Wednesday, January 25, 2017

DEBUNKED: Donald Trump Will NOT End the Federal Reserve

DEBUNKED: Donald Trump Will NOT End the Federal Reserve

by Sean Jobst
January 25, 2017

An article has recently been making the rounds on social media and on many conservative and pro-Trump websites, purporting to reveal Trump's alleged opposition to the Federal Reserve. Entitled "Trump is meeting with an ex-bank CEO who wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and return to the gold standard", it describes a meeting in late November 2016 between President-elect Donald Trump and John Allison, the former CEO of the bank BB&T and the libertarian think-tank the Cato Institute.

The article itself simply reported the meeting, and cited Allison's own views against the Federal Reserve. But as is now common with any story shared on social media, quickly assumed a life of its own. Even without the original article quoting Trump's views even once, it became the source for an article entitled "Trump: I Will Abolish The Federal Reserve" which was carried on sensationalist "news" site YourNewsWire and such pro-Trump websites as Conservative Daily Post and Maine Republic Email Alert.

That Allison's personal view that the Federal Reserve should be abolished, could then be magically turned into Donald Trump himself saying "I will abolish the Federal Reserve" as a policy statement now, merely from one meeting the two had in late November 2016 when Trump was interviewing possible candidates for Treasury Secretary, is a bizarre leap which highlights the proliferation of fake news and sensationalist headlines on both sides.

Such is an unfortunate symptom of social media, and I personally witnessed these articles posted and re-posted on Facebook, with comments praising the alleged move....Except that such people never bothered to simply click on the original headline and see the date: November 28, 2016. They merely looked at the misleading headline and, whetting their own pro-Trump bias, decided to run away with it as part of their revisionist narrative of Trump as "anti-Establishment" man of the people - boldly standing up against the banking elites.

If any of those Trumpists could've contained their misplaced giddiness for a second, they would've realized Trump nominated his campaign finance chairman, Steven Mnuchin, as Treasury Secretary on November 30th. John Allison wasn't even in the top contentions for the position - besides Mnuchin, another leading contender was Carl Icahn. Developing a reputation as a "corporate raider" after his hostile takeover of airline TWA in 1985, through the devious process called asset stripping where he profitted immensely while leaving the company with a higher debt, Icahn has been named among "The world's 50 Richest Jews." Neither Mnuchin nor Icahn share Allison's opposition to the Federal Reserve.
Son of a Goldman Sachs partner, Steven Mnuchin himself joined the bank after graduating from Yale University. He then worked for seventeen years at Goldman Sachs. He rose to oversee trading in government securities and mortgage bonds for Goldman Sachs. After leaving the firm in 2002, Mnuchin founded the hedge fund Dune Capital Management. From 2003 to 2004, he worked as chief executive of SFM Capital Management, which is associated with and funded by George Soros.
Steven Mnuchin
Mnuchin was part of the group which purchased IndyMac, a failed California-based mortgage lender, from the government in 2009. Under the renamed moniker OneWest Bank, it was recipient of the government's corporate welfare to the tune of a $814.2 million "bailout." OneWest Bank became notorious for its "harsh, repugnant and repulsive" acts in throwing poor and elderly tenants out of the homes the banks foreclosed after the tenants were unable to meet their predatory rent charges. The group sold OneWest Bank in 2015 for more than double the price they had acquired it for in 2009. For the six years of its operation, it earned an infamous reputation for its horrid practices:
"OneWest Bank also disproportionately foreclosed on senior citizens. Using a FOIA request, the California Reinvestment Coalition determined that OneWest's reverse mortgage servicing subsidiary Financial Freedom was responsible for 39 percent of reverse mortgage foreclosures, typically something that goes to senior citizens. But Financial Freedom only serves 17 of the market so OneWest was foreclosing at twice the rate one would expect....Similarly, OneWest Bank foreclosed on more communities of color than white communities. Of the 35,877 foreclosures the bank conducted in California from April 2009 to April 2015, 68 percent occurred in areas where the non-white population was 50 percent or higher." (Gideon Resnick, "Trump's New Money Man Has a 'Repulsive' Record of Throwing Homeowners Out on the Street," The Daily Beast, May 5, 2016)
So there you have it: The new Treasury Secretary under "anti-Establishment" Trump is a former Goldman Sachs banker, one linked to a Soros-funded bank, and one associated with and who profited from a vulturous bank that received government-sanctioned corporate welfare. Mnuchin has never repudiated any of these past activities or his profits, nor has Trump who has likewise named Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn as Director of the United States National Economic Council. Trump's Commerce Secretary is Wilbur Ross, a billionaire who spent twenty-five years running Rothschild Inc.'s bankruptcy practice in the United States.


  1. "Audit"? Screw the audit. It's not just "the Fed" anyway, although the dollar, or the symbol of the survival of the U.S. usurocracy come hell-or-high-water, war, famine or a thousand PsyOps, IS the reserve "currency," the current extorter, mover and “insurer” of all the other economies.

    It's a worldwide octopus of 155 (1+5+5= 11, hmmm, that Jewish/Masonic number again, whaddayaknow?) central banks tied to the IMF and the BIS (the central bank of the central banks). All of them have to go at the same time and the U.S. domino is almost certainly likely to topple all of them. It wasn't even just "the Fed" before WWII, there were already 16 central banks at that time, most of them in Europe.

    The system will never, not even in a million years, take away its own primary source of power voluntarily.

    You have to take away the system's subconscious colonies, their ability to subconsciously colonize, throw off-balance and pervert the values and minds of billions of people through monopolized media of communication.

    Without that mass awareness of subconscious colonization, the need for subconscious self-defense from birth to re-birth, how can anything change on a scale powerful and transcendent enough to re-volition-ize things? How can the "conscious and volitional" tip of the iceberg which is only 10% or less of its mass move the subconscious and non-volitional 90% submerged underwater in the "right" direction if that 90% has been weighed-down through decades of nefarious, undetected and often nearly undetectable subliminal programming to move in the opposite direction? lol Not possible. Subconscious de-conditioning is key. Without that the ship or iceberg won't even obey your commands, never mind move in the "rite" path or the path opened up by that now re-discovered "ritual" itself.

    All real re-volition-s are towards the voluntary, towards free-choice and free-speech, the cornerstones of individual responsibility and all real more-all-ity (that code of conduct which gives more-of-all and more-for-all simultaneously, but never in equal proportion, in keeping with natural inequalities yet sacrificing none in the process, tempering and adjusting and re-focusing forever but never compromising core principles of sound foundation (free-choice and free-speech restricted only by NIOF – non-initiation of force-or-fraud -- or at least significant degrees of them, the very pre-condition of even the possibility of individual responsibility or more-all-ity at all) and requiring only the bearing of individual responsibilities for individual free choices and actions.

    ~ Negentropic

  2. Corrected last paragraph:

    All real re-volition-s are towards the voluntary, towards free-choice and free-speech, the cornerstones of individual responsibility and all real more-all-ity. I would define more-all-ity very close to how it actually sounds rather than how it casts its "spell" through its currently accepted "spelling": that code of conduct which gives more-of-all and more-for-all simultaneously, but never in equal proportion, in keeping with natural inequalities yet sacrificing none in the process, tempering and adjusting and re-focusing forever but never compromising core principles of sound foundation -- free-choice and free-speech (or at least significant degrees of them) restricted only by NIOF, the non-initiation of force-or-fraud.
    This is the very pre-condition of even the possibility of a win-win dialectic and see-will-eye-zation built on individual responsibility, which has to exist for a proper system of more-all-ity to even begin to exist without constant dysfunction through completely unnecessary contradictions requiring "compromise" and not temperance for correction. This agreement to bear individual responsibility for individual free choices and actions is the real "social contract" and all that is required of all members of that society for non-criminal, creative and productive participation in its co-dependent social and economic spheres.

    ~ Negentropic MK II

  3. Wow thanks very much for your comments. Alot of information to consider. I completely agree about the "Audit" the Fed scam, and that's also where I part ways with Ron Paul and the Austrian School, because while they oppose Fiat currency, they still justify usury in principle...not surprising with a Jewish founder like Von Mises since they instinctively see no problem with usury.

    It's going to take a radical approach against the entire banking system, root and branch, and certainly we can't look to government which is controlled by the bankers anyway. I think counter-economics is a great approach, and a move to other forms of exchange.

    Keep up the great work. I like your comments frequently on Non-Aligned Media.