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Cognitive Dissonance in the Age of Trump and SJW Reactionaries

Cognitive Dissonance in the Age of Trump and SJW Reactionaries

by Sean Jobst
20 January 2017

There is a term that means variously refusing to accept what is true, even when confronted with evidences; coming up with preconceived notions and then twisting arguments to support them; and lying to one self. And this is a fitting word when I try and tune out the noise on both sides as we approach the Trump inauguration. As won't come as a surprise to any of you who've been following my work, I will call out the lies and bullshit on both sides - true to my principles, for I am more concerned with truth and consistency beyond falling for the latest hype or simply obsessing about the bullshit of one side and hence falling into the other side of this dialectic.

Trump will be no better or no worse than others; he is no worse or no better than other politicians, when it comes to his ideas at least. There is one side that makes him almost into devil incarnate, based on misconceptions about him allegedly being a "racist" or "fascist" - these are false (my saying that is NOT an endorsement or support for him by any means), and he is really no different on those issues than the Democratic Party or President Obama, under whom the racial, social and economic status quo has remained, and under whom the police continued to be militarized with all their Israeli advisors, teaching them similar tactics used against the Palestinians.

This is a part of the wholesale government-sanctioned corporate takeover of the economy, its expansion of the surveillance state that has the support of both political parties (including "populist" Trump), and the private bankers collecting on their debt from government at our expense. As I've stressed before concerning the Trump charade, his role as a businessman and not a "career politician" is meaningless given the synthesis of Big Business and the State. It's all one big club, as George Carlin once said - and we ain't invited.

Meanwhile, from the other angle alot of these protests have been engineered by agitator groups through which banksters such as that svengali George Soros has funneled millions - as part of their effort to "create order out of chaos" and to forge what he terms an "open society", with its mix of cultural Marxism and identity politics dividing the masses, while those of his ilk continue to profit at the top like typical kosher corporatist capitalist banksters. They want a populace of docile consumers, who will consume-conform-obey while producing just enough to keep the machine going for them. This is the merger of capitalist economics (opposed to a true free-market) with Marxist social and cultural policies; even the rhetoric about the workers has long been discarded.

And if for a second any of the Trump cultists are deceived that the elite is somehow uniformly "against" Trump, they clearly don't know how it operates, that the elites have been split with Trump but they are still part of the same elite just differing on methods and some issues. Such Trumpists have been too deceived by his phony "opposition" and populist rhetoric - rhetoric he has already repudiated and laughed off (ridiculing the "drain the swamp" as "hokey" talk meant to get people's support; backing off immediately from the "Lock her up!" rhetoric he promoted at his rallies, since he was always a buddy of the Clintons, whom he praised as "terrific people", etc.) - to recognize despite all his populist rhetoric, Trump has always had and continues to have links with even Goldman Sachs and Soros:

For example, his campaign finance chairman and Treasury Secretary nominee, Steven Mnuchin, worked for Goldman Sachs and was chief executive of SFM Capital Management, financed by Soros; or Trump's own investments with Goldman Sachs, how he has nominated Goldman Sachs President Gary Cohn as National Economic Council director, and that his Senior Counselor Stephen Bannon got his profits as a Goldman Sachs investment banker - these are the people Trump has chosen to oversee the U.S. economy, so those who still obsess about the Goldman Sachs links of the liberal Democrats but turn a blind eye to those of their beloved orange knight in shining armor, are foolish, useful idiots who are clearly cognitively dissonanced because they are clearly not consistent when it comes to their own favored side.


At the same time, however, where were all these protestors these last eight years? Why were they not protesting Obama's wars, his drone bombings and interventions which have killed hundreds of thousands of people and devastated entire countries? Why were they not protesting Hillary Clinton's war-mongering policies as Secretary of State? Frankly, if war is not on their radar of moral outrage, then I seriously question their moral compass; if they are more offended by words and rhetoric than the actual death of other human beings. (Before the Trump cultists get carried away though, I remind them that their hero likewise championed the Neocons' war in Iraq and the intervention in Libya, so they have no moral high ground either.)


Despite his rhetoric to the contrary (even ole "Dubya" Bush had promised "no nation building" in his 2000 campaign), and given his own record of supporting the elites' wars (Iraq and Libya), expect no real change when it comes to foreign policy under President Trump. On the contrary, on the central issue of Israel he will continue the subservient position of the United States to Netanyahu and the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) - manifested for example in the despicable bipartisan $38 billion aid gift to Israel despite all the poverty and issues here in the United States that need handling.

Actually, he will be even worse than President Obama on that issue because, for all Obama's murderous policies at least he asserted some slight semblance of American sovereignty when it came to Netanyahu - making the deal with Iran (which is truly in U.S. interests, with only the pro-Israel crowd in an uproar because they want to use a country's relationship with Israel as the measuring stick of how the U.S. will act toward that country), and abstaining in the recent U.N. vote about Israeli settlements on the West Bank (a far cry from the standard veto for Israel, putting the U.S. at odds with the rest of the world in the process). In any case, those who think Trump will truly "Make America Great Again," need only look at the big Goldman Sachs bankers he has placed over the economy and how his foreign policy will be guided more by Jason Greenblatt, Jared Kushner and David Friedman than anything truly in the interests of these United States.

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