Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Puppet Trump in Zion and Wahhabidom

Puppet Trump in Zion and Wahhabidom

by Sean Jobst
22 May 2017

Trump is now in Tel Aviv, to receive his marching orders from the true puppet master, the POTUS Benjamin Netanyahu. First order of business was the same tired photo-op successive U.S. presidents and politicians from both parties make: Donning the yarmulke and wailing at the wall in Jerusalem to the "G-d" of the Pharisees, of course surrounded by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner (a member of the supremacist Chabad movement, which regards us "goyim" as "kellipot" or mere "husks" of light exiled from God, inferior to the "Chosen"), and his wannabee "shabbat shiksa" daughter, Ivanka.

That his first trip abroad as President was to Saudi Arabia and Israel belies the entire "America First" campaign rhetoric Trump's gullible followers fell for (and liberal haters of Trump for the wrong reasons, need not talk since their girl Hillary would've done the same). This is an indicator that its business as usual in Washington, irregardless of the puppet they select into the White House. The "outer shell" elites may be interchangeable between Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, "left" or "right", but the core elites always remain the same and so does the agenda.

He chose Israel first and foremost because of the stranglehold that the Israel lobby has over "our" foreign policy, controlling Congress and the White House and owning the politicians of both parties. His leading advisors who read like a yeshiva who's who will ensure the status quo even if he was sincere about "America First" (which he isn't) - Greenblatt, Cohn, Kushner, Mnuchin, Icahn, etc. etc. as will his paymasters like Adelson and Marcus. Democrats and Republicans are interchangeable - Cohn is still a Democrat, while Kushner and Mnuchin (like Trump himself) have frequently shifted between both parties). The slavish 26 standing ovations Netanyahu got in Congress in 2015 was a bipartisan affair, as is the screwing of the economy by Goldman Sachs.

Strange Occult Ritual?

As for Saudi Arabia, Trump conferred with that Grand Shaykh of Wahhabidom because of the Neoliberal/Neocon Globalist agenda of destabilizing the Levant. That Trump would buddy up with the ideological and financial exporters of terrorism and fanaticism should come as no surprise to anyone with a brain, who were able to see beyond the campaign rhetoric (staged) against his friend Hillary, because his true actions and intentions have always been a matter of record. Its also placating the Big Business interests, including the military-industrial complex; selling the Saudis $110 billion of weapons that will be continually used to slaughter and terrorize Yemenis and Syrians (not to mention on the streets of Europe). There is much profit to be made from the blood of thousands, and unfortunately the masses will look the other way because of the "jobs" brought by such death machines.

Trump and Saudi Arabia: A Record of Doublespeak and Political Posturing

The recent $110 billion weapons deal was made by the very same man who, as presidential candidate, in his foreign policy interview with the Washington Post in March 2016, said that "if Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection of our country's, of U.S. protection, think of Saudi Arabia. I don't think it would be around. It would be, whether it was internal or external, it wouldn't be around for very long. And they're a money machine, they're a monetary machine, and yet they don't reimburse us the way we should be reimbursed."

In a sickening display of naive hero-worship and selective analyzing, many who count themselves as part of the alternative media or truth movement, i.e. those skeptical of interventionism and opposed to Clinton's ties to the Saudis and other special-interests, jumped on the Trump bandwagon merely due to his rhetoric. Never mind that politicians always pander to their audiences and criticize the other candidate even for those things equally applicable to them. Never mind that George W. Bush himself, who pursued the entire "War on Terror" and disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, likewise was elected on a promise of no "nation-building." Never mind that Barack Obama, elected as a reaction to the disastrous foreign and economic policies of the Bush administration, pursued and even intensified those very same policies once in office.

This cycle of false hope and searching for a political savior repeats itself because its not in the nature of such group-think to critically confront the reality of the State. Everyone wants to construct their own fantasies and build upon them delusionally. Yet, in early April 2016 I wrote an Open Letter to Truth Movement Supporters of Donald Trump, which warned his gullible echo-chambers in alt-media that every rhetoric of his would not come to fruition, and it would be the American taxpayers shouldering the burden of paying for his consistent canard that others would "reimburse" America.

Trump frequently criticized Hillary Clinton, in several of their debates and his rallies, for taking $25 million through her Clinton Foundation, from "people that push gays off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly and yet you take their money." Yet, on May 21, 2017, his own daughter Ivanka announced a joint project with the World Bank that would be funded to the tune of $100 million by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Even while rightly criticizing his Democratic opponent (for the consumption of his gullible followers, while openly praising Hillary as a "terrific friend" and buddying with the "crooked" Clintons), Trump has no problem with her daughter's own initiative being funded four times more by Saudi Arabia!

Thus what we see is a project which brings together Mr. "Make America Great Again" with the leading funders and exporters of Wahhabi terror, and the World Bank, which cripples individuals and entire nations alike with that evil device known as "compound interest" (no surprise, since the Gulf countries happen to be the masterminds of "Islamic" banking, making riba/usury "halal", an entire banking sub-structure of the international banking system which has always help "launder" and move around money for terrorist groups and false-flag ops). This is the same World Bank which happens to be headed by a who's who of Neoliberal/Neocon interventionists, the infamous Paul Wolfowitz having just been one of many. This initiative was "sold" on the claim of fostering "entrepreneurs," but such philanthropy must always be viewed esoterically: It may appear to be one way to people it "helps," but its actually structured to control them.

Even though he had supported the Iraq war when any such opposition would've mattered, for political posturing Trump later used the war to attack the Bush establishment within the Republican Party. On February 17, 2016, Trump claimed that if he was elected, "you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center. It wasn't the Iraqis. You may find it's the Saudis." Now as President, Trump cooperates very closely with the same dynasty he blamed for 9/11. This tells us much about Puppet Trump, and the deeper agenda about why he chose Wahhabidom and Zion as his first presidential trips abroad. A man with an inflated ego is always easy to manipulate by the elites.