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Zio-media pushes false narrative about Stephen Bannon, whilst Zionist gatekeepers rush to his defense

Zio-media pushes false narrative about Stephen Bannon, whilst Zionist gatekeepers rush to his defense

by Sean Jobst
November 17, 2016

The media has been pushing a new narrative that newly-appointed senior counselor and chief strategist of the impending Donald Trump administration, former Breitbart News executive chairman Stephen Bannon, is an "anti-Semite" and "white nationalist." The criticism was muted - if even existent - when Bannon was still CEO of the Trump campaign. What's most significant about the media narrative is more what it omits, than what it actually states - and those omissions reveal much about the false narratives   about a President Trump promoted by Zionist gatekeepers on both sides.

Indicative of the Jewish cultural direction of the mainstream media, they omitted any mention of Bannon's staunch Zionism or his background within the same banking and Hollywood establishment they likewise promote even while pro-Trump gatekeepers hid those and other connections of senior Trump economic advisors lest it dampen efforts to rewrite Trump as an America-First "anti-Establishment" champion of the common people. Those connections are becoming even more pronounced with the current cabinet picks by Trump and his transition team.

At the peak of Wall Street's hostile takeovers and junk-bond booms of the 1980s, Bannon got his career start as a mergers and acquisitions banker with Goldman Sachs. Neither Bannon nor Trump ever repudiated or criticized this Goldman Sachs connection, even while (rightly) criticizing Hillary Clinton for her own connections to that bank. Bannon later worked on leveraged buyouts for Goldman Sachs, before striking out on his own and becoming a media and entertainment banker.

Bannon thus personifies the twin evils of Usury with the cultural decadence purveyed by Hollywood, the two handmaidens which characterize exactly the system instituted within America and worldwide through Globalism. In many respects, this is similar to how the early Bolsheviks broke up traditional bonds of society while also agreeing with Marx's support for a central bank. Bannon stunned one interviewer by proclaiming "I'm a Leninist" because "Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that's my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment."

Leading Zionists Defend Bannon

Using the Yiddish word for "scandal," Bernie Marcus, a Republican Jewish Coalition board member and billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, who funded Trump's campaign with millions, lamented: "What is being done to Steve Bannon is a shonda." He went on to call Bannon a "passionate Zionist and supporter of Israel" who felt so strongly about Israel that "he opened a Breitbart office in Israel to ensure that the true pro-Israel story would get out."

Calling herself "a fiercely proud Jew and unapologetic Zionist," Pamela Geller gave a defense of Bannon which, at the same time, reveals just how much of a kosher outfit "alt-right" media outlet Breitbart News truly is: "He partnered with Andrew Breitbart - a Jew. He partnered with Larry Solov, another Jew, after Breitbart died. He worked with me - a Jew. He gave proud and fierce Zionists such as Aaron Klein a platform to speak and advance the cause of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. Breitbart Jerusalem was launched under Bannon's tenure with the Breitbart organization."

Another defender is Alan Dershowitz, who seems to forget he has made an entire career off of smeering others as "anti-Semitic," when he defends Bannon by arguing it is "not legitimate to call somebody an anti-Semite because you might disagree with their policies." Similar to Geller, his own defense of Bannon states facts which, if any of us Gentiles were to say the exact same thing, the ilk of Dershowitz wouldn't hesitate in throwing exactly this "anti-Semitic" smear: "The evidence certainly suggests that Mr. Bannon has very good relationships with individual Jews. My former researcher, Joel Pollak, is an Orthodox Jew who takes off the Jewish holidays, who is a committed Jew and a committed Zionist, and he has worked closely with him. He has been supportive of Israel."

Morton A. Klein, President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), has also defended Bannon: "ZOA's own experience and analysis of Breitbart articles confirms Mr. Bannon's and Breitbart's friendship and fair-mindedness towards Israel and the Jewish people. To accuse Mr. Bannon and Breitbart of anti-Semitism is Orwellian. In fact, Breitbart bravely fights against anti-Semitism." The statement then documented some of Bannon's personal efforts at pro-Israel activism on university campuses, and his opposition to the BDS movement, the Iran deal, and his championing the cause of Israel over the Palestinians, before concluding: "Would Trump's extraordinary pro-Israel advisors such as Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, Sheldon Adelson, and Orthodox Jews Jared Kushner, David Friedman, and Jason Greenblatt ever allow an anti-Semite/Israel-hater to work with them? Would Trump's Orthodox Jewish daughter Ivanka, whose children go to an Orthodox day school, ever allow an anti-Semite to work with her father? And, remember Donald Trump's platform on Israel was the strongest pro-Israel platform ever."

A Zionist Civil War?

Dan Cassino, an associate professor of Political Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University, notes how Andrew Breitbart focused much of his commentary on "calling out the left, but especially American Jews who were insufficiently loyal to Israel." He added that Breitbart relentlessly pursued the argument that "the left is the enemy, but Jews on the left are worse because they are traitors [who are] selling out Israel."

Following Breitbart's death in 2012, Bannon realized the criticism of leftist, Globalist Jews was striking a chord among the broader anti-Jewish crowd, so he knew with such headlines bringing in increased website traffic, as an editor he must "do more of that." One Breitbart headline seized upon by the media is the one calling Neocon Bill Kristol "Renegade Jew" but the coverage conveniently neglects to mention it was authored by another well-known Jewish Neocon: David Horowitz. He obviously attacks Kristol not because of his Neoconservatism or support for Israel - positions completely shared by Horowitz - but rather as a "renegade" because of his support for Hillary Clinton, who despite her own staunch Zionism and Neocon ties, is regarded as insufficiently supportive of the Likud faction of Netanyahu (at least compared to Trump).

They are rewriting a false narrative where the staunchly-Zionist gatekeepers at Breitbart could misdirect the anger of the white American "goyim" away from lashing out at Jewish cultural and financial dominance, and instead towards a broad nexus of Globalists, Leftists and Muslims personified in the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. This is why the Zionist gatekeepers Horowitz and Geller, who are most known for pushing exactly this line that detracts from anything remotely focused on Jewish dominance, have arose to the defense of Bannon. They will deflect attention from the truths about Israel and the dominance of AIPAC; the specific Jewishness behind many of the cultural assaults within America; the fact that the wars championed by them are nothing less than cannon-fodder crusades for Israel; or the Jewishness behind the same debt-based banking system they support. 


So what we are witnessing here is solely an internal battle between two factions of Zionist-Jews, who are united in their support for Israel and who openly - among themselves - boast of the specifically "Jewish" nature of their policies they force upon us Gentiles. These factions are the Globalist internationalists, personified by George Soros, who still support Israel but are more focused on social-engineering and "open society" schemes within Gentile societies. They tend to be more of the international financiers and social-engineers, whom see their concern as bigger than just the limited territorial space called Israel.

The other faction are the more Likudist Zionists, who are more focused on their support for Israel and have made overtures to more culturally-conservative and American nationalist Gentiles while pushing narratives that would deflect from the Jewish nature of those social and cultural policies. The blame for such policies are laid at the doorstep of an ill-defined, vague Globalist-Leftist-Muslim nexus that has allegedly subjugated the West. This faction would further the status-quo of Usury and Zionism, in other words more economic exploitation and reducing America into a consumerist factory churning out little more than cannon-fodder and cash-cows for Israel.

As such, we should truly remain "non-aligned" and point out the broader picture in a consistent way that calls out the schemes of both factions, united as they are at our detriment. We should see the inherent problems in a vague, reductionist, false identity of "white nationalism" that has potential to be hijacked by such Zionist gatekeeping charlatans as Bannon, and reduced to a "Zionism for white people" that is actually the farthest thing from truly-organic ancestral Indo-European roots or "America-First" nationalism, despite whatever slogans and memes phony "alt-right" defenders of Trump will parrot. We have such a duty now more than ever with the Zionist status-quo being pursued now in its latest chameleon phase.

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