Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Linda Sarsour: Opportunist Hiding Behind A Hijab and Palestinian Identity

Linda Sarsour: Opportunist Hiding Behind A Hijab and Palestinian Identity

by Sean Jobst
January 24, 2017

There is an older expose of self-styled Palestinian-American and Muslim "activist" Linda Sarsour, but very pertinent with her recent speech at the "Woman's March" in D.C., where she evoked herself as a Muslim and Palestinian-American, of course in her exaggerated Brooklyn accent; I also share this because I have seen too many people on FB praise her. Here's the bottom line: It's the height of hypocrisy that she would now suddenly evoke that, whereas when Obama was slaughtering Muslims in Libya or with drone bombings in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Yemen, or when he was consistently supporting Israel, and its slaughter of her own Palestinian people like in Gaza, where was her outrage then?! Quite the contrary, she was laughing it up and cozying up with his administration at the White House! She was buddies with the staunchly pro-Zionist NYC Mayor; she attended petty-bourgeois social functions with assorted faithful stewards of AIPAC - those who spin and justify the slaughter of her own Palestinian people!

Linda Sarsour has aligned with the Zionist ruling elite on Syria, championing the cause of the "Free" Syrian Army and other rebel groups in their CIA and Saudi-funded, Israeli-supported "revolution" in Syria. This is because she aligns with the Muslim Brotherhood, along with the ISNA and CAIR. And unlike the kosher cuckservatives with their false narrative about "creeping sharia" but who remain silent about Talmudic Noahide Law or the control of AIPAC over U.S. foreign policy, I see the Muslim Brotherhood as nothing but a manipulated group of self-serving political opportunists who want to cash in on identity politics to propel their own careers.

This is not surprising, since very very few are from a working class background - most of them are from more upper-class urban mercantile classes or other professionals who have little concern for workers except if they can paternalistically guide their cause - just like the anointed identity politicians of other communities, who's job is to herd those communities into a Democratic Party which obviously cares as much about them as the other Party. Just like the Marxist "revolutionaries" of the past, they are mostly the privileged people within their own communities who set themselves up as the "avant garde" to "guide" (read: manipulate) the masses whom they inherently have contempt for. All the while they are themselves being manipulated - often willingly and completely of their own accord - by the bankers and other financial interests who serve dual roles as their shot callers and sugar daddies.

Sarsour supports the Israeli-Saudi-Western elites' Soros-funded, Globalist think-tank-inspired "revolution" in Syria, exactly because assorted Muslim Brotherhood flunkies living in comfortable exile - much like the NYC-born and raised Sarsour, who wants to control the discourse on the Palestinian cause even while selling out her people whenever it suits her - are the ones being groomed for power in a hypothetical post-Assad Syrian rump state, beholden to IMF/World Bank loans (much like Morsi was in Egypt - and no, this is not an endorsement of the dictator Sisi) and implementing the Oded Yinon Plan in a "kumbaya" alliance with Israel. This is not surprising, because they have accommodated themselves to the neo-liberal economic order, with banking-friendly policies and legitimizing usury by using other names for it. Such self-serving individuals have shown, time and time again, their willingness to sell out anyone when it comes to their own opportunism.


  1. Sarsour expresses support for Israel:

    At the very least, this is indicative of her Ikhwan al-Muslimeen (Muslim Brotherhood) ideology, which we know she holds due to her support for their rebels in Syria and her connections to pro-Brotherhood groups in the USA.

    This ideology which I have witnessed myself, is purely political. It allows its adherents in occult fashion to speak one way towards one audience and another way towards another audience.

    So when she is speaking before "kafir" media, she purports to be for Israel; when she speaks to other Muslims, she purports to be against Israel. Even though I doubt her alleged anti-Zionism, as her connections with Zionist politicians shows she has betrayed her own Palestinian people time and time again, even while non-Palestinians like me remain loyal to their cause and against Zionism.

  2. I have tried to share this valuable post to FaceBook, but their algorithm/admin/bots won’t permit it. *sigh*

    1. Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. Another reason why I've taken a step back from being active on social media. Thank you very much for the compliment, btw.