Thursday, October 26, 2017

Salafist imam calls for Islamization through Catalan independence

Salafist imam calls for Islamization through Catalan independence

by Sean Jobst
26 October 2017

Underscoring once again the common anti-European agenda of Israel, the Kremlin, and open border Globalists, leading Islamists in Catalonia have revealed their plan to Islamize the region through using the Catalan separatist movement. This adds another component behind the relentless effort to break down and destabilize Spain.

Abdelwahab Houzi is the Moroccan Salafist imam in the city of Lleida. As an Islamist, he openly flouts values and laws of the Spanish "kuffar", setting up a parallel state of Shari'a patrols and Islamic cultural hegemony in the neighborhoods under his guidance. This is even while he courts local politicians, whom he lobbies for special accommodations for his religious sensibilities.

As revealed by a Moroccan eyewitness who videotaped the speech and sent it to Spanish media on condition of anonymity due to the imam's influence, at a meeting in his Lleida Nord mosque on 11 July 2010, Houzi bluntly advocated working through the pro-independence, far-leftist Republican Left of Catalonia (ERC) to Islamize the region of Catalonia:

"We must take advantage of the independentistas because they rely on us to get votes, but what they do not know is that when they let us vote we will all vote for the Islamic parties because we do not believe in left and right. This will make us win local councils, and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented."

There are indeed a rising number of Islamic parties throughout Europe, to advocate for the cultural interests of Muslims in much the same way as Jewish Zionist organizations have successfully lobbied for Jewish interests at the expense of Europeans. Until such a time as they grow in prominence, Islamists advocate alliances with leftist parties, whose Cultural Marxist agenda and shame/guilt complex against their own European identity makes them all-too willing participants.

The Islamist-Separatist alliance is so strong within Catalonia that up to 10,000 Catalans with links to the separatist movement have converted to Islam in recent years. Its estimated that two out of every ten Catalan radicals from the far-left ERC, a party that idolizes the Communist movement strong in Catalonia during the Guerra Civil, are converts to Islam who then "engage in proselytizing, especially among the more radical Catalan nationalists."

These converts join the much-larger "Ummah" that has been firmly established in Catalonia through the pro-migrant open border policy of the independentista regional government. With an estimated 450,000 Muslims out of a total population of 7,5 million - a proportion of 6% - an independent Catalonia would have the third-largest Muslim population in Western Europe, after France and Belgium. In some Catalan towns and cities, such as Salt where Salafists are seeking to build a Saudi-financed mega-mosque that would be one of the largest in Europe, the proportion is as high as 40%.

Both the Spanish National Intelligence Center (CNI) and American diplomatic cables have expressed alarm at the large number of Salafists and Islamists in Catalonia, with a large presence in Tarragona, Salt, Lleida, and no less than five Salafi mosques in Barcelona. ISIS fanatics released a video after the Barcelona terrorist attack, citing the expulsion of 1492 and the Spanish Inquisition much like their Jewish supremacist cousins, who also use that history to guilt-trip Spaniards; bringing up that history to shame the Spanish "goyim" or "kuffar" for their legacy of "anti-Semitism" and "Islamophobia". Many are nostalgic for the time when Jews aided and cooperated with Muslims during the Moorish occupation.

For decades, Catalan separatists have encouraged mass-immigration from Muslim countries such as Morocco and Pakistan, on the understanding they would be more willing to speak Catalan instead of Spanish and to be reliable votes for the independentista parties. They prefer these foreign migrants even to other Spaniards from other regions who have moved to Catalonia. Unscrupulous politicians holding onto a historical myth of a Catalan nation separate from Spain, have sought support among not only Muslims but also Sikhs and other non-European immigrants to split Catalonia from España.

Islamists such as Abdelwahab Houzi mock and ridicule the same leftist and other separatist useful idiots who want to make "good Catalans" out of them, while they defiantly express the supremacy of their faith against even the "kuffar" who accommodate them. The parallel society they have established includes "sharia patrols" that condemn women to death for adultery, threats to burn down the homes of "apostates" who befriend non-Muslims or don't wear hijabs, openly advocating wife-beating, harassment of non-Muslim school-children for eating pork, the death by poisoning of dozens of dogs for being "unclean" animals prohibited by Islam, and demanding bans on dogs in public transportation and other public spaces so as not to "offend Muslims".

The phony "nationalists" who proclaim a Catalonia separate from España, are purely civic nationalists who define Catalans in purely linguistic terms, separate from ethnicity and culture. To the separatists, the ends will justify the means, even if it means a Barcelona mega-mosque financed by the Emir of Qatar, whose minarets will dwarf the iconic Sagrada Familia that now graces Barcelona's skyline. This 2,2 billion Euro project would be the third-largest mosque in the world, after those of Mecca and Medina. The pro-business wing of the independence movement, represented by the likes of Artur Mas and Carles Puigdemont, has also pandered to Muslim voters: "If you support us in the referendum, there will be a mosque."

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