is certainly common in our day and age, with Statism seeping so deeply into people's consciousness where its hard to conceive of any social relations outside of a Nation-State structure. This is why, in true Anarchist anti-political fashion, I stress Zionism and Globalism as a threat to "all communities" and not "all nations." As such, I touched upon several factors particularly relating to the West and Europe, since this is the cultural and ethnic tradition from which I come from - while likewise citing in my speech that it certainly affects regions as varied as Latin-America and Africa (through Mossad activities and Israeli arms-merchants fuelling conflicts, or role in "blood diamonds" etc.). What the Palestinians face from Israel in the form of genocide and oppression is the most bloody expression of a global threat which rears its ugly head in various manifestations.

I encourage everyone to check out not only my speech, but those of other participants, because I certainly benefited from the ways these other speakers enriched my own perspectives. A real good write-up was done about the conference by Keith Preston, the owner of the excellent "Attack the System" website which is a clearinghouse and mega-resource of sorts for anyone here in the U.S. interested in anarchist or libertarian thought or any alternative political trend. What follows is his summary of my speech:

Sean Jobst: “Zionism and Globalism: A Threat to All Communities”

Sean Jobst discussed the relationship between globalism and Zionism, and his talk explored a range of different issues pertaining to these, including the influence of Israel in the United States, and role of Israel in the Middle East. Sean has described himself as “a consistent supporter of indigenous rights and self-determination, including for Native Americans, ‘Third World’ victims of imperialism, and for my own European peoples” and notes his “support the preservation of cultures, communities, and tribal identities in the midst of the consumerist monoculture of Globalism.” Sean offers a very far reaching critique of the relationship between Zionism, US imperialism, and global capitalism, between “big business” and “big government,” the false dichotomy of the “left/right” political divide, and in the inadequacy of a range of supposed “radical” movements to fully grasp the all-encompassing nature of the global system.

The picture that emerges is one where an international ruling class or power elite can be identified as operating by means of governments, big banks, telecommunications corporations, private contractor or consulting agencies, elite think-tanks, and intelligence agencies. The power elites foster statism as a means of social and political control, and corporatism as a means of economic domination, thereby rendering meaningless the usual left/right postulation of an alleged conflict between the forces of the state and the forces of capital.  The triangular relationship between Zionists, Wahhabists, and adherents of American exceptionalism provides a core ideological foundation for these power elite. However, the ranks of the global capitalist ruling class also includes the elite of Eastern nations, contrary to the view of Russia as representing the vanguard in the fight against globalism held by many conventional nationalists. Russia is, after all, a member of the G20, and Russia failed to oppose NATO’s war against Libya.

Likewise, Trumpism represents simply another development in the advancement of globalism as Trump’s recent visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel illustrate. The conventional Libertarian movement has not been immune to cooptation by global capitalism, as the presence of figures such as Peter Thiel and Jim Rogers among the ranks of Libertarians indicates. The Left is likewise impotent in the fight against globalism because the Left shares what are essentially the same cultural values and philosophical presumptions of the globalists. The picture that subsequently emerges is one where the ruling class of all major powers is essentially united in a global front against all peoples everywhere, and where nationalists, libertarians, and leftists alike are incapable of mounting an effective opposition. Sean describes the relationship between Zionism and globalism in the following way:

"Let me make clear what I mean by Zionism as a threat to communities. This is not a simplistic identification of Zionism with all Jews, or solely pointing out specific Jews in powerful positions and extrapolating from that they must automatically be Zionists. But what I do is point out verifiable and open links with Zionism or the State of Israel, to demonstrate a nexus or pattern connecting Zionism to the globalist power structure…

"We can define Zionism as Jewish chauvinistic nationalism…Zionism is a global threat. One merely has to cite the ongoing oppression and genocide of the Palestinian Arab people, the Israeli activities against neighboring Arab peoples, and the profitable role of the Mossad and Israeli arms merchants historically throughout the conflict zones of Africa and Latin-America."

A principal tactic that is utilized by Zionists is to deflect attention from themselves by labeling critics as anti-Semites on a reflexive basis pointing out, for example, how Manuel Gerstenfeld, the Dutch-Israeli author and former Chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, lambasted the Norwegians as “a nation of antisemites,” and “a barbaric and unintelligent people” after the Norwegian government issues mild criticisms of Israel. The influence and power of organized Zionism in the United States is particularly significant given American’s military power, and Sean points out how “the Zionists have a stranglehold on Congress, the White House, and other political institutions at least down to the state level, via the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and such Zionist political pressure groups as the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Zionists have likewise harnessed the forces of Big Business and Wall Street.” Much of this stranglehold is due to the “role of billionaire donors who have made Israel their raison d’etre, such as Sheldon Adelson over the Republican Party and Haim Saban over the Democratic Party – categories of ‘right’ and ‘left’, ‘conservative” and “liberal’” who are in turn “united when it comes to the twin pillars of making money and lobbying for Israel.” Sean also describes how what is now called the “special relationship” between Israel and the United States has its roots in the relationship between the Zionist movement and the United States that began even before the state of Israel was founded.

In 1939 the Zionist leader and future Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, gave a speech entitled “We Look Towards America”, wherein he said the Zionists had “no more effective tool at our disposal than the American Jewish community and Zionist Movement.”(9) Around the same time, Moshe Shertok, the future Foreign Minister of Israel, predicted: “America will have a decisive influence at the end of the war….and the question of our strength in America is a very real and important one. There are millions of active and well-organized Jews in America, and their position in life enables them to be the most dynamic and influential. They live in the nerve-centers of the country, and hold important positions in politics, trade, journalism, the theater and the radio.”

Sean also describes the role of the organized Zionism in the global banking system, pointing out how, for example, the “former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dominique Strauss-Kahn, made a career lobbying for Israel within the French Socialist Party” and who in 2011 remarked to the Tribune Juive: “I wake up every morning and think about how I can help Israel.” Influential Zionist billionaires have also been intricately involved with a range of financial crimes, and the role of Tel Aviv as a major financial center. Sean identifies what he calls a “nexus of finance, Marxism, and Zionism.”

"As Anarchists, we naturally oppose any centralization or concentration of wealth or power, which is coercive and exploitative by definition. In his 1871 rebuttal to Karl Marx, the great Russian anarchist Mikhail Bakunin pointed out Marx’s support for 'a strong centralization of the state. And where there is centralization of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the labor of the people, will be found.'

"Bakunin’s use of the word 'Jewish nation' is significant, for this coincided with the rise of Zionism, which redefined Jews as a nation. It’s no accident that Moses Hess, the so-called 'Red Rabbi' who was a close collaborator of Marx, also wrote one of the earliest Zionist texts, Rome and Jerusalem, in 1862. To those accustomed to seeing an antithesis between Zionism as nationalism and Marxist Socialism as internationalism, the self-professed 'Marxist Zionist' and founded of Labor Zionism, Ber Borochov, said in 1897: 'The socio-economic structure of the Jewish people differs radically from that of other nations. Ours is an anomalous, abnormal structure.' It doesn’t take a proverbial leap down the conspiratorial rabbit-hole to recognize a tripartite nexus between International Finance, Marxist Revolution, and Zionist-Jewish nationalism. We need only consult the words of Theodor Herzl, the official founder of the Zionist movement: 'When we sink, we become a revolutionary proletariat, the subordinate officers of all revolutionary parties; and at the same time, when we rise, there rises also our terrible power of the purse.' Alluding to his own connections to powerful Jewish bankers, Herzl also wrote: 'If His Majesty the Sultan were to give us Palestine, we could in return undertake to regulate the whole finance of Turkey.'"

Sean also discussed links between the Mossad and the global banking and media systems, the challenges to Zionist power issued by the rise of anti-capitalist movements in Latin America, and the hypocrisy involved in the Left’s failure to criticize the racist nature of Zionism.

"This has a parallel in the way that mostly upper-class, guilty white liberals and Marxists often project their own inherent racism in a hatred of everything white. As a corollary to this, AntiFa proclaims all of its political opponents – including National-Anarchists – of being 'Fascists' or 'Nazis.' Yet you will never hear these Marxist street thugs attack the Zionists – quite the contrary, they recently attacked an anti-war protest in Washington, D.C. against U.S. involvement in the Syria war (contrary to Israeli interests, who want to implement the Oded Yinon Plan of destabilizing and destroying Syria) and even more recent than that, attacked the anti-Zionist Jewish leftist Gilad Atzmon. Is it not strange that AntiFa never attacks Zionist interests or even Israeli policies which are racist and fascistic?"

Israel’s nuclear arsenal is particularly problematic given the Israeli military doctrine that is known as the “Samson Option.” The Dutch-Israeli military historian Martin van Crevald has observed, “We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: ‘Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.’…Our armed forces are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but the second or third. We have the capacity to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.” Other issues of concern involve the support of Zionist organizations for mass migration as a means of facilitating the cultural and demographic transformation of Europe, a measure that is utilized as a means of revenge for Europe’s perceived anti-Semitic legacy.

Sean likewise pointed out the inadequacy of “the Statist-nationalist parties and leaders such as the English Defence League, Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationale, PEGIDA, and Geert Wilders.” While these conventional populist nationalist leaders “may oppose mass-immigration” this opposition is hypocritical and self-defeating “because they champion the Zionist wars using European and American cannon-fodder, and the Capitalist social conditions which create the conditions for migration in the first place.” Similarly, these leaders decry the “real terrorist threat of Wahhabi extremism” and yet they “ally with Saudi Arabia and the Israeli-Saudi destabilization in the Middle East.”


  1. Dear Sean, I've by now seen a few more of your arcticles.They're fine, as you probably know.
    Angel Ruiz

    BTW, who made-up the "Troy Southgate"Meme"/Nickname ? Himself ?
    According to Hugh Thomas in his work on the Spanish Civil War, anarchists long remained faithfull to Proudhon, rejecting Bakhou"NIN". And were directed/guided by a secret society. (Krypto name ?).

    1. Gracias. Aprecio las palabras.... Troy Southgate is his real name. He has been active in politics for quite sometime, originally in his native UK. I met him in person in Portugal and then also at the Alcala conference.

      There were many splits among Anarchist factions. The teachings of Proudhon were based more on a "market" basis, whereas that of Bakunin was "communitarian". The main difference was the approach. Indeed, Proudhon was the main anarchist influence in Spain in the beginning. One of his students was the famous Pi y Margall. I think Bakunin later had influence with the C.N.T., reflecting his similar influence with trade unions in other countries.

      I am generally favorable towards anarchism in principle, but don't necessarily agree with all the ideas of those thinkers. I read an allegation that Proudhon was perhaps a Freemason, but I'm not sure.

    2. Thank you Sean. I apologise doe deriding Troy Southgate's name. You may know that for example "Jordan Maxwell", made up his name. There's a video exposing him (I think together w "Judas Goat" / CIA's histrionic clown Alex "98%-coffee-1% Cianide" Jones.
      "Jordan" after IsAHell's river and "Maxwell" would run around the same theme (Maximus & Well).
      You may agree that the "enigma" of the "French" revolution (judeo-massonic massacre) Phrigian hat has first to see about Troy. Of course, the Troyan Horse. Secondly many other things (they don't really care whether Direct Sense, Inverse, Reverse, Derived, etc...).
      The Decryting Key ? CINICISM, in the modern sense of being Proud to be and behave as a SCOUNDREL.
      Albert Pike wrote OBFUSCATION was the main duty, both Outwardly of "Free" (Social)-Masonry and Downwardly within.
      I guess Phrygian hat may also go for Troy's Slaughter (Ordo-ab-Caos).
      The St. Jaques Convent choice for their Agents and Assets, thus calling them Jacob-Ins seems (Un)"auspicious" CohenCidence.
      They piss all over marking the ground.

      That's why I should supect Troy.

      Bakunin, you may know that he did threat / put in the line that Russian Nihilist revolutionary "protégé", who wrote a revolutionarian's hanbook (don't remember it's name).
      He threatened him, making very clear that there's the "common people" and those above the law (like himself and hiz mafia). Goyim / Untermensch Vs. Adam / Ubermensch.

      I found it very curious when I found that DRESDE was the Catholic Enclave & Cultural Hub where (certainly "Illuminatti's" -Rothschild's-) cohenvenient "Tasmania Devil" & quagmire BAKININ was ARRESTED & neutralised.

      As you yourself say " they do keep grudges ".

      BTW, do you know the auspicious birthplace of SIR Francis Drake ?
      Tavistock, just like the Shell-Shock, then Psy-War, now private Institute. Coincidence ? Whith "h & e".
      Angel Ruiz

    3. Kabbalists DeCryptation & Encryptation KEY, consisting on "modern" CYNICISM, means being Proudly a Scoundrel, but of course, a Hypocrite too.
      It has for Centuries been the Token of British UnderJew ambitious Stablishment.
      Although I know nothing about Normands' time, who apparently carried the parasitic plague over, Cynicism certainly became fashionable under Henry VIII's church looting "Aristocracy".

      It certainly became an art under Elisabeth 1st and her Privateer "Gentry" and "Nobility" and refined ever since w/ the East India (Looting Grant)"Company", Prime D'Israeli etc...
      Did "Dr. FRAUD" actually work in Tavistock (psy-war) Institute ? Would rise Cynic level to state of the art level like Freudo-Marxist "Frankfurt-(Con)-School" and their (Hypo)-Critical-Theory.
      FRAUD's protégé nephew "father of PR" (PUBIC Relations) and his "Propaganda" hoggwash must certainly be a curious reading.



    4. Gracias. I didn't know that about Jordan Maxwell, but I am not surprised because he is an Occultist. The late Bill Cooper gave an expose of Maxwell, where he exposed Maxwell pretending to criticize occultism while actually promoting it.

      I appreciate your insights about the Masonic mindset. Some of your observations about the breaking-down of words are interesting, as I've never made the connection in my mind. Jacobin, I am not surprised about due to the direct role of Jacob Frank's disciple Moses Dobruska in Robespierre's movement.

      I don't know what your opinions about the research of E. Michael Jones is, but he sees within history this course of the "Jewish revolutionary spirit" that is against all Logos and any established Order. If we look at the linguistics, the Jews consider themselves "Israel" and an alternative name for "Israel" is "Jacob".

      Perhaps they view the Biblical verse about Jacob wrestling as a metaphor of their own "wrestling" control of all Gentile societies? That would certainly be the modus operandi of the Talmud. The Frankist movement was messianic, with direct links to the Cabbala, so through Moses Dobruska we already see a direct link to the Jacobins and "French" Revolution.

      You suspect Bakunin as having been a Mason? I didn't know about Francis Drake's birthplace, but I know his links to the Cabbala through John Dee. And he set the stage for the British-Jewish Empire, with his piracy activities. From that, it was only a matter of time that the British Navy would graduate from pirates into debt collectors for the Jewish bankers rising in ascendency on their island.