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Not A Conspiracy Theory: Eradicating the Germans through Mass-Immigration

Not A Conspiracy Theory: Eradicating the Germans through Mass-Immigration

by Sean Jobst
26 September 2017

In my previous article, I mentioned an Israeli named Avrum Ehrlich who called for a Semitic "reconciliation" between Jews and Arabs, so that the latter can accept a permanent Jewish State in their midst and redirect all their energies towards an Islamic "cultural domination" of Europe. A special ire was expressed towards Germany, which shouldn't be a surprise to those of us with German blood who are cognizant of the true history of our people. Recently, I've learned about a precursor to the Kalergi Plan from a video by Varg Vikernes:

A precursor of the Kalergi Plan (advocating the same methods of forced mass miscegenation) was formulated by Earnest Hooton (1887-1954), an American physical anthropologist and Harvard professor. In his article "Breed War Stain Out of Germans" for the New York daily newspaper P.M. Daily on 4th January 1943, Hooton proposed the eradication of the German people through an "outbreeding" plan that would "destroy German nationalism and aggressive ideology while retaining and perpetuating desirable German biological and sociological capacities." (Cited in Benjamin Colby, Twas a Famous Victory: Deception and Propaganda in War with Germany, New York: Arlington House Publishers, 1975, p. 131)


The overall plan envisioned a period of 20 years to be implemented: "The objects of this measure include reduction of the birthrate of 'pure' Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals." The German family unit would be separated, with ten to twelve million German men assigned to forced labor under strict supervision in Allied countries, where they would be encouraged to mate with non-German women and forbidden from returning to Germany.

Meanwhile, German women would be at the mercy of the occupiers, who would encourage the mass-immigration of non-German - and especially non-European - men into Germany, and enforce their mating with German women: "During the occupation we must encourage also the immigration and settlement of foreigners into the German states, especially foreign men of the third world." Hooton's blatant racism against Germans, and the ridiculousness of his ahistorical myth about a unique German propensity towards "militarism", was such that even a Canadian socialist publication opposed it:

This is no conspiracy theory, but was an actual plan formulated by one who despised Germans so that he advocated ways to wipe them out of existence as a people. Despite claims to the contrary, I could not find any evidence that Hooton was actually Jewish. All indications are that he was a non-Jew who extolled the "superior" qualities of the Jews (much like Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, who referred to the Jews as a "spiritual nobility of Europe").

This is borne out by an article published in Collier's Magazine on April 28, 1939, whereby Hooton ascribed "anti-Semitism" to Gentile jealousy of the Jews for their "high average intelligence," in terms that prove he wasn't Jewish. While advocating Jewish intermarriage (unlike Kalergi), this was mostly a one-way benefit in his eyes: The Jews were already too "superior" to benefit from Gentile blood, while Jewish blood "would confer a great genetic boon upon mankind." (Cited in "Earnest A. Hooton Offers Cure for 'Jewish Problem,'" The Harvard Crimson, April 28, 1939)

"Dr. Ernest A. Hooton, who advocates sending Czechs, Austrians and other peoples into Germany to dilute the German stock [he actually advocated non-European immigrants in his original article], says the Germans 'are all affected with the same moral imbecility in accordance with which nobody deserves any consideration and nobody gets any.' The distinction often made between 'good Germans' and 'bad Germans' is erroneous, Dr. Hooton said. 'The only good Germans are the quick and the dead. The quick got out of Germany!'" ("Hooton Calls Germans 'Moral Imbeciles'," Canadian Jewish Chronicle, October 20, 1944, p. 15)

His plan was not alone, nor were his methods. Pandering to powerful Jewish voters and financial donors, 1940 U.S. Republican presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie advocated as one of America's war aims: "Abolition of racial exclusiveness of the German people!" (Wendell Wilkie, One World, New York: Simon and Schuster, 1943, p. 85). On October 22, 1939, Lionel de Rothschild urged his close friend and Churchill's secretary, John Colville, to define England's war aim: "Divide the Germans among the other nations of the world and leave Germany to the Jews." (John Colville, Downing Street Diaries, 1939-45, Berlin: Siedler Verlag, 1988, p. 31)

All of these proposals were touted in the American mainstream media, among official circles, not fringe figures. For example, Theodore Kaufman's 1941 book Germany Must Perish! was reviewed favorably by America's leading newspapers. The Kaufman Plan proposed the mass-sterilization of Germans and the division of Germany among neighboring countries. The latter proposal was partially implemented in the east, but the sterilization was viewed as expensive and too unrealistic. However, the Morgenthau Plan of the Jewish U.S. Treasury Secretary, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., which called for the eradication of the German people through mass-starvation and the theft of their industries, was partially implemented and only shelved with the Cold War.

However, in the decades since 1945 and especially the last few years, Germany has been flooded with a massive number of immigrants, mostly Muslim and economic migrants from non-warzones (despite the official propaganda presenting them as "refugees" fleeing war). Couple this with the unfortunate reduction of the German birth rate to below the replacement level, and we see the spirit proposed by past hatemongers alive and well - and forcibly imposed upon the German people with a vengeance. Leading politicians openly call for the eradication of their own constituents, merely for being from the German people.

Gregor Gysi is a German politician of Jewish ancestry, representing the openly Marxist party Die Linke. This Bundestag member grew up the son of a senior Communist Party apparatchik in East Germany, Klaus Gysi, closely-connected with the highest levels of the DDR hierarchy. Gregor Gysi was uncovered after reunification as a long-standing Stasi informant. He has advocated for Israel, purging from his party any members of the Boycott, Divestments, Sanctions (BDS) and Gaza Flotilla movements. He also successfully prevented the speaking engagements in Germany of two American Jewish anti-Israel activists, Norman Finkelstein and Max Blumenthal.

Yet, while advocating for the foreign state of Israel, this elected German politician led a protest in favor of mass-immigration held 6th June 2015, called "Live better without Nazis - Diversity is our future", wherein he conflated "Nazis" with German people generally (presumably even his gullible Die Linke constituents), saying with an obvious smirk: "Every year more native Germans die than there are born. That is very fortunate. It's because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This is why we are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries."

This is the classic dialectic of Problem-Reaction-Solution: pursuing the policies of their own making that have led to this situation in the first place, and then slyly proposing the alleged "solution" to their own problem. These anti-Germans dismiss not only all opposition to mass-immigration as "racist and inhuman," but even the imperative to preserve one's own German people - a natural and acceptable biological desire of any other people. It is unprecedented that elected leaders of a country would openly advocate the extinction of their own people, their own constituents, their own nation - but anyone familiar with the P.C. tyranny would know this is normal in modern Germany.

On 16 November 2011, the self-hating German Social Democratic official Stefanie Drese addressed the State Parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, saying to the approving claps of members of all leading anti-German parties, left/right - SPD, CDU, Die Linke and Die Grünen: "The representatives of the democratic factions, in whose name I speak today, strongly reject the NPD's motion to preserve the biological continuity of the German people. This motion is both racist and inhuman, narrow-minded and backward-looking at the same time, and once again demonstrates in a frightening way the NPD's thought and its intellectual proximity to Nazi ideology."

Let it be said: Identity is not racist, but is a normal biological desire for a people to preserve their own culture and legacy. Rather, it is the desire of self-hating enemies of the German people that IS racist and inhuman! This is also a testament against these political elites, no matter if they represent a "left" or a "right" party, they still hold the German people generally in such open and blatant contempt. But we need not be dissuaded by this enforced genetic suicide. Let us expose these Globalists and their real agenda, and match their tireless agenda with our own resilience to affirm and protect identity!

Atop Birkenkopf in Stuttgart, mit Blick auf das Land meiner Vorfahren ... Meine Inspiration, mein Impuls, meine Sache gegen die Globalisten und Zionisten.

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