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What Does A Vote for Hillary Clinton Represent? Is She the "Lesser of Two Evils"?

What Does A Vote for Hillary Clinton Represent? Is She the "Lesser of Two Evils"?

by Sean Jobst
November 4, 2016

They raise the spectre of Trump, but he's merely the symptom to the disease represented by Hillary Clinton. She is the anointed one of the mass media, the same mass media that has promoted Trump as the "alternative" to Hillary. They faithfully followed the script of her campaign (<>) to make Trump the phony "anti-establishment" court jester to her, the anointed corruption queen. And from the division wrecked by this false media charade, the elites are solidifying their control to such an unprecedented level that never before have the American masses openly admitted the faults and evils of "their" candidate, but then still make all sorts of logical fallacies on why they "should" vote for them still. Where is the moral compass, where is the conscience? Those who do so will be responsible for enabling the same murderous policies that led to the murder of thousands in bombings and aggressions around the world, and will be responsible for the same policies that have benefitted Wall Street and Big Bankers against the rest of us.

I ask for those who think they "must" vote for Hillary Clinton, because Trump says words that are harmful and may offend, are these words any worse than Hillary's actual policies? Even if we don't go back to the Iraq War which she championed (along with Trump, despite his lies to the contrary), we can just look at her tenure as Secretary of State (January 21, 2009-February 1, 2013), where she pursued policies leading directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and destruction of several countries. The world we are living in now which has brought us to the brink, is a direct result of these policies - people have to be viewed and held as responsible for what their actions reap, and the responsibility also rests on any who would put aside any semblance of a moral compass and still vote for such a puppet of Israel and Wall Street as the warmongering corruption queen.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote of approval for the aggression against Libya, which overthrew Muammar al-Qadhafi - who was doing nothing against the U.S. or the other governments that gathered there like vultures (Israel, France, U.K., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey), but was a thorn in the side of the rule of Global Bankers and Multinational Corporations because he dared to pursue a far-reaching independent economic system not only in Libya but throughout Africa
(<>). So they armed some extremist Wahhabi fanatics to undermine and overthrow Qadhafi, and under the guise of phony "human rights" orchestrated by fake NGOs directly funded by the globalist robber-baron George Soros, themselves killed thousands of Libyans and consented to the real genocide of black Africans living in Libya (both immigrants and the indigenous ones of Fezzan). This was also a contributing factor behind the massive migration crisis now swarming across Europa and threatening to implode many European countries (of course by design).

When news of the brutal and barbaric murder of Qadhafi reached her, the murderous corruption queen in her sadistic cackle gloated: "We came, We saw, He died!" (<>). And now Libyans are victims of a civil war, ripping the country apart into murderous militias killing each other and denying Libyans the prosperity and security they previously enjoyed. All so that the global agent of chaos George Soros, and the Jewish Neocons of France (Bernard-Henri Levy) and of the United States (Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan, within the "liberal" Brookings Institution and advisors of Clinton even then), and their faithful political servants in the U.S., France and U.K. could have their war and unleash the very same fanatical forces they then moved and unleashed against Syria. The same media that promotes this charade between their anointed one and the phony "anti-establishment" clown, back then as now in their biased coverage of Syria, was nothing but a sounding board of the war-propaganda concocted by the likes of George Soros and Zionist Neocon/Neoliberal think-tanks.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the continued devastation of Syria, for the continued arming of Wahhabi fanatics openly aligned with "Al-Qa'ida" (remember this whole process was started by the "War on Terror" where they sent us to an alleged war against this same Al-Qa'ida as a backdoor for their own Zionist agenda). It is a vote for the beheadings, the bombings, the genocide of religious minorities and the destruction of historical and sacred sites, for the destabilization of what was one of the most culturally-rich and prosperous countries in the Middle East. It is a vote for the destruction of Syria, not for American interests but those foremost for Israel as she herself admitted in one of her emails: "The best way to help Israel is to help the rebellion in Syria." (<>)

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the thousands of Yemenis who are victims of the aggression unleashed by Saudi Arabia on their land, one of the most culturally-rich in the region but also the most impoverished - a nation which currently has no air force to fight back against Saudi bombings. It was Hillary Clinton who helped ensure the U.S. would violate neutrality and openly take Saudi Arabia's side (<>),
because Saudi Arabia is one of the main donors to her Clinton Foundation (<
department-1934187>). In a disgusting and blatant conflict of interest during his tenure, she used her State Department to make sure that her corporate friends at Boeing (<>) whose lobbyist Jeremy Bash was then as now among her advisors, could sell their F-15s to Saudi Arabia (<>) that are now used to bomb and strafe Yemenis by the thousands.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the continued theft of the Haitian people, a vote for consent of the billions the Clinton Foundation has stolen from the Haitian people, using the 2010 earthquake as a door to raise money, go into Haiti and rather than actually giving it to the Haitian people, to instead embezzle it and rig the election so that Bill Clinton's friend, Jean-Max Bellerive, would become the new Haitian Prime Minister. (<>) The first thing he did when he got "elected" was to reward Hillary's brother, Tony Rodham, with a major and lucrative gold concession - ensuring that an already impoverished country would continue to be robbed blind so that local corrupt politicians could enjoy some kickbacks and the likes of the Clintons and other international robber-barons could enjoy their billions.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the violation of Honduran sovereignty, by her illegal undermining of the elected government in 2009 and supporting a military coup (<>) which, like CIA support for the 1980s military junta in neighboring Guatemala, has resulted in the murder of many Native activists to the destruction of their communities. Its a vote for the powerful elitist Henry Kissinger, whose book about a (New?) "World Order" were invoked by a Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (<>), even though he was not elected or even appointed then.

Similarly, its a vote for the saber-rattling against Russia that was promoted by the Neocons Victoria Nuland (aka Nudelman) and Robert Kagan, via the "liberal" Brookings Institution - a private think-tank whose proposals were made policy by her State Department (<>). All so that George Soros can have his phony "color revolutions" against what he terms "closed societies" - in his Orwellian parlance, meaning those countries who have some measure of independence and vigilance against his looting schemes.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for Wall Street, for the same robber-barons who imploded the economy back in 2007 so they could profit through the policies that were pursued by Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama alike - each one serving as faithful servants to the corporations and banks that funded each one and impelled them to the top. It is a vote for Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo, that have together funneled millions into her campaign under the knowledge that she'd faithfully serve their interests at our expense. P.S. - A vote for Donald Trump would do the exact same though, judging by all the oligarchs who form his economic team and would preside over a Trump administration (<>).

Its time that we as communities, and collectively, take responsibility for our own actions and no longer enable and vote for the same lying, murderous, crooks whether Republican and Democratic. Its time that we cast aside all the bullshit about "lesser of two evils" and other mental shibboleths and strawmen designed to do nothing more than to further enslave us through their debt and control. Its time that we realize the system is rigged, that no amount of "experience" or being a phony "outsider" will change anything when those same individuals themselves have and will personally profit from that same rigged system.

We can take responsibility or play this duopoly game, enabling the next puppet who will perpetuate this same system of debt, control and murder against us the American people and against other peoples abroad "in our name". Failure to accept responsibility is the handmaiden of moral decline and decadence - both are tools used to divide the people and continue to reduce us collectively as consumerized, desensitized debt slaves, completely impervious to the coercion of the State and the Empire.

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