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Cataluña and the Soros Agenda: "Open Society" documents revealed funding separatist think-tanks

Cataluña and the Soros Agenda: "Open Society" documents revealed funding separatist think-tanks

by Sean Jobst
10 October 2017

Oye Soros Gilipollas: Al infierno con su "Sociedad Abierta"!

It doesn't take a forensicist to find "philanthropist" banker George Soros' fingerprints all over the world. Catalonia is certainly no exception, as was revealed in financial data uncovered by Barcelona daily La Vanguardia in 2016. On 16 August 2016, an article by Quico Sallés revealed the extent to which Soros financed the propaganda wing of the Catalan independence movement. This is the same wing that is now lobbying on behalf of Catalonia's independence effort, among global media.

According to internal documents provided by the Soros Foundation, between 12/16/2013 and 1/31/2014, Soros' Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) "awarded" USD $27,049 to the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat). The records indicate media coverage of elections was at the heart of this amount, quite massive for only one month and which we can deduce included more funding in the months and perhaps even years to come.

Founded by private donors, Diplocat defines itself as engaging in "paradiplomacy", a term coined in 1990 to describe an active and independent role of regional governments to make its own foreign policy within a federal system. This describes Diplocat perfectly, being the foreign policy of the Generalitat de Catalunya that is now leading Catalan separatism. Diplocat is thus the world face of the pro-independence side.

The Soros Foundation documents also revealed US $24,973 "awarded" during the same period to the pro-independence think-tank, Centre d’Informació i Documentació Internacionals a Barcelona (CIDOB), which handles "Information and Documentation" for the Generalitat. Both Diplocat and CIDOB have been leading successful efforts now to lobby international media support for the Catalan independence cause, particularly in the narratives now being promoted in outlets the world over.

Well-funded Diplocat propaganda, presented to media outlets

The immediate cause for the funding were two conferences held in Barcelona in January 2014. CIDOB used the money to finance a conference on "integration," while that held by Diplocat was officially called "European Elections 2014: the increase of xenophobia and the Eurosceptic movements in Europe". The latter conference was coordinated by Elisabet Moragas and presided over by the Diplocat president Albert Royo, and was held behind closed doors and by invitation only - bringing together politicians and media representatives for "open dialogue".

Apparently, much like Soros' parlance of an "Open Society", such an "open dialogue" could still be held behind closed doors and excluding a public whose opinions they ultimately care nothing about. Given the Orwellian title of the conference, the assembled technocrats undoubtedly made decisions regarding the migrant crisis and how media outlets would cover that issue. Under the supervision of the politicians funded by Soros NGOs and foundations, the participating journalists could manipulate public opinion in whatever way already predetermined for them by the financiers of the conference.

Soros: "Our plan treats national borders as the obstacle"

The utter disregard for sovereignty or even the much-vaunted "democratic" process, is on full display by looking at Soros' recorded statements to the media. Referring with contempt to the natural, normal instinct for a country to maintain its demographic integrity by preventing unfettered immigration, the elitist Soros admits he has no respect for sovereignty: "Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle."

The world itself is testament to their devious principle. Soros funded NGOs and think-tanks that pushed for so-called "humanitarian" intervention in countries such as Libya and Syria, of course such "humanitarianism" being an Orwellian cover for the exact opposite: supporting armed groups and lobbying for foreign bombings in the name of "human rights", undermining governments that had run afoul of his elite and engineering civil wars to destabilize those countries. His associate, former Irish Attorney General and chairman of Goldman Sachs International, Peter Sutherland, is even more public about this in his capacity as the UN's Special Representative for International Migration.

At the same time, Soros has been at the heart of the mass-migration crisis in Europe, flooding the same European countries he despises with a huge number of economic migrants. These migrants were brought into Europe through the various NGOs he funds. The media sells it to the public as refugees, obviously through the decisions made behind closed doors at such elite conferences as that of Diplocat - obscuring the fact that the majority are actually economic migrants. Even those actual refugees are the result of policies engineered by the likes of Soros, who profits from war.

Enter Fundación La Caixa

Towards this end, Soros funds the European Program for Integration and Migration (EPIM), which is a coalition of twelve elite-connected nonprofits. One of these is La Caixa Foundation, another bank that perpetuates debt slavery while pretending to engage in "social projects". Much like Soros' Avaaz in Libya and the White Helmets in Syria, Fundación La Caixa has engaged in highly-sophisticated and well-funded propaganda campaigns under the guise of "human rights". Within Spain and Europe generally, it has especially been active promoting mass-migration.

Syrian rebel and Catalan separatist flags united

Interestingly, La Caixa Foundation was until very recently based in Catalonia. Literally less than a week ago, it announced that it moved its registered office to Valencia; the day after, it announced another move to Mallorca. I doubt the move is coincidental, given the links Soros networks have with both La Caixa and the Catalan government's pro-independence think-tanks and foreign ministry. Perhaps it knows the effects of destabilizing Spain, so it could better pursue its intrigues outside of Catalonia but still near enough to have a direct role. This is speculation, but what's certain is that La Caixa has links with the same Generalitat de Catalunya lobbying for independence, being a recipient of its Gold Medal in 2005. The nexus of politicians and bankers manifests yet again.

Catalan Diplocat migrant welcome committee
- but no "bienvenidos" for brother Spaniards?

Royo: "Very painful that Catalonia can’t welcome more refugees in spite of its willingness only because Spain won’t allow it"

The twin planks of Soros' "open society" are an erosion of national sovereignties and any borders, and unfettered immigration into Europe. Both of these are directly linked to the various activities of his NGOs around the world, each working closely in concert with each other so that the actions of one set up the "problem" which other constituents of his network can then come in and "solve". I've previously described this process in relation with Germany. It should be no surprise the Soros-funded Diplocat is actively promoting mass-immigration, and indeed has even described one of the factors for independence from Spain so that Catalonia could welcome even more "refugees" (nearly all are economic migrants in reality), as this article on their official website admits:

09 Feb 2017
DIPLOCAT joins campaign in favour of refugees and asylum seekers

Albert Royo recalls Catalonia’s willingness to welcome more refugees

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (Diplocat) joined today the campaign “Our home, your home”, driven by a group of independent citizens and Catalan organizations concerned about the present situation of thousands of migrants and displaced people inside and outside the European Union. Diplocat will help to give international visibility to the historic commitment of Catalonia towards asylum and exile as a result of its own recent history.

The campaign declaration, which already has more than 53,600 signatures, has now Diplocat’s support as an entity. The Council also encourages citizens to attend the concert on Saturday and to participate in the demonstration to be held in Barcelona on 18th February under the slogan "No more excuses, welcome now," which is expected to be the most massive rally in Europe for this cause.
Diplocat’s Secretary General, Albert Royo, says that "we are talking about the most important humanitarian crisis since World War II” and that it is "very painful that Catalonia can’t welcome more refugees in spite of its willingness only because Spain won’t allow it". {END}

¿Dónde están los "catalanes"?

I've previously documented foreign interests supporting this movement for Catalan independence. And I just showed the admission by independence supporter Albert Royo, who heads the well-funded Diplocat that has lobbied for the separatist cause among foreign media outlets, that accepting even more migrants into Catalonia is a primary motivation for independence - admitting it prefers foreign economic migrants to accepting their own place as brothers among Iberian peoples actually related to Catalans by blood, ancestry and history. It should be no surprise then that ungrateful migrants would come to Spain and turn around and lobby with various Marxists, foreign powers and Globalist bankers for this current Catalan independence effort. There have been many such "Catalans" at separatist protests in Barcelona....

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