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Israeli pundit calls for Jewish-Muslim reconciliation, Islamic "cultural domination" of Europe

Israeli pundit calls for Jewish-Muslim reconciliation, Islamic "cultural domination" of Europe

by Sean Jobst
24 September 2017

Avrum Ehrlich

In an editorial scribbled under the messianic title "When Europe falls to the Arabs, Jerusalem will be silent" (Times of Israel, April 30, 2017), Avrum Ehrlich, an Israeli scholar known for his works on Jewish theology and a staunch advocate for the growing Israeli-Chinese alliance as executive director of the Israel-China Institute and founder of the Israel Chamber of Commerce in China, advocated joint Jewish-Muslim action against Europeans and especially Germans as collective punishment for centuries of perceived "anti-Semitism" (after all, the parallel us vs. them mentality condemns all of them generally as either "goyim" or "kuffar"):

"The implications of Jewish – Arab reconciliation on Germany in particular and Europe in general however are not so bright. The day may still come when Arab extremism ceases its misdirected aggression in the name of Allah and ISIS for a more nuanced critique of Germany and European hypocrisy demonstrated in its ill treatment of Israel. Arabs in Europe may yet say ‘you denigrated our gentle and conciliatory Jewish cousins, killed, disgraced and delegitimized them for nought [sic] and now we, more assertive, less willing sheep for slaughter and mockery, have now replaced them in your lands and we demand recompense for their spilt blood and humiliation’.

"Indeed a future is not far away when Arabs may justify their cultural domination over Europe while championing Israel and demand re appropriation for the centuries of Semitic denigration. They may yet argue that European values are bankrupt, not fit for governance or international respect, not fair or impartial as demonstrated in its record against Israel and therefore the epoch of European ascendency should come to an end."

His narrative is filled with the typical self-righteous Jewish supremacist attitude: The Jews can do no wrong in his eyes, but are merely victims of some genetic vicious "anti-Semitism" held alike by the hosts of all the countries that ultimately expelled them at one time or another in history. He used "Arab" interchangeably with Muslims, as is typical with other articles on that Israeli website. So he referred to an alliance whereby the Muslim migrants could be used against the hated Europeans. He envisioned an Islamic cultural domination over Europe as both to Israel's direct benefit and also as a manifestation of a Judaic vengeance against Europeans and Germans by proxy.

Re-educating the Migrants into Good Little Zionists

Long before the migration crisis, a leading Jewish newspaper in Germany proclaimed: "Immigration primarily is a chance for strengthening Jewish culture in Germany." (Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitschrift, 28 Sept. 2000). In Globalist Sorosian parlance, this is an "open society", a phrase openly touted in a joint article by Dr. Josef Schuster, head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany - the name itself betraying how such an organization views themselves in Zionist fashion as a foreign element - and World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder.

They welcomed such an "open society" because it was "good for Jewry" and evoked the memory of the "Shoah" to continuously guilt-trip the Germans into accepting this mass-immigration. They envisioned curing the migrants of their own "Arab anti-Semitism" and "re-educating" them in the "German" values which they defined as those forced upon the German people since 1945, namely "respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution [actually 'The Basic Law'] and agreeing that support for Israel, rejection of anti-Semitism, and remembrance of the Holocaust, is part of Germany's DNA." (Josef Schuster and Ronald Lauder, "Wir Juden wissen wie bitter Flucht ist," Die Welt, 9 Sept. 2015)

In their redefinition, "Germans" are merely those living within the geographical area of Germany, regardless of race, culture, and lineage or genetic history linking them to that land. This is even while hypocrites such as Schuster and Lauder insist on representing all Jews generally, regardless of where they live. As they gloat in their article: "The Jewish community, both in Germany and worldwide, welcomes this evolution towards an open society."

This was on full display in September 2016, when Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal, Berlin Jewish community rabbi and president of the Chabad Jewish Education Center, arranged a ceremony in honor of a new Torah Scroll received by the Orthodox community at the Münstersche Street Synagogue. The Chabad rally was attended by children of the Jewish community alongside ten young Syrian refugees, joined by their families and by 150 members of the Berlin Jewish community. Following the ceremony at the synagogue, they marched along the streets of Berlin carrying the new Torah scroll. (Tamara Zieve, "Syrian refugees attend Berlin Jewish parade," Jerusalem Post, Sept. 15, 2016)

Make no mistake about this: In Chabad ideology, this is re-educating Gentiles in "Noahide laws", and such a spectacle of arrogant Judaic tribalism within the German capital, with such assertive displays of their support for changing the demographics of Germany, was carefully calculated and deliberate since symbolism is very important in the Kabbalistic ideology of Chabad. The seeds were planted for the current efforts of Ehrlich and others in such a "reconciliation" - but it requires the Arab Muslims to shed themselves of any concern for Palestinians or opposition to Zionism.

Drawing My Line in the Sand

Like many other anti-Zionist activists, I exerted much efforts against the actions of Israel and spoke out constantly in support of the Palestinians. My sympathies remain fully with the Palestinians. I will speak bluntly: We anti-Zionists of European ancestry have generally been the staunchest, most sincere in support of Palestinian rights. Especially because we've seen with the Kalergi Plan-on-steroids, many Muslim leaders and organizations have shown their willingness to jettison even the Palestinian cause when it comes to aligning fully and openly with Zionist-Jewish groups and organizations against the right of indigenous Europeans to their own cultural and demographic integrity in their own ends.

If not for Palestine, how would Jews and Muslims generally get along with each other? Or would the mass of Muslims even care about the Palestinians if the majority didn't happen to be Muslim? And, if the Palestinians were a different religion, wouldn't they fully sympathize with the colonial Jewish "People of the Book" instead of such a native "mushrik" people? The stark answer to that question is being played out on the ground in Europe, where Jewish organizations and leaders have stood at the forefront of promoting mass-immigration from mostly Muslim countries. The natural predilection for the two groups to generally align with each other is also seen by the level to which American Muslim organizations and figures have likewise raised their efforts in supporting any unfettered immigration of Muslims into Western countries, automatically opposing as "racist Islamophobes" anyone who wants to restrict such mass-immigration.

The parallels behind such slander and the age-old slander of "anti-Semitism" are too blatant, as are the open allegiance large sections - if not outright majorities - of Jews and Muslims (specifically referring to those from immigrant backgrounds and even many converts) would make to Israel and the "Umma", respectively, over the European lands that host them. (I reject generalities, but I am referring to a collective group as a group-think guided by political pressure groups, not individuals.) The arrogance such an attitude breeds is manifested in such a sentiment as Ehrlich's conclusion: "Germany be warned you are weighed in the balances and are found wanting! Europe take heed, repent or become a footnote in the history of peoples. Thus says the Lord of Hosts."

I will be blunt: Anyone who supports the mass-immigration into Europe, promoted as it is by leading Zionist-Jewish figures and organizations, are only "anti-Zionist" insofar as it comes to the Arabs and Muslims, but are willing to ally with Zionism wherever the shared target is indigenous Europeans. Although always aware of my heritage, setting foot the last two summers on my ancestral lands have awoken something deep within me as I now affirm and stand up more and more determined, against the Kalergi Plan and other anti-European agendas....just as I similarly oppose those misguided and treacherous efforts that reduce our peoples to cannon-fodder and tax-slaves for Israel's wars or to prop up the debt machine of international bankers. A line has been drawn in the sand.

"The Rape of Europa" by Titian, circa 1560-1562

"The Rape of Europa" by Sebastiano Conca, 18th-century

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