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Extremist Rabbis: Talmudic prophecies call for destruction of Europe, war between Christians and Muslims

Extremist Rabbis: Talmudic prophecies call for destruction of Europe, war between Christians and Muslims

by Sean Jobst
15 August 2017

We are living in chaotic times when events in the world are often couched in religious terms of "end times," given an apocalyptic explanation that especially becomes dangerous for the world when its politicized and backed by armed groups. Whether the modern fanatics of ISIS carrying out their blood-drenched reign of terror throughout Syria and Iraq, or the Evangelical Rapture enthusiasts who want to use U.S. foreign policy to hasten "the second coming," much has been written in mainstream media. Far less attention is focused on Jewish extremists that promote a very politically-influential, supremacist agenda of hate and vengeance against entire nations. This is especially pertinent with the mass-migration crisis in Europe and the disproportionate Jewish role in promoting the Kalergi Plan.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati is head of a yeshiva and the community rabbi of the West Bank settlement of Efrat. He is not some fringe rabbi; he heads the "Derech Emunah" (Way of Torah) movement of leading Israeli Orthodox rabbis, and is frequently interviewed as an authority by Israeli media. In a November 2012 sermon that was uploaded online and quoted in Israeli media, Efrati said:

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years we were in exile there. We will never forgive Europe's Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly. Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity.

"And now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won't be able to atone for. With the help of God, the Gentiles there will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt. Even if we are in a major war with the region's Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a Gentile culture than Christianity."

In a sermon uploaded directly to his Liveleak account on 20 November 2013, Rabbi David Touitou, a French-speaking Haredi rabbi based out of Ashdod, Israel (according to his Facebook) and appears to be connected to the Jewish supremacist Chabad movement, proclaimed:

"You will pay dearly for it Europeans! To such an extent that you have no idea! And you will have no place to run to. Because all the evil you have done to Israel [the Jews], you will pay for it a hundred-fold. When Italy will be gone, when Edom (that is why Christianity's headquarters, which come from 'Hessal', is there), when that place will be gone, and that's what Islam is going to do. Islam is the broom of Israel, you have to know it. So, instead of having us do all the job, He sends Ishmael to solve the problem. When he is going to clean all this and that the wine will come back home, then it's Melah Ramachiar(?).

"The war of God and Magog, this furious war that we are all waiting for. The Rafet Israim(?) said: 'Do not expect to see anything other than Islam stand up against Edom [Europe/Christendom].' According to the Rafet Israim(?), the Gog and Magog war is that Islam in Europe will rise as one man and they have everything to succeed. This war in the world we live in is necessary. Why is it necessary? Because one is going to use the other so that Israel does not enter war, and this will cause Ishmael [Arab world] to rise against Islam.

"What you are undergoing in France, in Europe, which is so scary, it should be for us the most beautiful news of our Jewish history. Finally, we begin to approach it! Finally, we begin to realize what the sages had predicted before. What I told you before is written in Sanhedrin [book of the Talmud]. The Messiah will come only when Edom, Europe, Christianity will have fallen completely. So, I am asking you the question: Is it good news that Islam is invading Europe? It's excellent news! It's announcing the arrival of the Messiah! Excellent news!"

In the same compilation video, another French-speaking Haredi rabbi said: "And that at the end of time everyone will see his account settled. Great carnage will be prepared in the country of Edom (Rome). It is a day of vengeance for the eternal year of retaliation for the cause of Sion. All of this is written by the Prophet Isaiah."

These are stunning admissions, especially in light of the mass-migration of mostly Muslim migrants into Europe that has been promoted from the top-bottom by Jewish bankers and politicians, NGOs, think-tanks and organizations - even while solidifying the exclusively Jewish character of Israel. The main reason behind this is revealed by these rabbis: a deep-seated hatred of Europeans, whom they collectively blame for centuries of "anti-Semitism". Another reason is a "clash of civilizations," wars between Christians and Muslims for the benefit of Zionism.

Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt is a Lithuanian-born Haredi rabbi, with close ties to both Putin and Israeli-Russian oligarch and politician, Arkady Gaydamak. He now serves as president of the Conference of European Rabbis. "There is a clash of civilizations, and we the Jews are in the middle of this clash of civilizations," Goldschmidt said in an interview on Russia Today's "Worlds Apart" show in February 2015. Condemning "the reaction of the old Europe," he noted that while Jews and Muslims fight in the Middle East: "We see ourselves fighting with our Muslim brothers, who want a free Europe, a peaceful Europe, who want to integrate like our forefathers integrated in western Europe 100, 200 years ago, and they are our natural allies."

The Proverbial "Rome" as Symbolic Antithesis to Judaism

In two of the statements above, "Rome" is specifically mentioned as being "destroyed," of course in a gloating schadenfreude. Part of this is being the symbolic home of the Roman Catholic Church, but it goes deeper than that. In the popular Jewish consciousness, Rome was the destroyer of the Temple of Jerusalem, which over two millennium later is still lamented and remembered. Even the term "Gentile" comes directly from the Latin "gens," race - the word used by the Romans to describe themselves. So that which is different from Jews is regarded as "Roman," as the Jewish historian Josef Kastein (1890-1946) writes:

"To the Jews, Rome constituted the quintessence of all that was odious and should be swept away from off the face of the earth. They hated Rome and her device, arma et leges, with an inhuman hatred. True, Rome had leges, laws, like the Jews. But in their very resemblance lay their very difference; for the Roman laws were merely the practical application of the arma, the arms....but without the arms, the leges were empty formulae." (Josef Kastein, History and Destiny of the Jews, Garden City, NY: Garden City Publishing Company, 1936, p. 192)

Similarly, ISIS and many Islamic extremists of the Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood streams, often evoke hadith prophecies about "the conquest of Rome." The presence of such extremists among many of the migrants flowing into Europe is an accepted fact, so holding on to such prophecies about Rome brings greater significance to Efrati and Touitou's statements about Jews benefitting from the mass-immigration of Muslims into Europe, pitting the two against each other and seeing another people displace and replace the "anti-Semitic" Europeans. Rabbi Goldschmidt evoked such a "clash of civilizations." Henry H. Klein (1879-1955) was a Jewish attorney who exposed Zionist and Communist machinations, earning him enmity from other Jews. He warned even before the State of Israel was founded:

"Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendent of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What seclusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Moslems and non-Moslems. That will be the turning point of history." (Henry H. Klein, A Jew Warns Jews, 1947)

Sigmund Freud on "Semitic" Revenge Against Rome

The founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), was motivated by his Jewishness. "In print and in public, Freud insists, with the voice of the wounded savant, that psychoanalysis is a science like any other and has nothing to do with Jewishness. In person an in private, however, he identifies psychoanalysis, with the voice of the prophet militant, as a Jewish creation and possession. One of Freud's most powerful motives in life was the desire to inflict vengeance on Christianity for its traditional anti-Semitism." (Thomas Szasz, The Myth of Psychotherapy: Mental Healing as Religion, Rhetoric, and Repression, New York: Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1978, p. 146). As Freud wrote in The Interpretation of Dreams:

"I had actually been following in Hannibal's footsteps. Like him, I had been fated not to see Rome; and he too had moved into the Campagna when everyone had expected him in Rome. But Hannibal, whom I had come to resemble in those respects, had been the favorite hero of my later school days. Like so many boys of that age, I had sympathized in the Punic Wars not with the Romans but with the Carthaginians. And when in the higher classes I began to understand for the first time what it meant to belong to an alien race, and anti-Semitic feelings among the other boys warned me that I must take up a definite position, the figure of the Semitic general rose still higher in my esteem. To my youthful mind Hannibal and Rome symbolized the conflict between the tenacity of Jewry and the organization of the Catholic Church. And the increasing importance of the effects of the anti-Semitic movement upon our emotional life helped to fix the thoughts and feelings of those early days. At that point I was brought up against the event in my youth whose power was still being shown in my dreams.

"I may have been ten or twelve years old, when my father began to take me with him on his walks and reveal to me in his talk his views upon things in the world we live in. Thus, it was on one such occasion that he told me a story to show me how much better things were now than they had been in his days. 'When I was a young man,' he said, 'I went for a walk one Saturday in the streets of your birthplace; I was well dressed, and had a new fur cap on my head. A Christian came up to me and with a single blow knocked off my cap into the mud and shouted: 'Jew! get off the pavement!' 'And what did you do?' I asked. 'I went into the roadway and picked up my cap,' was his quiet reply. This struck me as unheroic conduct on the part of the big, strong man who was holding the little boy by the hand. I contrasted this situation with another which fitted my feelings better: the scene in which Hannibal's father, Hamilcar Barca, made his boy swear before the household altar to take vengeance on the Romans. Ever since that time, Hannibal had had a place in my phantasies." (Cited in ibid., pp. 146-147)

The Hungarian-born psychoanalyst Thomas Szasz (1920-2012), himself Jewish, analyzes Freud's statement: "Hannibal, the African - whom Freud calls a 'Semite' - takes vengeance on the Romans who conquered and humiliated the Carthaginians. Freud, the Semite, takes vengeance on the Christians who conquered and humiliated the Jews. Hannibal was tenacious and had a secret weapon: elephants. Freud, too, was tenacious and he, too, had a secret weapon: psychoanalysis. Hannibal's elephants terrorized his enemies whom the animals then trampled to death. Freud's psychoanalysis terrorized his enemies whom his 'interpretations' then degraded into the carriers of despicable diseases. The story of Freud's life and the story of psychoanalysis in his lifetime are variations on the theme of justified vengeance in the pattern not only of the legendary Hannibal but also of the literary Count of Monte Cristo: the humiliated but morally superior victim escapes from dependence on his morally inferior victimizers; he hides, schemes, and grows powerful; he returns to the scene of his defeat, and there remorselessly humiliates and subjugates his erstwhile victimizers as they had humiliated and subjugated him." (ibid., p. 147)

Israeli Nuclear Threats Against Europe

The Dutch-Israeli military historian Martin van Crevald, made a general nuclear threat against Europe, specifically mentioning Rome: "We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: 'Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.'...Our armed forces are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but the second or third. We have the capacity to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under." (Elsevier Weekblad, Amsterdam, 27 April 2002, no. 17, pp. 52-53; cited in David Hirst, "The war game," The Observer/The Guardian, 20 September 2003)

Displacement, Replacement, Emigration

The Kalergi Plan cannot be understood without the Oded Yinon Plan. The Israeli destabilization of the Levant, as well as the IMF/World Bank undermining of economies throughout Africa and the Middle East, is directly linked with the Kalergi Plan to bring large numbers of mostly Muslims from those regions, to weaken the ethnic, cultural and economic foundations of Europe. The failure to recognize the relationship means serving Zionist objectives: On the one hand, the Muslims and others who promote mass-immigration into Europe; on the other hand, the Europeans and Westerners who promote more wars for Israel and the bankers.

Will the Islamic presence in Europe mean a backlash against Jews? Certainly, Ariel Sharon thought so: "Since the Moslemic [sic] presence in Europe grows by the day, the life of Jews will surely be threatened." (Die Welt, 25 November 2003, p. 17). However, as noted by the rabbinical statements cited above, there is a more deeply-seated hatred and vengeance against European peoples held by many Jews, to the extent many prefer Muslims. Lawrence Auster, a Jewish convert to Christianity, wrote in the Zionist/Neocon Front Page Magazine: "There is something that many American Jews fear in their heart of hearts even more than they fear Moslem anti-Semitism, and that is white Christian anti-Semitism." (Lawrence Auster, "Why Jews Welcome Muslims," FrontPageMagazine.com, June 22, 2004)

Corollary to all of this is the increasing demographic crisis within Israel. There is a growing disillusionment with Zionism among many younger Israelis, with such factors as high prices, compulsory military service, and a high poverty rate. Many young Israelis now have a second passport, often European, Canadian or American. An increasing number that have emigrated from Israel haven't returned to Israel. As Stephen Landman writes, "Israelis want out." Some of this has been mitigated by increasing Jewish immigration from Russia, with these immigrants playing many influential roles within Israel and being catalysts for Israel's intensifying alliance with Putin. So that some of the population figures have been reversed.

"Three million to four million maybe altogether, it could change the geopolitics," Israeli Rabbi Dov Maimon, author of The Absorption Plan, said in an interview with Vice News in 2016. "The demography is the key to everything, as you know. Between Jordan and the Mediterranean, these are borders [for] 10 million people, about half [of them] Jews and half [of them] Arabs. And if we want to remain a democratic state, we have to have a majority of Jews in this place." When asked if immigrants could shift the balance, he replied: "Absolutely, sure. Already the birth rate among Arabs is decreasing and the birth rate among Jews is increasing, so it's already a change. The train of history is on its way."

Many Jews in France and other European countries are also floating the idea of immigrating to Israel. These Jewish leaders specifically cite the rising number of "anti-Semitic" actions in Europe, many of them I'd suspect are false-flags designed to goad the Jews into Israel. Certainly, its accepted fact that Haganah committed bombings against Iraqi Jews in 1951 to goad Iraqi Jews into Israel, and then there is also the Mossad's involvement in the Lavon Affair in Egypt in the mid-1950s. So there is a precedence, and what better way than to instill fear into the Jewish masses of Europe? A presence of Jews in the United States and Russia is regarded as more important for Zionist objectives, given those countries being more powerful, so Jewish financial and political influence can be utilized for Israel.

Despite contrary belief, Zionism is not only about the ingathering of Jews into Palestine. They still require a certain number of Jews in more powerful countries so as to influence their policies for Israel. But those Jews in other countries are goaded into leaving for Israel, even if it requires false flag attacks and staged "anti-Semitism" to do so. This is because the expansionist dictates of the Israeli state need a steady number of Jewish immigrants to settle lands and build more settlements. The Israelis are solidifying their control over the West Bank and Jawlan Heights demographically, by bringing in more Jewish settlers to change the facts on the ground.

Europe is at a crisis because of the migration crisis and the terrorist attacks - many of them genuine but many others false-flags that benefit Israel. On 28 July 2014, Knesset member and former Deputy Director of Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service, Yisrael Hasson, spoke at an "urgent meeting" of a Knesset committee on the situation of Jews in Europe: "If European countries fail to protect their Jews, the State of Israel will. Jewish blood is not cheap blood." He then made a veiled threat to a group of European diplomats from nine countries, warning them that if their countries did not stand with Israel, "the day when Islamic terror will reach your homes, your beds, and your kindergartens will come soon."



  1. Good article. I cant help but feel that their plan to immigrate Muslims into Europe is gonna backfire badly for them. Assuming that ends up coming to fruition.

    I find around many Muslims you cannot even say the word "Jew" without them getting pissed off. Calling them kelb(dog in arabic),among other things, Lol.

  2. Thanks. Some have actually alluded to this, such as Ariel Sharon who ranted to a German newspaper that Germans were deliberately bringing in Muslims to "holocaust" Muslims. But overall, they're blinded by their genetic hatred of the European "Edomites" and "Amalekites", because at least the Muslims follow the "Noahide" laws.

    They're desperately trying to goad Jews in Europe to Israel, simultaneous to bringing in more Muslims into Europe. They know they don't need as many Jews as they have in the more powerful countries of America or Russia anyway, since the latter can be used for the benefit of Israel more directly than Europe.

    With Europe, the Israeli nuclear threat and all the false-flag terror operations can always be used to keep Europeans in line, along with the psychological effect of the holocaust dogma.

    It wouldn't be the first time that it backfires for them though. I've found that the typical Muslim is more "Jew-wise," but will still strangely defend Jews vis-à-vis Europeans. Many go out of their way to deny "anti-Semitism", and I've seen this in America with the way many make common cause with the liberal/SJW/Alt-left side of the dialectic coupled with a weakening of their own position against Zionism and Jews.

  3. Agreed. To your last point I noticed this with figures such as Linda Sarsour. In my home country USA, Muslims are increasingly leftist. However, whenever I have traveled to the middleeast or Indonesia, anti Jewish thinking is commonplace. With that said, I hope Muslims in the West start to smarten up and cut the bs. It is totally hypocritical to align themselves with Jews.

    Anyways keep up the good work. You have a very balanced and sensible approach to current events. A rarity now a days, considering most just choose to take sides.

  4. I appreciate your comments! I agree with your assessment about American Muslims vis-à-vis the Muslim world. The only Muslim country I've been to was Turkey, but generally saw more traditionalism there too. I actually had Linda Sarsour in mind with that comment, because she's the perfect example of this strange alliance.

    Holding on to the politicized Islamist vision of the Muslim Brotherhood-type mentality, such as her support for the Syrian rebels, while also being an apologist for the Saudi regime, she advocates strict adherence to Shari'a in the Muslim countries, but since Muslims are the minority in the U.S. she believes in liberal ideas that would actually be forbidden and suppressed in Muslim countries.

    This is because she knows the guilty anti-white nature of those liberals, so she can promote her own cultural imperialist agenda while also demoralizing the "kaffir" society.

    Many also hold to a Judaic mentality whereby one can pursue the law for Muslims, but adopt another law entirely for "kuffar" (goyim). For example, sell things forbidden in Islam and considered a sin for Muslims, to the non-Muslims. Etc. etc..

    I should say here there are some Muslims who are more consistent and reject such dichotomies. But of course here in America, we see the Brotherhood ideology of ICNA, ISNA, MAS and CAIR in the ascendency - and because of this they have steered the majority of American Muslims towards this alliance with leftist SJWs and Cultural Marxists.

    It seems to be happening in Europe too, with the Kalergi Plan. They are selling out the Palestinians very fast, seeing Zionist-Jews as the biggest supporters of their own cause of mass-immigrating and running amock in Europe.

  5. Opportunism & Expediency, make Muslims tow the Synague's waggon.
    I said before, Wildfire inicial expansion of Islam over Christianhoo, and quite a few of their rules seem like a harpoon tuned by the Synague. Wasn't Mohammed serounded by jews (untill he wised-up) and apparently wanted first to become jewish ?

    A Golem like Masonry.

    Regards, Angel Ruiz

  6. God bless the two monotheistic religions, Judaism and islam

    1. Both of them a foreign plague against Europa, as is their other Abrahamic branch Christianity (which stole our native European paganism and claimed it to be "Christian"). I am glad that I've abandoned both Christianity and Islam, and am now firmly and proudly a Germanic/Indo-European Polytheist!

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