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The Sanders and Trump Phenomenon: Inconsistencies, Misplaced Anger and False Opposition

The Sanders and Trump Phenomenon: Inconsistencies, Misplaced Anger and False Opposition

by Sean Jobst
14 April 2016

Although they appear to be polar opposites, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represent disenchanted masses of Americans who may not be the most knowledgeable or consistent in their political views, but are disenchanted with the political system of both parties enough to fall behind anyone the media casts as an "outsider." This is even while they wouldn't even be aware of their candidates if not for the attention given to them by the media, which however ignores actual political choices outside the two-party corporatist duopoly.

Such supporters will in the end witness the epic fail of their misplaced hopes, exactly due to their ignorance of economics, foreign policy and the ways both intersect with the same political establishment their candidates claim to oppose. The uniting factor is anger, which leaves them blind to their candidate's inconsistencies and false opposition.  

Both Sanders and Trump capitalize on some legitimate grievances held by working-class and other disenfranchised people who have felt decades of betrayal, lies and broken promises by the Republican and Democratic political elites. The problem is lying candidates have seized upon these grievances to misdirect their anger toward ends that do not consistently or properly address the grievances. They are promoted by the elites as phony opposition figures, designed to be ringleaders - gathering all this support which will ultimately be misdirected toward objectives harmless to the establishment.

Economic Illiterates "Feel the Bern"

There are good people I know who have supported Sanders for good reasons, but my research into his actual proposals forces me to call out the faults of Sanders as any real choice. Sanders supporters are generally economic illiterates, fascinated by his mix of vague socialist rhetoric and cultural Marxist trendiness. They presume that merely hearing his rhetoric against certain corporations and money in politics mitigates his consistent enabling of that very thing he speaks against, due to his defense of the Federal Reserve debt-based economic system built upon usury, which has risen the cost of basic living, student loans, driven down work wages, etc..

His half-hearted calls for "reform" of the Federal Reserve are designed to merely make some cosmetic changes, without changing the overall structure which is the fact that private banking interests control the currency. Without that fundamental change of the entire financial system - not merely some phony "reforms" - then nothing proposed by Sanders on an economic level will ever come to fruition. This is because the Federal Reserve guarantees the structure of loans and debt which continues to cripple American workers and students, driving up the costs of those same loans.

Economics cannot be properly and consistently understood if one doesn't recognize the true nature of the State and the Corporate structure. On the one hand, neo-Marxists and the same type of "progressive" Democratic Socialists galvanized by Sanders view more government control as the solution to corporate control; while on the other hand, Capitalists who confuse the actual free-market with capitalism, and "conservative" apologists who speak against certain government control in some aspects, have no problem enabling their favored big corporations to control the State.

The fact is that Big Government and Big Corporations have merged to such an extent - and both are animated by Big Banking - that talking about using one to break the dominance of the other is nothing but hallowed rhetoric that will be of no use exactly because it ignores that one has merely become the other. This is why at this point, we should be wary of the same tired old slogans of "left" and "right" which have been used by the State to control various sectors of the population while mind-controlling every single one of us into being good obedient domesticated consumer debt-slaves!

"The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians." - George Orwell  

Trump's "Making America Great Again": Vague Economic Dribble

Donald Trump has made a career out of personal enrichment, making deals with foreign interests at the expense of other Americans if it meant his own business would flourish. Like other political elites, his super-patriotic rhetoric is mere rhetoric to deceive American workers into cheerleading the latest government expansions, so long as its couched against "them" and not against "us", although it will really be the State vs. ALL.

The reality is that as one of the leading real-estate moguls in the United States, as one who hobnobs with the same bankers and big corporate war-profiteers who have profited from the looted taxes and labor of the American people, he has made deals with the very same economic interests who have driven up the massive "national" debt and he personally profited from government policies at the expense of the masses.

What has Trump actually proposed in the way of concrete policies? He has done nothing but vague rhetoric with only the most general economic proposals, more often than not simply using slogans like "we will make America great again" mixed in with the same egoism "I" which seems to be the "favorite" word of such an alleged advocate for the nation over personal interests! I challenge every single one of his supporters to answer with his actual proposals, not just with his general rhetoric about putting Americans "back to work".

His pitting Americans against groups of "the other" - whether it be Mexicans or Muslims - not giving them the facts and the true picture about foreign policy, leads Trump supporters into an ignorant, narrow-minded lashing-out against entire groups of "others" about whom one can say any outrageous hyperbole no matter how untrue it is for the majority of such groups, while disavowing any sort of personal responsibility for one's own actions.

When you dig deeper behind feel-good slogans such as "Make America Great Again," there is really NOTHING concrete about an economic program aside from the repetitive general rhetoric as any one who listens to Trump media circuses can attest. A hypothetical Trump presidency would ensure the same status quo as we see now. His supporters are mostly workers who fail to see he has no actual economic proposals, and often proclaim to be "conservative" even while expecting a Trump-led government to be their savior!

The Arrogance of Cultural Marxism

A large segment of Sanders supporters - certainly the most vocal and active among them - are galvanized by the ideology of cultural Marxism. Sanders holds to this cultural Marxism, combined with his support for the Federal Reserve debt-enslavement of the very same "proletariat" he claims to support. This is because the focal point of Marxist activism has tended to shift toward students and artists, rather than workers. Marxist rhetoric in the past about workers has more than served its purpose and after 1945 it was determined to try other means to do so; rather, it was decided then was the time to drop the mask since it was the non-working classes actually in control of Marxism from its very inception.

The Frankfurt School after 1945 really did more than any other force or institution to insidiously promote cultural Marxism in the West. A compromise was reached where such Marxist policies in the social and cultural realm - already long perpetuated by the Trotskyite school of Communism dominated by rootless, internationalist Jews - were merged with pro-banking economic policies used to loot the working masses for the benefit of banking interests and to make it easier for society to be controlled by a handful of primarily-Jewish elitist social-engineers who perceived themselves as superior to the rest of Western society. 

Sanders' cultural Marxist supporters generally like to think they're on to something "deep", even while mindlessly eating up all the latest social and cultural trends in a "feel-good" frenzy tinged with a consumerism which conveniently benefits the very same Big Business interests their anointed hero claims to oppose. This can best be illustrated by the pro-Sanders protest groups which rioted against a Trump rally in Chicago and other protests throughout the country at Trump rallies.

I like to see one group of brainwashed partisans putting another group of brainwashed partisans in their place, but I point out the hypocrisy of those who may speak about "free speech" but will still crash anything which goes against their own set of dogmatic presumptions about society. This is not to say that these Trump rallies are paragons of free speech, as exhibited by the tyrannical attitude of "Might Makes Right" exhibited in a Trump persona that has been supportive of mass-surveillance and eroding of civil liberties and a Trump constituency that openly wants to use the State to erode the liberties of entire groups different from them.

At the heart of the pro-Sanders protest groups was a self-professed "civil disobedience" group called Democracy Spring, which happens to be backed by NGOs directly funded by that Hungarian-Jewish bankster-par-excellence George Soros, who made his fortune looting entire countries, such as his activities in southeast Asia and Greece, and buying up dominance in the West in an interesting blend of cultural Marxism and Neoliberal economics.

As an alleged "liberal", George Soros has no problem maintaining close connections with the "conservative" George Bush, Sr. through the war-profiteering company Carlyle Group - yet another instance of the deep connections between the alleged "liberal" and "conservative" interventionists, united in their war-profiteering. Soros' Quantum Fund committee includes two former Rothschild-linked investment bankers, Richard Katz and Nils Taube. 

One of the groups backing Democracy Spring - conveniently named in the tradition of the phony CIA-orchestrated "color revolutions" designed to undermine anti-Globalist and anti-Zionist governments, not surprising given Soros' links with former CIA spooks and the active role of his "Open Society" networks - is the infamous, whose board president Eli Pariser happens to be co-founder of the Soros-funded, well-known for promoting "humanitarian" interventions. It was this group which beat the drums of war in Libya and is also closely linked with the White Helmets NGO which is a mouthpiece of Syrian rebel groups, and a clearing house of anti-Assad propaganda it feeds to the Zionist media only too eager to whip up more wars for Israeli interests.

Such groups are filled with a disproportionate number of Jews whose foremost loyalty is Israel although aligned with Labor Zionism and not Likud, as well as an assortment of paternalistic "do-gooders" who actually care nothing for the "third world" except as a new area to economically and culturally exploit. Their banking and corporate interests want to exploit the natural resources of the "third world," while their cultural Marxism - tinged with a Talmudic style "light unto the goyim" "chosen people" superiority - means they want to change the indigenous cultures of the "third world" and turn all people into carbon-copy consumers and debt-slaves.

What about Political Correctness?

The forces of Cultural Marxism in our society have pushed society so much toward one extreme, that it has created a backlash from another extreme which claims to be against "Political Correctness," but that identifies the wrong things which are actually not taboo in our society, while refusing to challenge those things which are truly taboo and obviously political suicide. Similar to the trendiness of the Sanders supporters, Trump supporters likewise assume they're "on to something" by merely lashing out against anything they perceive as "Politically Correct".

In his general pronouncements against Political Correctness, Trump has been playing the role of an entertainer who can galvanize the discontent of a large segment of the population and misdirect their anger into directions that would ultimately be a groundswell for policies that would ensure the continued status quo. At the heart of this "politically incorrect" faux-machismo is sounding tough against the vulnerable "others" of society who are victims of the very same foreign policy of the establishment Trump supporters claim oppose their candidate, while not even touching those issues that are really political suicide or not even discussed by the media, such as the stranglehold of AIPAC or the debt-based Federal Reserve system of private bankers controlling our economy.

A Word About Trump Supporters

In the debate about the type of supporters attracted by Trump, there is much condescending elitism displayed by many of his opponents. I am a Trump opponent too, but I equally oppose the other candidates and see much of the criticism of Trump as hypocritical. Their chosen candidates are guilty of evil policies they have actually voted for or supported, so they have no room to talk about mere rhetoric.

Whereas Sanders attracts many students faced with crippling student loans and voters angry at the vulturous role of money within the political process, Trump has attracted many white "blue-collar" voters frustrated with the excess of Political Correctness and other Cultural Marxist policies pushed by the elites against their own interests.

This is certainly true about Appalachia and the Deep South, a region I actually come from and have seen the sort of discontent tapped into by the Trump campaign. This does not however excuse some of the ideas continuously embraced politically by this same class, such as jingoistic foreign policies, blaming "the other" and not the elites for their poverty, and blind support for Police State surveillance laws, just as it doesn't excuse the cultural Marxism and Statism embraced politically by many Sanders supporters.

Its both simplistic and false for these same elitists to reject all of their concerns and dismiss them as "racist" without considering that they have also been left behind by a political system where only a small elite has benefitted off the backs of all the masses, regardless of race or political spectrum. The purpose of the two parties is simply to polarize their chosen group of voters, while continuing to betray them once in power, yet demonizing the "other side" enough to ensure they support their own Party time and time again despite being continuously betrayed.

"Unlike registered independents who are socially liberal and fiscally conservative," noted one interesting analysis of the Trump phenomenon. "America's non-voters tended to be poorer, less educated citizens who are fiscally liberal and socially conservative. Neither party listened to them, let alone represented this populist center, until Trump gave them a voice.

"America will survive Trump's campaign, and the temptations of protectionism and xenophobia he offers. But in the aftermath that follows, both political parties must start prioritizing the working-class for a change. And that starts by listening to Trump's forgotten America."

An Open Letter to Truth Movement Supporters of Donald Trump

An Open Letter to Truth Movement Supporters of Donald Trump

by Sean Jobst
14 April 2016

The Truth movement refers to the alternative media that has exposed truths about certain false flag operations, chief among them being 9/11, and the power of Zionism over the governments and societies of the Western countries. Increasingly within the Truth movement, there has also been greater awareness about the disproportionate influence Jews have within the governments, media and banking houses - and its related matrixes of control - of the West and global power centers.

Hence, it goes beyond simple general criticisms of how governments and media lie to the masses, into a consistent exploration of the concrete interests behind those policies, to identify the broader reasons behind these government and media lies. There are several voices within alternative media who are controlled opposition, not even touching anything remotely connected to the Jewish question or even Zionism - blaming everyone else under the sun but pussyfooting around anything not "kosher", even when all the signs point to the inevitable conclusion of the disproportionate role of Zionist Jews.

It is with that in mind that I have noticed an increasing trend among many "Jew-wise" websites and individuals to somehow view the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump as favorable to American interests and "secretly" against Zionist interests, even while all his rhetoric consistently indicates he is as much Zionist as all the other candidates who are (rightly) rejected by the Truth movement. Why then the naivete and myopia concerning Trump?

Especially since I am aligned with the Truth movement and have been open to the Truth ever since the very day 9/11 occurred, when I could sense the lies being shoved down our throats by the government and media, that I have to speak out against some strange false hopes by some within the movement. I have seen time and time again that many are susceptible to certain figures around whom hope is raised, but explaining away their more unsavory aspects that show them to be part and parcel of Zionist control, such as Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump, despite some aspects here and there which may be minor political disputes not affecting the major Zionist status quo.

Let's look at the facts: His supporters within the Truth movement point out that Trump has been opposed by a vast array of elites - the mainstream media, the "liberal" elites but also the Republican leadership; that he has allegedly been opposed also by the leading Neocons, and also that he has not taken the money of big bankers and big-money Jewish donors such as Sheldon Adelson, which fund other candidates such as Ted Cruz, or the equivalent donors on the Democratic Party side.

The fact that he has funded his own campaign should actually make the Truth movement question him even further, exactly because he still issues the typical platitudes about being "100% pro-Israel" and his slavish speech before the AIPAC puppet-masters. It certainly did not stop him from being the marshal of the "Israel Independence Day" parade in New York City, since as a big-time businessman and real estate broker he knows which side the bread would be buttered**.

It is telling that despite all the mainstream media and the political establishment being against him, with him funding his own campaign and not the donations of big-money donors, and with him galvanizing the support of millions of voters who would support him for the economic and other proposals he has been making, he would have absolutely nothing to lose by taking an independent line that doesn't cave in to Zionist interests....yet he has continued to make pro-Zionist statements and went out of his way to appear like a typical political lapdog before AIPAC, even when Bernie Sanders did not appear at the convention and he's certainly not anti-Zionist*.

Aside from the frequent fealties of being "100% pro-Israel," Trump has also praised Netanyahu and like a true disinformation agent, has criticized the Obama administration for not being sufficiently pro-Israel, despite the spigot of billions of taxpayer's money still being given to Israel and the White House consistently supporting all Israeli terrorist bombings of Gaza. Trump has also openly deferred particular policy proposals towards Israel to his two staunchly-Zionist Jewish advisors, Jason D. Greenblatt and David M. Friedman.

Donald Trump and 9/11 Truth

The Truth movement really got its start with the 9/11 false-flag, with those of us who rejected the establishment's bullshit version of 9/11. The wiser among the Truth movement further follow all the obvious leads - who benefited from the attacks, the preconceived plans of Zionist-Jewish leaders of the Neocon think-tanks which were and have been followed as script in the foreign policies since 9/11 designed to serve Israeli objectives, and leads about Mossad agents and their history of "By Way of Deception" - are inevitably forced to conclude that Zionist interests were behind 9/11 and the policies followed since then, whether in the various Neocon wars in the Middle East or the Patriot Act/NDAA Police State laws which follow the training given by Israeli "security" firms and consultants.

We in the Truth movement KNOW this reality. We also know about the five Israelis caught filming the World Trade Center burning live from a rooftop across the river in New Jersey, five Israelis which were later unveiled as Mossad agents once safely in Israel and in a story which was quickly buried in the mainstream media. So for Trump to vocally speak about "thousands of Muslims" allegedly "celebrating" the 9/11 attacks, shows he is nothing more than what we would call a DISINFORMATION AGENT.

On the contrary, he went beyond the false narrative pushed by the Zionist media, which recycled old footage of Palestinian wedding celebrations and passed them off as 9/11 celebrations in an attempt to follow the proposal of one Israeli political leader, who openly said that after 9/11 the "whole world has now to start a world war against the enemies of Israel."

So Trump went FURTHER than even the Zionist media narrative, by first claiming thousands of Muslims within New York and New Jersey were allegedly celebrating it, but then admitted he was a liar when he admitted it was hyperbole and not even "thousands" who celebrated it, but still holding to a narrative which - if anyone else aside from Trump would've been promoting it - would have been rejected as DISINFORMATION by his supporters within the Truth movement.

These same supporters speak about the ways that the mainstream media has been lying openly to the masses, feeding them all sorts of myths and propaganda, yet they somehow ignore or dismiss when their own anointed Donald Trump promotes these very same lies. Trump has even admitted his own lies, by saying he speaks through hyperbole, using outrageous language to get a reaction from the same media which allegedly opposes him yet gives him all the attention he craves.

He admitted this even in his book "The Art of the Deal," so we have it straight from Trump's own mouth that he has no problem with lying. And as documented by the pioneering revisionist historian and investigative journalist Michael A. Hoffman, II, this sort of lying through other means is a Talmudic device accepted by many such as Trump who have obviously been exposed to many Jewish power-brokers.

Similarly, when he confronted Jeb Bush during the debates about his brother, former President George W. Bush's role during 9/11, he held to a politically correct general line criticizing the government's handling of 9/11, but not questioning it being a false-flag from the very beginning. This sort of false opposition reasoning is certainly not taboo, and is completely within the bounds of what's acceptable among the "mainstream".

Whether its "progressive" false opposition agents as Michael Moore who blame only certain corporate figure-heads like Bush and Cheney, or false "truth-seeking" opposition figures like Alex Jones who run away from anything even remotely connected to the Zionist role within 9/11, or similar "Truth movement" false agents who have general criticism of Neocons while strangely ignoring how its almost entirely Jews openly serving the interests of Israel, or even this new narrative pushed by Trump against the Republican establishment,  its ALL false "truth" to MISDIRECT people from the actual Truth.

ISIS and the Zionist Agenda in the Middle East

The Truth movement recognizes that ISIS is the latest false-flag operation within the Middle East, a suspicious group connected by the "deep state" of intelligence agencies and banking interests that are the real puppeteers behind this seeming group that has NEVER fired a shot at Israel even while it has been murdering opponents of Israel left and right.

Yet, his supporters within the Truth movement should be mystified to explain away why Trump has been holding to the politically correct line about ISIS that has been promoted by the Zionist media. Why is he not mentioning all the facts the alternative media has exposed about ISIS? Why is he still deceiving the masses with the myths, if indeed he is allegedly some crusader against Political Correctness?!

If he is indeed concerned about the Truth, and given the two facts - again - that he is self-funded and is opposed by so many people that he would have nothing to lose by exposing the facts, why does he promote the Zionist disinformation about ISIS?! This indicates two facts: Either that he knows the truth but is still hiding it and deceiving the people, which makes him the classic definition of a disinformation agent. Or, he does not know the Truth at all in which case I definitely don't understand the appeal he has to some gullible people within the Truth movement - he would still be nothing less than another puppet like other politicians.

Trump's flip-flopping on the Zionist wars in Iraq and Libya

Many of his supporters point out Trump's vocal criticism of the wars in Iraq and Libya which we know were driven primarily by Zionist interests. For example, he said the Middle East would be "much better off" if Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Qadhafi were still alive and in power. They also point out that he has criticized the U.S. government's support for the Syrian rebels and their drive to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The reality though, true to form given his track-record as cited in this current article, is that he has flip-flopped like just about any other politician and public figure. This is certainly true about both Iraq and Libya. Coming out against the Iraq war is something no longer taboo, and has been excused by squirmy politicians as "knowing what we now know", even while they were part and parcel of the propaganda effort from the beginning.

So its easy for Trump to now claim he opposed the Iraq war, since its not politically suicidal to say so and would score him actual positive attention, but what are the facts? Certainly, when the Bush administration was on the eve of bombing and invading Iraq, Trump went live on the sleazy Howard Stern radio show on 11 September 2002. When asked, "Are you for invading Iraq?," Trump answered: "Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly." Any opposition after that was very guarded and vaguely-worded, concerned solely about if the Iraq war was good for his business or not.

In a public video-blog published by Trump in 2011, he regurgitated all the same propaganda used by advocates of intervention on both the Neocon and the Neoliberal side, and pushed by the Zionist media, to justify NATO bombing of Libya and its support for murderous rebel groups - many linked to the same "Al-Qa'ida" allegedly being fought in the so-called "War on Terror" - in their overthrow of Qadhafi. His statements back during the war are a matter of public record, and certainly show its easy to pretend to be against a policy in retrospect - but this still doesn't change the fact that he pushed for it at the same time that being vocally against it would have actually counted!

In his words which harken back to the Neocons' wet-dreams about "being greeted by flowers" in Iraq, or the crocodile tears about human rights pushed by Neoliberal interventionists such as George Soros and his Avaaz NGO to justify what is pure and simple NAKED aggression against the sovereign leader of a sovereign country, in a bombing campaign which killed thousands of the very same Libyans its advocates were claiming to be "protecting", Trump said:

"Gaddafi, in Libya, is killing thousands of people. Nobody knows how bad it is and we’re sitting around. We have soldiers all over the Middle East and we’re not bringing them in to stop this horrible carnage. And that’s what it is, it’s a carnage.

“Now we should go in. We should stop this guy which would be very easy and very quick. We could do it surgically, stop him from doing it and save these lives. This is absolute nuts. We don’t want to get involved and you’re going to end up with something like you’ve never seen before. Now, ultimately the people will appreciate it and they’re going to end up taking over the country eventually.

"But the people will appreciate it and they should pay us back***. But we have to go in to save these lives. These people are being slaughtered like animals. We should, on a humanitarian basis, immediately go into Libya, knock this guy out very quickly, very surgically, very effectively, and save the lives."

On 21 March 2011, Trump appeared on Fox News Monday morning gloating about his Zionist-friendly treatment of Qadhafi: "I dealt with Gaddafi. I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn't let him use the land. That's what we should be doing. I don't want to use the word 'screwed,' but I screwed him. That's what we should be doing."

Trump's Support for the Patriot Act and NSA Surveillance State

The Truth movement opposes the encroachment of the government with its Police State legislation, including the Patriot Act and NDAA, the continuous erosion of civil liberties, the militarization of the police, and the NSA surveillance of the American people. Yet, his naive supporters within the Truth movement are oblivious in how to explain why Trump has consistently supported all of this, as documented in his open statements throughout 2015 - which he has since repeated during the Republican debates on live TV.

In summer 2015, Trump supported NSA spying on the American people: "I support legislation which allows the NSA to hold the bulk metadata. For oversight, I propose that a court, which is available any time on any day, is created to issue individual rulings on when this metadata can be accessed." This was well before his later excuse of the Paris attacks, when he then justified it with "I err on the side of security." In a December 2015 interview on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Trump was asked about restoring the Patriot Act, to which he responded: "I think that would be fine. As far as I'm concerned, that would be fine."


A man is to be judged by his actions and his statements, not by how one may perceive or "hope" them to be. One does not continuously excuse such a person, using standards other than what are used toward others who would be rejected by those same standards. Anyone who considers these facts and still support Donald Trump, certainly I question their involvement with the Truth movement and whether they are just more gullible goyim, falling for the latest Zionist disinformation agent promoted by the media to give the American people the false illusion of an independent choice other than the whims of AIPAC, Jewish moneyed-interests and the Zionist agenda.


* Bernie Sanders did reject a personal invitation to appear at the AIPAC convention, because he was then campaigning in Utah, but he still requested that AIPAC allow him to speak in a live feed - a request that was rejected. His intention therefore still exists that he wanted to do the customary AIPAC lapdog convention like the other political candidates.

** Trump's fortunes are certainly intertwined with the powerful New York Jewish real estate dynasty of the Kushners, such that his daughter Ivanka married Jared Kushner. The Kushners were and have been very vocal supporters of Israel and Zionism.

*** This theme of "they will pay us back," has been used by Trump to call for the building of his border wall in Mexico - general rhetoric designed to allay the fears of an American populace already overburdened with the trillions of dollars in debt produced by the government borrowing from private bankers and then passing along the costs to every single American like it's "their" debt. This theme is similar to other worm-words used by Trump to sleaze his way out of explaining his actual proposals, keeping them as general and vague as possible while continuing to deceive his own supporters. Mark my words, though: in a hypothetical Trump presidency, he would simply pass along the costs of his policy proposals to the American people just like every other lying politician!

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