Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Interview on Our Interesting Times

My Interview on Our Interesting Times

by Sean Jobst

2 August 2017

Yesterday (1 August), I was interviewed by Timothy Kelly of the excellent Our Interesting Times podcast. We discussed a vast array of deep and controversial topics, including: how usury and the global banking system has subjugated nations and individuals; mass-consumerism and mass-urbanization has broken up families and communities; the Kabbalistic origins of the top levels of secret societies and how the occult is used to perpetuate the elites' backdoor deals; the synthesis of economic capitalism with cultural Marxism after 1945; the Zionist roots of "race war" theories (via Moses Hess, who represented a direct convergence between Zionism, Marxism and Social Darwinism); Zionist and banking ties to Hitler; the anti-German boycott declared by world Jewish organizations in 1933; how certain WWII propaganda is still used to keep the Germans subjugated psychologically and politically; the racist origins of the ADL and SPLC; the dialectic of pitting the blacks and whites against each other through a manipulation of history, shame/guilt, and the militarization of police; and the role of Globalist NGOs and Zionist organizations/politicians behind the Kalergi Plan of promoting mass-immigration in Europe accompanied with destabilizing Africa and the Middle East, as part of a broader Globalist push for a consumerist, debt-based monoculture lacking any identity or attachment to family, land or tradition.

Check out our discussion and also check out Tim's podcast, which puts out many excellent programs and discussions.....


  1. Tim Kelly, with our Interesting Times, is probably my favourite podcaster right now and this was one of his most enjoyable and interesting interviews. Thanks.

  2. Great discussion. Tied more pieces together for me to sort through!

  3. @Josef: Thanks for your feedback! Yes, Tim's podcast is an awesome program. Puts out a lot of very informative themes, while making it very enjoyable too.

  4. @Anonymous: Thanks! If you want, I can point you to some of the sources and information I've come across on some of those points....

  5. Just finished your talk with Tim Kelly. Very interesting discussion. I keep looking for, and researching, ties between the zionists and the black nobility. These are the two groups I think share the world. It's hard for me to think that one has gotten rid of the other. Still a great talk though!

  6. The Nazis were fiananced by Wall Stret and UK bankers (i.e. jews). Potentially they were Jews themselves. Their aim was to take the valid idea that jews had a lot to do with the secret societies and the evil taking place in the world and blackwash it, giving the jews a free pass for whatever they do in the future, including stealing Palestina. Check also the letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini in the 19th century. Check als Juri Lina's Architects of Deception and Miles Mathis:

  7. You're right about their being financed. One of my political inspirations/heroes is Otto Strasser, the German patriot who consistently opposed Hitler's deals with the bankers and industrialists and his betrayal. He ran for his life in exile, survived many Gestapo assassination attempts and barely escaped capture after France was invaded, all the while tirelessly continuing the fight against the Hitler regime.

    I have looked somewhat into the claims about their Jewish origins via the videos put out by Jim Condit, Jr., and its interesting although I'm not completely sold on all the claims so far. But there's more to study about that, I know.

    Thanks for the references and the PDF! I look forward to reading it.

  8. Well, I have no doubt by now about Fascism & National Socialism having been Cooked / Framed by Rothschild's Assets / Scribes (apparently Ritter, then stounch "philo-semite" - semi/krypto Jew Nietzsche) as "Hegelian-Dialec" Antithesis to their Scribe Marx hoggwash.

    Mullins was certainly right.

    Hitler was even apparently taken from jail by jewish lawyers (who mmay have influenced his "Mein Kampf".

    "Ordo ab Caos".

    Mussolini had several Jewish Ministers and suporting bankers (among them, the grand-uncle of 24 year old impregnator of Ahnelli's 17 years old daughter). Untill Mussolini felt the Back-Stab. He had apparently had 2 Jewish lovers.
    Pretty much a Handled Asset, whatsoever unknown to him. An ex-Socialist (new nane for Communist).
    Fascists even trained Zionists on Guerilla Warfare & Farming.
    Hertz himself, compared Jews (Eastern "Little Jews" I guess).
    He advocated to "Sacrify their Lesser Brethren" for the cause. And that "Anti-Semites" would be Used to Push (recalctrant / sceptical) Jews into the Game.

    Hitler, I believe was certainly n no way a Conscious Accomplice.
    He was, in fact too Recalcitrant about war, letting the Socialist &Anti-Christian doctrines go wild.

    Nevertheless, him and hid Regime, due to criminal traitors (or Jews), like Churchill & Eisehower, was pushed under-the-train, as all Christian Whites, as Symultaneously Sacrificial-Goats and Scape-Goats.

    Backstab and abuse like before the Baldour & Versailles.

    Beyond IsAHell Satanic fiefdom, Judaism became World Religion.

    Haranguing JUDAISM a.k.a. "Anti-Seemitic (Sub)-Humankind".
    "Show A" as the UNDENIABLE Ultimate Proof of TRUTH of "JUDAISM" = The Eernally Persecuted MARTYRs of Bigotry & Envy of their Hollyness by the Goyim Diabolical herd of evil Christian Baboons.

    With its Counterpart: Eternal, Unredeemable GUILT & Guilt-Trip for the Evil Christian Untermensch.

    The typical ABUSIVE-RELATION Dynamis imposed on their Victims by PIMPS, PAEDOPHIILES, Etc...

  9. Can you write something about your decision to leave islam

    1. Yes, definitely. I've been thinking about the same thing, but been putting it on the backburner for now. I'll have to find the time though, to really explain all the reasons.